Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Butter Bitch Slap

Yes ... butter, as we shall see. In the following video, one negropotamus bitch slaps another with with what is claimed to be a handful of "butter."

That's different. What do you think was slapped across that niggeress's face? Can you believe it's not butter? Assuming that it is butter, why would someone slap someone else with butter? Is it possible that the aggressor just happened to have a handful of butter when she decided to get into a fight? Is that something enormously fat niggereses do? Carry around handfuls of butter absentmindly? Or are we ready to believe that the aggressor knew she was going to get into a fight, and her first instinct was to get a handful of butter?

Now if you have had the misfortune of living around Negroes, you will know that the "butter" in question is not Land of Lakes, but is the greasy mess they rub into their hair. Still, its funnier to think of it as the dairy product.


  1. Amazing how fat these EBT niggers can get,I thought the american unemployed were banned from buying junk food

    How about his for diversity?
    A deadlocked kike has been physically attacked by one of obamas daughters for "cultural appropriation"
    That kike is a real fucking pussy


    1. HAHAHAHA! Why are you filming this?
      For everyone's safety ...

      Unspoken next line ... in case you chimpout.