Saturday, February 27, 2016

The White Pastorialists - A White Whateverist Parable

Once upon a time there was a flock of whitest sheep enclosed within a fenced pasture. A small band of hopeful shepherds arrived at the edge of the fence and gazed together in wonder at the assembled throng.

The oldest shepherd addressed the others. "These sheep are badly in need of our care!" The hills are crawling with wolves, and so we must get these fair sheep to safety!"

His fellow shepherds agreed, and together they threw open the gate to the pasture and attempted to coax the sheep to follow them. Yet, despite their calls and the furious waving of their crooks, the sheep did not budge.

Then, from over the hills came a finely dressed businessman from the big city. He stood at the entrance to the pasture and whistled to the sheep, who immediately came streaming through the gate and following behind him as he walked off into the hills. Caught in the mob the shepherds moved forward as well.

The oldest shepherd called to the businessman: "Thank heavens you arrived to help us, lest these sheep meet their end in the maws of wolves! You are a true savior!"

The businessman paid no mind.

The sensitive shepherd called to the businessman: "You know, it is we who opened the gate for you! We prepared the way, so to speak. Not to diminish your huge contribution to our cause."

The businessman paid no mind.

The gnome-like shepherd then squealed: "Yes, you are right to ignore him oh, glorious leader, for it was certainly my incessant shrieking that alerted the sheep to your presence. Isn't that right?"

And still, the businessman paid no mind.

The throng traveled a ways down the trail until they passed an ancient, unfinished wall, whereupon perched a smirking chap with a perplexed look.

"Hail there, shepherds!" He called. "Why are you caught up amidst this flock of sheep? Why not ride them, if you are both going the same way?"

The oldest shepherd responded. "We are not caught up, you wastrel! We are helping take these sheep to safety!"

"And where would that be?", asked the smirking chap.

"Why, away from the wolves back in the hills, you simpleton!", responded the sensitive shepherd.

"And what about the wolf ahead of you?", asked the smirking chap.

"What wolf? What are you talking about, you loser?", spouted the gnome-like shepherd. "With our glorious leader here, we never have to fear the wolves again!"

The smirking chap sighed, "I see my error. I mistook you for shepherds, when you are in fact sheep. Your wool is in your head, and not on your hide."

"Wastrel! Simpleton! Loser!" Cried the shepherds and they continued down the trail. As the sun set, the flock came to an enormous barn with an open door. When the businessman walked through, the top half of the door swung closed, and the sheep began lining up one by one to follow him through the still open bottom-half of the door.

"Excuse us!", cried the oldest shepherd. "How do we pass through?"

"It is not ideal ... but it appears we will have to stoop to enter this building.", explained the sensitive shepherd.

"What do you mean stoop? I can get through this door just fine.", bragged the gnome-like shepherd.

Upon entering the darkened barn, before their eyes became accustomed to the dim, the shepherds heard the sound of shears, snipping away. But no sooner had they realized their mistake, then they were seized by strong hands, their clothes and hair clipped away, and their crooks chopped up into splinters. Naked, cut, bleeding, and each holding a toothpick, they were ejected from the backside of the barn into a pen adjacent to an abattoir. Just outside the pen, the businessman stood next to the garment merchant, who threw up his hands in despair.

"Oy vey! Look at those naked men in the enclosure! What were they wearing before they went into the barn? I can't have linen mixed with my wool!"

The business man scanned the pen dispassionately, adjusted his tie, and then responded, "What men? All I see is sheep."


  1. Yeah, contempt for the hopeful doesn't explain posts like this. You have a bone to pick. You should talk about it openly - it'll make for more honest and even more persuasive posting.

    1. What you call hopeful I call willfully ignorant. Even when the evidence is staring White Whateverists in the face, they dismiss it as either lies, or fuhrer-bashing, or they rationalize their irrationality as a strategic decision while side-stepping mischling grandchildren. How's that for honesty? There is no persuading such ignorance. I am not in the business of persuading, but of documenting the hysteria as it happens. And the bones I am picking are from the remains of the White race, if such willful ignorance continues unchecked.

      Case in point for willful ignorance ... I have been posting open criticisms of this White Whateverist hysteria for months. All you had to do was look at the Outer Party Archive a couple of inches to the right on your screen. But it must be difficult to turn your head, with a neck that stiff.

  2. You were writing about him before I cared about him, but I have read your posts, and I remember them as more despairing than hateful. "The world sucks and you are all wasting your precious supplies of enthusiasm", not "how are you drooling slackjawed subapes even fucking related to me?"

