Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bastard Looks for Daddy Using Social Media

God, how I hate this world. Quoting:

A New York teen searching for his father is looking to Facebook for some help.
"I'm just hoping for a simple, 'Hello,' and just to catch up," Jette Collins of of Durhamville, New York, told ABC News today. "I'm not asking for much. I'm not asking for money. He could have his own life and be happy and want nothing to do with me, which is fine. I just want to be able to meet him and get the chance to say, 'Hi.'" 

Jette said his mother told him she met his father at K-Rockathon 1, an annual music festival in upstate New York. 

The first K-Rockathon concert, where Jette said his mother met his father, took place July 28, 1996, in Vernon, New York, according to the K-Rockathon website. 

"I've never met him because I don't think he knows I exist because it was a one-night stand," Jette said. "What I know about him is that his name is Jason and he lives in Syracuse. That's all I know."

I feel I can more efficiently deal with this nonsense in list form:

1) Jette, your mother is a filthy whore.
We should all despair that we live in an age where people encourage others to publicly (globally!) share the details of their mother's sexual indiscretions. The corpse of Western Civilization just keeps shitting itself while we all are forced to pretend it is not lying smack dab in the middle of our living rooms.

2) Jette, you are a drooling cretin and, unless your daddy is as stupid as you are, you will never meet him.
If your whore-mother was willing to bang one anonymous stranger, she was likely willing to bang many anonymous strangers. Therefore, any man who left his genetic material inside your walking-mattress-mama would be a damned fool to claim you for his own.

3) Jette, the man you seek is of zero significance to you. Biologically, you are now an adult. Socially however, you will always be a man-child remembered for your shit-eating grin as you informed the planet you are a bastard. Our society prolongs adolescence indefinitely. Grown men and women remain abnormally influenced by their parents well after they should assume full responsibility for their own lives. You have failed your first test of manhood with this childish stunt. Worse, you were rewarded for making a fool of yourself by a Mass Media that needs useful idiots to populate the tabloid cycle. Such rewards will only seek to encourage others to degrade themselves. That is why it was important that you manned up and focused on the next 20 years of your life, rather than looking back to try to rectify the fatherlessness of the first 20 years.

Here are some arguments I will not permit in the comment section of this article:

1) It's his mother's fault.
No. If he was 9 instead of 19, I would agree.

2) It's the Jew-Media's fault because feminism.
Some Chalky guy porked a Chalky slut 20-years ago because Schlomo Goldsteinburg owns CBS? No. Bull-fuckin-shit. Bastards didn't start with the advent of television. See Tiberius Pantera.

3) It's women's fault because they are all whores.
Then your mama is a whore too, and your sister, and your wife, and your daughter. No - that argument is just as poisonous as feminist misandry and I won't publish it.


  1. everything you said may be true but there is one bright side. She allowed him to live.

  2. Dreams of his father, ya know. It's tha thang.

    But he's not well connected, and doesn't have an Alinsky commie ghost writer.

    1. Are you implying that Messiah Obongo doesn't know who his real daddy is either? If not, than I shall imply it now for you.

    2. Oh yeah. I implied dat awright, A-drey-drey.