Sunday, February 21, 2016

Imagine there's no darkies - Part the Second

One year ago today, I posted a little thought experiment under the title "Imagine there's no darkies." It began:

Today, I considered something trivial while thinking about an old episode of the Twilight Zone and the song "Imagine". Imagine there's no darkies (forgive the grammar, it's easy if you try). Imagine if I wished them away into the cornfield.

I then hypothetically wished away into non-existence all non-Whites, all undesirables, all defectives, all those who were anti-White. And what I was left with were the smiling faces of the people who comprise the healthy stock of my race. But just like in the Twilight Zone episode linked above, I came to believe the smiles would be those of a forced, fraudulent variety from a terrified people. What had the fulfillment of my wish accomplished?

How many of those Whities would deserve Whiteopia? They didn't make it for themselves when they had the power to do so. Before the cornfield, they would have hung me out to dry if I had said "nigger" in public. Before the cornfield, they were watching Fox News and rooting for Israel to nuke Iran. Before the cornfield, they spent their Sundays worshiping their Negro feetsballers. Before the cornfield, they were shooting Nazis on their X-boxes and chanting U-S-A, U-S-A!

What minimal fraction of the remaining Whities knew the score, admitted it, and cared we were losing before the cornfield? How many were White Whateverists? 1%? 1% of 1%? 1% of 1% of 1%?  Of the White Whateverists, how many would now turn on me because I didn't accept Jebus as my personal Lord and Savior? How many would spend their nights on the interwebs fighting the got-game gender wars as the birthrate remained below replacement levels? How many would disown my Cornfield Solution and claim they never wanted the darkies gone completely, they just wanted their own all-White living space?

At the time, I said that this thought experiment had led me to two conclusions that I would not share at that moment. I have pondered this for one year, wondering if my opinion would change, but it hasn't. In fact, my conclusions have only become more solidly fixed by the rise of Trumplingism, which has turned the majority of White Whateverism into an hysterical flock of dog-whistled Republican sheeple fawning over a mega-wealthy reality TV star. So, here are those conclusions now, one year later:


The reason the White race does not have Whiteopia is because they do not want it, and they never have. If they had wanted it, it would be here. Furthermore, I have come to realize in the past year that not only do the masses of White people not want Whiteopia, the radical racist White Whateverist fringe doesn't really want it either. In the 'Kwa, Trump has given these people an opportunity to compromise their most extreme positions and reconcile with Amerikwa as she is. "This far and no further!" they say, and they prepare to vote Republican again.

White people feel an instinctive need for non-White people. White people love the other and the novel. They have an insatiable desire to play savior, or rebel, or hero, or master, or explorer, or diplomat, or whatever other fantasy role they can concoct that requires an other with whom they may interact in order to distinguish themselves from the homogeneous Chalky herd.


Here's what this means: It means that even if a White Whateverist fringe was successful at fighting back the brown hordes (for example, after some Mad Max societal collapse, for which  a portion of White Whateverists have been hoping for so long), and rescued the Whities from the misery their own love of the other had wrought, the rescued would still prevent the final blow from falling.

Imagine the scene now. The last of the brown, murdering hordes have been rounded up. The Chalky Warrior Chief who defeated the subhuman enemy orders his men to slaughter every last one, regardless of age, gender, or capacity. A shocked look crosses his trusted lieutenant's face.

Lieutenant: All of them sir?

Chief: All of them.

Lieutenant: But there are women and children ...

Chief: I gave you an order.

Lieutenant: But sir, please! They're defeated. We would dishonor ourselves if we executed prisoners. Can't we just drive them off into the wilderness?

Chief: No. If our ancestors had the strength to do what we are doing now, millions of our brothers and sisters would still be alive today. You're too young to remember the worst of it. I have a duty to future generations.

Lieutenant: So do I, sir. [Pulls his gun and blows out his chief's brains. He turns to address the captives.] You're free! Now go ... run!

[The other White soldiers, uncertainty on their faces, lower their guns. The brown hordes sense their chance has come, and flee in all directions.]

