Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Chingy Chong on Chingy Chong Hate Crime?


The University of Southern California (USC) has been rocked by a hate crime that, it turns out, appears to be the work of one drunken Asian bullying another.

Sophomore Ivan Tsang, a Chinese student from Hong Kong, says he was simply minding his own business early Sunday morning when an assailant suddenly attacked him, throwing an egg at him while shouting “Ching chang chong motherfucker gay.”

How delightful! Not just racist, but homophobic as well. I salute you, sir.

After the incident was reported, USC characterized the attack as a hate crime that would be punished sternly. The attack also drew the attention of Los Angeles police, and a write-up in The Washington Post, but soon the story took an intriguing turn, according to police detective R. Saafir.

“The suspect reached out to the victim on Facebook and tried to apologize,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “He says he’s Asian too, that he had a little too much to drink.”

Well, of course it drew the attention of The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times, because incitement to racial grievance is a cause that never sleeps. And notice that even now the Mass Media morons are still just speculating. They have no proof that the drunky in this case was Asian. And even if he is Asian, for all we know, he could be a Paki and not a Chingy Chong. Then the story could be framed as being motivated by Islam's hatred of fags. But if that is the case, we would never hear about it, because it would not fit the established Leftist narrative, now would it?


  1. Speaking of darkie on darkie racism I came across this just the other day and thought you would find it amusing.
    Absolutely no subtlety at all on the part of this Polynesian fellow.

    1. HA! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed that on several levels. One is the darkie v darkie angle, but I also loved the astonished looks from the Chalky cattle. They are caught in the position of having to decry the racism of someone above them in the racial grievance hierarchy. Yet, they have to restrain themselves because all the simplistic dismissals and invective they would use against a fellow chalky would come off as racist directed at a brown person. The White guy, who has the lowest rank in the room, is so flustered he was reduced to merely asking where the Polynesian was from, which is itself a microaggression! HA again!

  2. They threw an egg, doesn't that also qualify as an anti-vegan hate crime?

    (I love chickens, who are better than niggers any day of the week, plus every chicken I rescue directly starves a nigger. That and they're velociraptors, and I want them to get big enough again some day to eat niggers.)

    1. HAHAHA! What an ironic end to the Negro plague that would be. "Unleash the mutated giant Chicken velociraptors! Take your Extra Crispy vengeance, you flightless terrors!"

      By the way, I was driving home from work the other day through niggertown and saw a garbage can knocked over blocking part of the street. Guess what was spilling out of it? A bucket of KFC with bones scattered everywhere and empty bottles of malt liquor. I thought, "My God they are making my racist job too easy."

    2. About time they made SOMEBODY's job easy, Adrean.

      Hey, I realized re-reading the above that the comment you noted was racist and homophobic, was also a PC category not yet invented: incestophobic.

      As for the giant chickens, I flash to Ray Harryhausen. His Mysterious Island "giant chicken" was a remarkably forward thinking vision of a bird-hipped dinosaur. Feathers and all.

      Here's what I had in mind, kinda:

      I love chickens. I'd love to come up with the GMO method to make them 20 feet tall again, and preferably fire breathing.

    3. HA! They seem like natural allies for the Milk Chalk Scourge in its Reconquista of Europe in the 23rd century. They can be ridden into battle, and no need for supply wagons, owing to the ready supply of giant eggs.

    4. Just a reminder: roosters don't lay eggs.

      And if you stick your hand in the nest of even a very small setting hen, you'll pull back a stump.


    5. That is such a gender-binary way of looking at chickens. Your specieist cis-male anti-roosthen-bigotry makes me sick.

    6. Oh my six-pointed stars, you are so KKKorrekkkt!

      Speciesist too!

      I will immediately start a campaign to make it possible for omega male humans to lay eggs out of the hole resulting from the hollowing out and inversion of their penises!

      I take it all back. I want to make 40-foot-tall fire-breathing chickens.

    7. HAHAHAHA! "Oh my six pointed stars!" That would be a great catchphrase for a 1960's Jewish comic book hero. When foreskin mischief abounds, mild mannered accountant Schlomo Rabbiman utters his magic kabbalist spell and he becomes ... Mega Mohel!

      You know, every time someone criticizes the fire-breathing chickens, they get 10 feet taller - like the border wall.