Sunday, March 27, 2016

Chaos at PEZ Easter Egg Hunt in Connecticut

Just a reminder for Easter that the human race is a lost cause...

ORANGE, CT - Will there be a fourth annual PEZ Easter Egg Hunt next year?That is now very much in doubt after a melee of sorts broke out during Saturday's Easter Egg Hunt held at the iconic facility, which left some children even getting pushed around in the process. PEZ officials say some parents didn’t follow the rules, which led to pushing and shoving among some of the 1,000 attendees.

Kwanians not following corporate rules that are meant to substitute for basic common sense and decency? Who could imagine such a thing? Oh yeah - anyone who is paying attention. What's next? Kwanians demanding PEZ institute a police state at an Easter egg hunt? Uh ... yep, exactly. From the PEZ website ...

I'm "appalled on why" your grammar. But what disturbs me more is the notion that this female was not alone in calling for cops to patrol an Easter egg hunt. That's where the 'Kwa is now. The veneer of civilization is so thin at this point that without Big Brother present at any social gathering, the proles might batter each other's children in an effort to obtain the most free eggs.


  1. I looked at some of the pictures of this event, and while I saw a few white Kwanians, it seemed that the pictures posted showed people with their backs to the camera, many with hoods on. (It was cold, I suppose).
    But methinks the hidden identities would reveal a bunch
    of blacks, specifically, this was held in next door to East Hartford, of which I personally have experience:
    straight up Bantuland.

    1. I am certain the nogs were out in spades, so to speak. Which is another reason the Whities in attendance had a responsibility to get right back in their cars and drive away. (As with the recent story about the nigger Easter Bunny who got in a fight with a beaner.) The Whities should never have exposed their children to that environment.

      Oh, but they wouldn't want to spoil Easter for the Chalklings but staying away from integrated venues! Just roll the dice and hope the sub-apes and sub-humans can behave themselves and keep the enriching to a minimum.

  2. Meant to say New Haven, not Hartford. I've had exposure to both cities. New Haven, per capita, is in the top five for murders in the U.S. You can guess the race of the offenders.

  3. Another examples of how the 'kwa is a (several?) steps behind South Africa. After the downfall of petty Apartheid (separate facilities, group areas act, etc) the (still) white administration tried to maintain a semblance of civilisation by, for example, converting once whites-only beaches to paid-access beaches.
    Of course they were soon forced to abandon even this measure ... leading to the inevitable current state of affairs:

    1. Hello skilpad! Thanks for the depressing link. It reminded me of a story.

      In the 'Kwa, we don't have the concentration of sub-apes you have, but desegregation led to many lovely exclusive spots being abandoned by Whites and decaying into an unusable state. In one small town I lived in as a child, there was a pond that had been an unspoken black-no-go-zone. After the sixties, the cops showed up and kept guard while blacks went in to swim next to the Whities. Next step - the Whities left. Next step - the blacks multiplied. Next step - the garbage multiplied. Next step - the pond became a dumping ground and swimming was prohibited for everyone. I was born in that era of the closed pond, but all the kids I knew had tons of pictures of their parents and some elder siblings relaxing at that once pristine, Whites-only pond.