Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sierra Club Rejects "White Supremacist" Founder

In this article, we learn that the Left has decided it must send another dead White male down the memory hole:

The National Park Service is being urged to change the name of LeConte Memorial Lodge in the Yosemite Valley by the Sierra Club, as the environmental group has charged Joseph LeConte, a founding member of the Sierra Club, was an unrepentant racist.

Last summer the Sierra Club discovered LeConte had written of his racist views for years after the Civil War, including an 1892 book called, “The Race Problem in the South.” The investigation was triggered by a story in July in the Daily Californian, which reported that members of the Black Student Union at UC Berkeley wanted the university to rename LeConte Hall.

"Unrepentant" makes it seem as if racism was some odd, morally outrageous quirk in the 1890's, and not the near-universal norm at the time and for over fifty years afterward. Forgetting that the American army that saved your beloved kikes was still segregated in WWII, Breitbart? LeConte's alleged racism is not explored in any depth in the article, merely the fact that he wrote a book saying there was a "race problem" is all that was needed for the Jewish Right of Breitbart to take a swipe at their despised Leftie frenemies, this time in the form of the Sierra Club. It's the same tactic Christian cuckservatives use when the castigate the Left for racial disparity in abortion rates - "the Black genocide".

Leconte was not The founder of The Sierra Club, but he was a founder. The Club itself was an early pioneer in progressive environmentalism and preservationism/conservationism - in other words, greenie do-gooderism. Cue the tree-hugging Nazis. But, like that other icon of the Left, Planned Parenthood, some of the Sierra Club's early leadership was openly racist. Not racist in the "Niggers are sub-apes and their presence should be rectified" way that CDN derives such much amusement from, but in the "Poor benighted lesser races need our guidance." way that CDN recognizes was the slippery slope toward making the universal brotherhood of man a central tenet of all modern political ideologies. The Left today cannot distinguish between the two brands of racism. It sees both as equally appalling, because the goal of Leftism is the extermination of White people, and labeling all White people as equally racist provides the moral justification they find necessary to carry on their work with minimal cognitive dissonance. Therefore, no matter how much of an environmentalist do-gooder Leconte was, he is now consigned to racist purgatory.

Meanwhile, here in racist purgatory, the only White Supremacist in existence, Adrean Arlott, reviews Leconte's transfer papers and prepares to return him to sender. Why? Let's actually read a passage from Leconte's masterwork of White Supremacy which has the greenies clutching their faux pearls, The Race Problem in the South.”

Now, there are many reasons for believing that if successful mixing be at all possible, such mixing would be better for humanity than extinction of the lower races and the survival of the white race alone. There are valuable qualities in the lower races which ought not to be lost, which ought to be incorporated into the perfect ideal humanity for which we hope ; and this can be done only, or at least most directly, by mixture. The effect of true breeding as already seen may be excellent in one direction i. e., in perfecting certain limited qualities but tends to fix and finally to petrify character and arrest progress. Mixing produces a more plastic material, a better clay, a more generalized and therefore a more progressive type. 

That is the definition of White Supremacy today, my gentle readers. Read it again and compare it to the work of that notorious White hating hapa Count Kalergi. What is the difference here? Again - the goal is the destruction of all Whites. Leconte may have been a greenie who thought race-mixing was the future of humanity, but he is also a dead White male. He must be destroyed and his memory obliterated. I will not let the label of White Supremacy be used as a tool for the Left to pawn off their unwanted baggage. So, I am sending LeConte back to the Left with a little thank you, but no thank you note.


  1. Just another side-effect of coal burning.

    1. Ha! Coal *burning*. I rarely approve of puns, but well done sir.

      Racism is here to help us. Those with healthy racial instincts shall be rewarded, and those with unhealthy racial instincts shall be punished. Unfortunately, as has happened so many times in Western history, the generations who have benefited from the success brought about by the racism of their ancestors become soft and decadent as life becomes too easy, and they end up rejecting the very reason for their success. They suffer, and their children suffer, and the one consolation they get in their death agony is that they will have no grandchildren who will suffer as they do. It remains to be seen if this time the cycle will repeat, or if the white goose if finally *cooked*.

  2. Fantastic work, Adrean.

    I trust you followed the early Aughts kerfuffle where Sierra's membership had elected to the national board three or maybe it was four directors (or whatever they were called) who urged the club to make immigration and population an issue.

    David Gelbaum--VC with mucho shekels and mestizo wife-- showed up with $100 million and told Carl Pope he'd never see another penny from Gelbaum if Sierra connected human numbers and mass migration to environmentalism. Pope couldn't start sucking fast or hard enough.

    The intrepid members were hounded from their seats. They were replaced with more globalista sorts. VDARE published a bunch of articles on it. I can't supply links because for some reason their URLs are resolving to my browser as blank pages. But you can find it here maybe:

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed!

      My knowledge of the depths of the Sierra Club's Leftist madness was based on the lengths they went to celebrate the purging of racist (read White male) elements from their elderly membership. Example:

      With those soon-to-die White males purged, they have now turned their attention to old dead White males who need to be rectified.

      The Sierra Club is just another example of a White do-gooder organization being hijacked to serve the MultiKult. See the YWCA, which is now an anti-racist organization of all things:

    2. More later, for now:

    3. Sounds interesting. I shall add it to my list.