Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Merkel and the Barren Grandmother that is Europe


Pope Francis shared the story of an angry phone call he received from German Chancellor Angela Merkel after he compared Europe to “barren woman” that can’t have children.

In an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere delle Sera, the pope recalled the phone call from 2014, in relation to comments he made on the political climate in Europe when he addressed the European Parliament. Francis compared Europe to a “grandmother, no longer fertile and vibrant.” [...]

The comment may have hit close to home for Merkel, who is childless herself and runs a country where the birthrate has dropped by almost one child per woman over the past 55 years. Francis calmed Merkel down by saying there is still hope for the continent.

Of course, the Pope's Hope is landing on Lampedusa, and he is there to greet it.

The story goes on to say that Merkel doesn't remember that phone call with Pope Lenin. Sheesh - not only barren, but senile too.

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