Sunday, February 14, 2016

RuPaul in Blacker Face

I am a connoisseur of racism, which is just as useless a pastime as it sounds. Racism is such an unappreciated comic art, so easy to engage in, so beneficial to all involved, yet so misunderstood and maligned that none dare become an avowed expert in the field. I would say I am the closest thing going in that regard, so imagine my horror when a particularly amusing bit of racism escaped my attention for over a decade! Admittedly, it was not from a source I would have expected or frequented, but I must apologize that I was unable to bring this to you sooner. Let's start with the image:

Outstanding. Can you believe that today was my first encounter with this masterpiece from 2006? Again, I really cannot apologize enough for missing it. I found the image attached to an article written by a gay nigger who is disgusted with another gay nigger's (RuPaul's) colorism (colorism is what I like to call Racism's Plan B). I don't give a crap about the article, but I wanted to find the source of the image. The image itself is from a music video, which I will present in edited form (for sensitive viewers, the video stops before the gayness intensifies; sorry Alt-Fags). Let us enjoy this reminder that even when Chalkies no longer walk da' Earf, the brown hordes will still be racist as all get out.


  1. I'm surprised the ru paul homo nigger is still alive,it seems AIDS is not a death sentence,must try harder jebus

    On the plus side the new Zika virus is working like magic

    1. Unfortunately, nothing viral stops brown people from fucking and filling the world up with their rancid kind.

      AIDS? Just rape an albino.

      Zika destroys baby brains? The brain damaged are a gift.