Tuesday, February 23, 2016

No Country for Black Men?

Well of course there is, it's called Ooga Booga Land ... no wait! Crackopia ... no wait! Rapezania ... no wait! The Democratic Republic of HIV ... no wait! On second thought, let's just get on with it, quoting:

Here are some of the shocking stories of African migrants in India being racially abused and attacked.

Sometimes when we look at racism we see it as Black and White; when in fact prejudice can be faced from a multitude of places and peoples. Each one of these stories illustrates how the negative perception of Black people can impact on how they are treated and how they are made to feel.

And now the Indian SJW propaganda video ...

As stated so many times before, even when the last Chalky is tossed into a mass grave, the brown hordes left behind will be as miserable as ever. Racism cannot be defeated. Racism will defeat humanity. Either you will embrace racism, and the post-human will arise from the human, or you will reject racism, and the human will devolve into the subhuman. It is truly that simple, beautiful, and fair.

Note that a commenter on the video was quick to blame White colonialism for this, saying Whities taught dotheads to discriminate against black people. Because the caste system didn't exist until the invention of the caravel, right?


  1. Apparently one of the left's favorite saints Gandhi was quite the racist.


    1. Outstanding - Thank you for the excellent link William! Add to this that Gandhi was also an abusive pervert: