Saturday, February 06, 2016

Nasty Niggeress wif Rotting Weave

Need to induce vomiting? Please witness this video of a niggeress having her weave peeled off after six months.

Good freakin' god. Doesn't this explain some things about niggeresses?

The stench, obviously - but that is multifactorial. Their obsession with not letting their hair get wet or letting it be touched is also explained, as well as the greasy slime they leave behind on clean surfaces after they fool with their hair. This video also helps explain why niggers' dogs are always so filthy. If these sub-apes don't think they need to wash their own hair for six months, they sure as hell aren't going to bathe their dogs within that time frame. Of course, the weaveress recommends leaving the weave in for no more than 3 months. Three months without washing one's hair, without it even getting wet, can you imagine? And no doubt some niggeresses heard that advice and said "She just want make mo money, that why she say dat."
Honestly, that weaveress should receive some sort of Negro community-hero award for handling that mess without a biohazard suit. Isn't it incredible that we must coexist alongside these devolved creatures?

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