The end credits roll, and the White audience wipes away their tears. "What a hero! He did the right thing! Otherwise, there wouldn't have been a sequel!".

You think the preceding was just a clich├ęd example of Hollyweird Kike brainwashing? No, gentle readers. It is an example of why Hollyweird is so successful in peddling its cinematic opiates. They know White people better than White people know themselves.

Such introspection leads me to two conclusions that I will not share at this time.


  1. After spending time reading posts on the recent incident of anti-semitism by Ted Nugent at various cuckservative sites and the comments that followed I would have to agree with you. Most commenters seem more than willing to bring about a repeat of WW2 if the day ever came where whites tried to take their societies back from subversive jews.

    1. Jews are the perfect example of this inability of the White race to divorce itself from a hostile alien presence. Over 2,000 years of come here, go away.

    2. I would have posted this video in my initial comment but forgot. It ties in very well to your post and our comments, particularly the ending of the video.

    3. Ah, the classics. Thank you for the contribution.

    4. Germania was their warning.

    5. A terrible price to pay, for a warning to go unheeded.

  2. Oh, come on! I can't wait a year for the sequel. Share it! Share it! Share it!

    1. I so rarely get requests that I seriously contemplated sharing my conclusions. However, I truly just finished putting all the ingredients in the pot. They are edible on their own, but will make a heartier meal if allowed to stew.

      In lieu of a main course, let me give you a taste of the immediate future for White Whateverism. A White man staring at his mobile phone blindly steps off a cliff, but rather than falling down he falls up into the sky. He gasps at this bizarre quirk of fate, and eventually begins laughing hysterically. However, his laughter is cut short when his head smashes on the ground above him. The camera then spins around 180 degrees, and the world is reoriented to the viewer's perspective.

      And because this little scene was written by Adrean Arlott, it ends with a group of niggers running up to the White guy and stealing his phone, wallet, and shoes.

  3. Your thought experiment is depressingly accurate.
    Because, "Hey, they're just like us, really.
    Just look at these two good-looking, successful-yet-HIV+ black men. Why, they shop at J. Crew just like me!"

    1. "Depressingly Accurate." I think I just found a new tagline for my blog. Thank you!

      Thank you also for the ghastly article proving that stereotypes are here to help us until science catches up with common sense. I shall pass it along to the Alt-Fags as a reminder why they shouldn't mudqueen.

    2. I like the thumbnail of Samantha whatzit the columnista.

      Can't tell whether she looks victorious or wishes these two would make her their puppy poodle and put her out of her misery.

    3. HA! I encourage them to put her out of *our* misery.

  4. "How many would spend their nights on the interwebs fighting the got-game gender wars as the birthrate remained below replacement levels? How many would disown my Cornfield Solution and claim they never wanted the darkies gone completely, they just wanted
    their own all-White living space?"
    Jebus, that quote really upends-- to a large degree-- a;; the efforts to which the people over at Chateau Heartiste concern themselves. While they congratulate themselves with their excellent "game," the dark hordes creep demographically ever closer. You the man, A-Dray-Dray.

    1. Why, thank you.

      You would think that it would be self-evident that making sex an end-unto-itself would be a literal dead end. That many White Whateverists have embraced the philosophy of a non-White race-mixer who openly brags about sexually degrading White women shows you the worthlessness of those White Whateverists.

      Note that an equally irrational and poisonous attitude exists in indirect support of game-rs. That is the strain of White Whateverism that says having White children is not the solution to White decline - when it is in fact the only solution! These delusional tools would agree demographics are destiny, but at the same time they think declining populations are simply part of modern, futurist society - no big deal. Double-thinkers.

      High birth rates lead to aggression, expansionism, and violent confrontation between tribes. Combine that with the natural cleverness and innovation of Chalkies and you have the recipe for the greatest civilization in human history. Evolution marches on. Take away the in-group demographic pressure and you have decadence, decline, and societal death. Devolution slouches off.