Friday, February 12, 2016

Indian Brave "Cries in the Shower" Alleges Racism in Canadian Air Force

Muh smallpox blankets...

A Cree member of the Royal Canadian Air Force says he is leaving the military after enduring years of racism that left him feeling ostracized and contemplating suicide.

Master Cpl. Marc Frenette served under “poor, incompetent and often inconsistent leadership” that allowed the alleged harassment to continue for so long, according to a military report obtained by CBC News. 

He was on his hands and knees in the shower crying because he didn’t know how he could take anymore,” his wife Kristina Paudash-Frenette told CBC News. “It’s been heartbreaking. No one deserves this at all.”
 This is a Cree featherhead. Uh, huh. And Rachel Dolezal is the Queen of Nubia.

So exactly how did Frenette earn his tribal name "Cries in the Shower"? What set him on the Trail of Tears? Continuing to quote from the link above...

Frenette says squadron members at Garrison Petawawa taunted him daily with racial slurs like “kawish,” “wagon burner,” and hooted offensive “oh-oh-oh” noises as he passed by in the hallway.

While working on a Chinook helicopter in February 2015, an RCAF member allegedly sparked a lighter underneath him and said, “time to burn this Indian before he burns any more wagons.”

“That pretty much broke me,” Frenette told CBC News. “That’s when I thought, what’s going to be next.”

Muh genocide... That's what broke him? That poorly constructed taunt, coupled with a zippo sends chief big crybaby to the showers? If all featherheads are this easy to destroy, no wonder they needed to be placed in reservations, er... emotional safe places.


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  2. "He was on his hands and knees in the shower crying because he didn’t know how he could take anymore,”

    When I read that I both wanted more context...and wanted no parts of it.

    Poor Chief Broke-Back Fountain.

    You missed the most hilarious thing: your link goes to a blog that is supposedly about "promoting warrior culture and fighting spirit."


    Here be squaw:

    Heap more likely cause for tears and suicide.

    1. That is hilarious! Outstanding catch.

      That is a harsh face, even for a squaw. Again, I wonder how someone can present themselves to the media like that. I suppose she thought the little featherhead token on her coat would draw attention from her ... limitations.