Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sub-Ape Mayor Accused of Adultery at Town Council Meeting


A Rockland County village meeting devolved into a scene out of Maury Povich on Tuesday night when a resident accused the mayor of using his “power” to have sex with his wife.

Reginald Alfred, a 48-year-old maintenance man, took the microphone at the meeting and began sharing details of how Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme was a homewrecker who ruined his 12-year marriage.

Devolved ... yes, that is the perfect word for it. So, citizen sub-ape accused mayor sub-ape of sub-aping his sub-ape wife. Vibrant! You can watch below. It doesn't start heating up until after about 3 minutes.

Dont'cha just love the look on that kike's face as he is caught in the middle of a gorilla aggression display? It's just what the Jews desire most - to be the whitest people left in the room. Once all the goyim have been disposed of, kikes everywhere can enjoy a future just like this ... playing second banana to the mayor of ape city.


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  2. Deleted per request, but I appreciated your detailed documentative approach.