Monday, February 29, 2016

Jewish Chinky Poos Migrating to Israel

This will no doubt bring a tear to yellow-fevered Zuckerberg's eye:

Five Chinese women, descended from the medieval Jewish community of Kaifeng, are set to arrive in Israel on Monday. The women, Gao Yichen (“Weiwei”), Yue Ting, Li Jing, Li Yuan, and Li Chengjin (“Lulu”), have studied Hebrew and Judaism to prepare themselves for their journey, as they return to the heritage of their ancestors. 

Upon their arrival, the five women will visit the Western Wall before making their way to Midreshet Nishmat – The Jeanie Schottenstein Center for Advanced Torah Study for Women, where they will prepare for their official conversion to Judaism under the auspices of Israel’s Chief Rabbinate.

And here they are:

Straight out of a Quadroon Streicher fantasy! The one on the right has a real Roseanne Barr quality, don't she? I'm guessing she is "Lulu", because that sounds like the perfect name for a Chinese Jewish pig. (Hello Lulu - please enjoy your first anti-Semitic joke, courtesy of Adrean Arlott!)

So what can we surmise from this tale? Well, I think the Kikes are starting to shift their interests East, as they know that they have wrung as much out of the West as they are going to get before it either dies at the hands of Muslims or ... or ... what was the alternative again? Trump? Muh Glorious Leader! Right ... so no alternative, thank you White Whateverism. Anyhoo - therefore, they are bringing home these sleeper agents to be properly schooled in Kikecraft before sending them back to help with the mass infiltration to follow.

It is interesting though that the kikes always follow the same gene-hijacking strategy wherever they go. Through it, they become genetically similar to their host population, but always retain the link to their parasitic hive mind identity. It is a truly fascinating strategy.

Chingy Chongs, you have been warned.


  1. " they become genetically similar to their host population, but always retain the link to their parasitic hive mind identity. It is a truly fascinating strategy."


    1. Nope, not virus.

      Aggressive Wassmannian Mimicry is what you are observing.

    2. Thank you very much Mr. Smartypants for sending me to the interwebs to find out what the hell you were talking about.

      Seriously though, great contribution, it was a really interesting comparison.

      Wasmannian mimicry occurs when the mimic resembles its host (the model) in order to live within the same nest or structure. For example, several beetles closely resemble ants. The ants provide them with food, shelter and protection and can not distinguish them from other colony members.

    3. But wait! There's more! They aren't shape-shifting reptilians; that's just a red herring. What they really are is insectoid aliens. Hitler knew this secret and that's why he used Zykon-Bugspray to control the infestation...

      Richard Dawkins provides several examples of how cunning parasites can be, and how easy it is to be fooled. The sophistication of some ant species makes the cuckoo look like a novice. He describes a parasitic ant which invades a neighbouring colony, seeks out its queen, climbs on top of it and methodically gnaws off its head. Having usurped the position at the top of this social hierarchy, the alien queen produces eggs which are tended by the invaded colonies’ workers, and new queens then go off to invade other colonies.

      Even this strategy has been improved upon by another ant species. To quote The Selfish Gene, p. 252 (Dawkins is here referring to the founder of sociobiology, Edward Wilson):

      ‘But sawing off heads is a bit of a chore. Parasites are not accustomed to exerting themselves if they can coerce a stand-in. My favourite character in Wilson’s The Insect Societies is Monomorium santschii. This species, over evolutionary time, has lost its worker caste altogether. The host workers do everything for their parasites, even the most terrible task of all. At the behest of the invading parasite queen, they actually perform the deed of murdering their own mother. The usurper doesn’t need to use her jaws. She uses mind-control. How she does it is a mystery; she probably employs a chemical, for ant nervous systems are generally highly attuned to them. If her weapon is indeed chemical, then it is as insidious a drug as any known to science. For think what it accomplishes. It floods the brain of the worker ant, grabs the reins of her muscles, woos her from deeply ingrained duties and turns her against her own mother. For ants, matricide is an act of special genetic madness and formidable indeed must be the drug that drives them to it. In the world of the extended phenotype, ask not how an animal’s behaviour benefits its genes; ask instead whose genes it is benefiting.’

    4. Really funny lead, but also a fascinating insight into the varied forms of parasitism. Thank you!

      On a less serious note, is it possible that anti-White behavior in Western Civilization is actually being pheromonal-ly induced by Jewish B.O.?

    5. Jewish B.O. and scat do in fact play a role as territorial markers and to identify each other by scent as visual recognition among mimics would logically not be utilized.

    6. HAHAHA! Excellent response. You're making me think of a new character who would be a great CDN guest - like a racist Bill Nye.

  2. I remember reading an article sometime ago where the author used John Carpenter's The Thing as a metaphor for the way in which Jews infiltrate a society via genetic assimilation and they subsequent havoc they cause.
    Here is a link to one such article although I don't think this is the one I am referring to as I remember it being better written than this one.

    1. Thank you William. It's a good metaphor, and I thought the article you linked made its point clearly.

      I believe there definitely is a largely hereditary component to Jewish (and Semitic in general) behavior. But there is also some sort of component that Jewish identity triggers to catalyze the parasitic behavior, just like there is something about Muzzie identity that gets triggered to produce jihadism. It's actually what helps them get closer to their hosts. When they are aware of their identity and in full parasite/jihadi mode, they are insufferable. But when the identity is suppressed, they trick the host into thinking everything is just fine. Again, its a fascinating thing, in a terrible way.

  3. Seems it's a bigger trend:

    Favorite quote:

    "Civilizations fail when they become despondent, when they lose confidence in their history and their future, when their citizens cease to feel pride in and draw inspiration from their culture."

    Unspoken quote:

    "This explains how Jews adopt and destroy a new host culture, and why they eventually move on."

    1. Bigger trend indeed. That is an amazing article in support of the Chingy Chongs are next thesis.

      Your favorite is a very true quote for us to take to heart, but it is a piece of driftwood amidst a sea of Jewish propaganda that can only indicate the Chinese are the next target of world Jewry. I think this commenter summed it up best:

      "Common traits bind Jews and Chinese"!!! What traits?! Pathetic.

      Another Zionist Jew uses AsiaTimes Online to do the propaganda that World Jewish Zionism uses when they shift their interests to suck up to a new rising superpower so they can use it and make it do their fascist nasty work for them.

      The U.S. is in decline, so Zionist jews figured since China will be the top dog soon, let us suck up to them, move on their bank and take over them, then buy out their politicians, mass media and whatnot so we can control them to be the new servant of Zionism.