Tuesday, February 02, 2016

White Whateverists Double Down on Trump

Last night, I posted this question - see the pic to the right.

Now we have answers from across the World White Webs, and I shall share with you some of those reactions. Cue the top five White Whateverist Trumplings and behold their common cause:

Kevin MacDonald: Of course, I am disappointed that Trump didn’t win in Iowa, and I remain confident that he will prevail in New Hampshire and beyond. But I have to say that it irritates me no end to think of all the White people who either voted Democrat or for Republicans other than Trump. What could they possibly be thinking?

Richard Spencer: It was a very sad evening for us. Sad because Trump lost [...] It's hard not to root for Trump. [...] Trump really can win.

Ramzpaul: So many of us, especially on the Alt-Right, we're really rooting for Trump, and we were so excited because he had these massive crowds [...] and then in Iowa he came in second. [...] Trump may not win, I hope he wins ...

Jared Taylor: "[Trump] is expressing sympathy not with the consciousness of race and the wish of whites to remain the majority; what he’s expressing solidarity with is the idea that we shouldn’t be letting in immigrants who are going to kill us and commit crimes." [... Taylor] said he admires Trump’s “less politically correct instincts” and trusts him to not compromise on his positions if elected. “I can imagine Donald Trump saying something like, 'What’s wrong with white people preferring to remain the majority in the United States?'

Andrew Anglin:Though symbolically, the Iowa situation is disappointing, in practical reality it means basically nothing. [...] The last two cycles, New Hampshire did determine the nominee (McCain and Romney). So when we win there, we’re going to be in very good shape.


Cue the least popular White Whateverist in existence, and behold how his position remains unchanged:

Adrean Arlott: Trump is not pro-White and he is not going to restore the US of 'Kwa to its former glory. I write this now so that it can be ignored or contradicted over the next few days and then ignored or rationalized away in a year from now.

Honestly White people, I'm sorry I cannot be of more help to you. Even your "radical" fringe, those you have driven from you for the crime of trying to save your race, are establishment cocksuckers at heart, slobbering over the knob of the first elite who unzips his fly in their general direction. It is an embarrassing spectacle that should shame anyone who considers themselves a White Nationalist or Alt-Righter. Notice that the rationalizations of hipster-Trumpism as merely a tool of shifting the Overton Window and raising White racial awareness are gone from amongst the top five quoted above. They're all in now. It's not ironic anymore, it's real. It's all about lining up for Trump like a good little dog-whistled Republican, and waiting for a democratic political solution to the mass suicide of the White race.


  1. So what does trump want? It's not shekels,I think he's doing it for the power

    When the elections are over der cuck will blame whites for not voting trump,and of course "its the jooz

    The unrequited trump love affair continues

    1. Doing it for the power? Perhaps.

      Perhaps he's bored. Perhaps he just wants the attention. Perhaps he really does want to become president. Perhaps he wants to build the Great Wall of Trump across the Mexican border. Perhaps he wants to sell books or increase his market share for a future television show.

      Regardless, the one thing we can know for sure is that he is not doing it in order to break the power of the Jooz or to mainstream White racial awareness. The man can't bounce his mischling grandchildren on his knee and then deport them to Israel along with his daughter and her kike husband.

  2. this guy might be a cuckservative but he sums up the trump fanboys perfectly "childless single men who masturbate to anime"

    1. Amazingly, the Alt-Fags have embraced this condemnation, proving they have no shame.