    Meanwhile, things look brighter to me than they ever have. This isn't a time to be depressed, when Tim Wise on down are the ones crying so hard about the course we're taking, when Jeb spends a hundred million in TV ads and then drops out because too few care what the TV says anymore. Do you get that? Do you think Trump's just a guy with a lot of name recognition? How could his supporters just be a bunch of idiots when any idiot should be hating him as instructed by now?

    I liked your radio show. I'll continue to check up on your blog. But maybe you should get out. Not outside. Out to other communities. Find the 'merchant minute' on youtube and go from there. The world still sucks, but the wheat and the chaff grow together. You wouldn't find the kind of excellent shitlording that we have today without all of the scum to antagonize decent people into spending their time on this.

    1. So you knew that what you were posting wasn't true, you knew I had made several previous posts directly discussing the issue, but you still questioned *my honesty* because you vaguely recalled that *my tone* had changed. That is nonsense worthy of a Trumpling accustomed to the flexibility of truth. Every one of those posts I linked is filled with patented Adrean Arlott contempt of ignorance. And if you have listened to my radio show, you know that my character is entirely constructed around sneering at human folly. No - you spun the story that I had a secret bone to pick, because you didn't want to address valid criticism of Trumplingism. Why would you be so disingenuous? Well, look at what you posted today, and the answer becomes clear.

      If Adrean won't link to Trumpling propaganda, Trumpling propaganda will be linked for him. Nice. Thanks for that. You understand that I am concerned by White Whateverism falling for an elite billionaire with mischling grandchildren who disavows and denounces every pro-White cretin who climaxes while shrieking his name at the media, but you still can't tolerate the existence of one critic of your Trumpling narrative - just like the MultiKult cannot tolerate the existence of one critic of their diversity narrative. I don't leave anti-Trumpling comments on your interweb playgrounds. I don't post my story links on any other website. White Whateverists have to make an effort to find my criticism. But here you are, spreading your pro-Trumpling delusions on my blog.

      And please notice, the criticism I level is always of the same type - Trumplings, not Trump. I do not care about Donald Trump. He is a reality TV star who has turned a presidential election into reality TV. It is White Whateverists who ignore his disavowals of the pro-White movement, his mischling grandchildren, his 40+-year-membership in the kike-loving economic ruling class of this country, and crown him the Great White Hope, not Trump himself. If White Whateverists did not support him, believed he was a phony, what enjoyment you could derive from Adrean's cynicism, and what fun I could derive from mocking such an absurd figure. But I have to be very careful NOT to mock Trump like the Leftists do, because that would detract from the concern I express over and over that White Whateverists have, en masse, been conned by their own wishful thinking. History will prove I was right, but that will be no comfort whatsoever when the implosion of this hysteria begins and Trumpling hope returns to despair.


    2. "How can his supporters be idiots, when any idiot should be hating him as instructed?" Why do you care that these idiots don't hate Trump as instructed, when they still hate *you* as instructed? They still hate White identity. If they didn't, Trump wouldn't need to denounce you. If the kike-media wasn't still in control of the narrative, he wouldn't need to disavow you. Trump has had 40 years to donate a pittance from his mega-wealth to a pro-White cause. Has he? He has had 40 years to start an alternative media source to counter the anti-White narrative. Has he? He has had 40 years to fund a politician who wasn't a pro-Israel, anti-White shill. Has he? Why not? Because Trump is a guy with a lot of name recognition - that's exactly what his fortune is all about, his name is his brand. Furthermore, he is a mega-rich celebrity in an era that found a character actor, a body builder, and a wrestler to be executive branch material. That, combined with a laughably weak Republican party that produced the likes of Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Bush II as candidates is why Donald is thriving in the primaries. And note that the majority of White Republican voters simply can't decide which Cuban they prefer to your Donald, and their shillyshallying is his boon. Your error, the error of White Whateverism, is believing that the rules that apply to Trump apply to you as well. The error is believing that you helped open the gate that let the sheep out. Eventually, this bright delusion will be shattered. Want proof today? Do you have a job? Go to work tomorrow and tell your co-workers, your boss, your customers that you think Mexicans are rapists and see if the sheep follow you.

      I have a "favorites" list full of White Whateverist blogs, podcasts, and forums. I have quietly visited a variety of them practically every night for a decade. It made me an expert in depression and despair, but I had no interest in participating in that misery-fest. Instead, I have tried to offer a humorous counter viewpoint that mocks the absurdity of this world rather than crying over it. But now that White Whateverists like you have swung from pro-White depressed to Trumpling manic (combined with varying degrees of fuhrer-worship) I find myself just as reluctant to be a party to your mental illness. If you are so determined to be sheared, then get on your sheep and ride off into the sunset. I will be waiting by the ancient, unfinished wall if and when you come to your senses.

  3. Take this, for example: