Thursday, March 03, 2016

Bernie Sanders Baby-Look-Alike Dies

Just like the Sanders campaign.

Ooooooo ... Too dark, too quickly? Oh, well. Quoting:

Bernie Baby, the cheerful infant who won the affections of people of all political stripes after his mom posted photos on social media of him greeting Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in a lookalike white-haired wig, oversized glasses and plaid tie, has died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Oliver Jack Carter Lomas-Davis of Los Angeles died Feb. 25, his aunt Anastasia Lomas told The Associated Press. He was 4 months old.

The winsome baby boy quickly became known across the Internet universe as Bernie Baby after his mother, Susan Lomas, posted photos on Facebook and Twitter of him greeting Sanders at a political rally in Las Vegas.

Let's throw out a few good ol' conspiracy theory starters and see if any stick before the weekend.

1) Hillary hired assassins as competent as the guy who installed her computer server in a bathroom.

2) Decrepit Bernie threw the baby at the Grim Reaper, who was coming for the old kike.

3) Jewish ritual murder.

Hmm... that third one was more blunt than whimsical. Oh, well.


  1. My new patented reptilian tinfoil hat tells me thus:

    The truth is wacko jacko is still akuve and muh diked the poor kid to death

    Over at der cuck it's emperor's new clothes,look at the main page banner

    1. HA! That was in terrible taste! Well done, sir.

      QS has become a parody of himself. It was bound to happen sooner or later ... or just sooner. It's especially funny because just last summer after the Roof incident, he was calling for White people to think about moving to reservations. Visit this link and then look at that absurd Trumpling banner right above it. HA!

  2. I briefly saw this story on the Daily Mail website-- which is, by the way, the most-read online newspaper in Amurika. Little did I know that our beloved A-Dray-Dray would be ON the story and turn it into a laugh riot-- particularly with "Anonymous's" comment about "It" being "Muh-diked" to death. Jebus, I think I've gone to Heaven and be's reborn!

    1. Glad you enjoyed, Rich! And I shall extend a thank you to anonymous for making me not solely responsible for the outstanding darkness of this post. Still, just give it a few days and we'll get the pearl-clutchers in here to ruin our fun with their "how can you be so hateful? it's the current year!" and "you all racist mutha fuckas are going to hell!" diatribes.

  3. SIDS?

    I'm betting MAT HERPES.

    (My new go-to explanation for everything.)

    Bernie's constantly getting rubbed on my single mothers and lesbos ya know.

    1. He doesn't mind the rubbing as long as they aren't schwarzes. Boi-nee can't stand those.