Monday, February 22, 2016

Media Spread Stories that Donald Trump Has a Micropenis


Two researchers have claimed that they have proof that Donald Trump suffers from an embarrassing secret medical condition [...]

In their new book, Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie claim that they have discovered medical records proving that the billionaire has a condition known as hypospadias, which results in abnormally small and deformed genitalia, sometimes referred to as a “micro-penis.”

Oh, wait. I'm sorry. That story is actually about Adolf Hitler, not Donald Trump. Bad CDN! You're bad! Go sit in the corner and plot genocide! Here's the Hitler story circulating in the Mass Media.

So why am I sharing this with you?
Because you're going to have to find about it eventually, so why not from me in this silly way?

And why did I choose to change Hitler to Trump in the phony intro? I wanted to give the majority of White Whateverists a reason to care about the story, now that they have transferred their idol worship from Hitler to Trump. They can relax now, because the Mass Media isn't trolling their current fearless leader.

Oops! Lied again. Bad CDN! ...

An incredibly skilled artist has shared their latest masterpiece online - a naked portrait of real estate mogul-turned-politician Donald Trump. Created with pastel pencils, the stunning artwork shows, in great detail, what the artist imagines Trump's naked body to look like.

Complete with a very, very small penis.

Steady now Der Dailyists - What, did you think Alt Fags / White Whateverist trolls were the only people who can make dick jokes and cucky memes on the interwebs? Muh Overton Window!

Coincidentally, this anti-Trump trollery is from just 11 days ago. Is there a marketing firm closeout sale on demagogue micropenis propaganda or what?

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