Friday, February 19, 2016

Drunk Knife-Wielding Monkey Climbs on Bar Roof

If you're as racist as me, this video is not going to be what you expected, but you will probably enjoy it nonetheless.

That beanerette's cackling was actually funnier than the monkey. Still, there is a racist lesson here. Just because a creature can handle tools doesn't mean it belongs in civilized society.


  1. I'm not sure yet if this is a spoof, but maaaan, with the idiocy on daily display in South Africa this could very well be true. Our "navy" is having a show & shoot week in Port Elizabeth this week and this is apparently an interview with a "commander" of one of the subs. Note our guavamint purchased 3 subs from Germany in the notoriously dirty arms deal for R8 billion (about $500m) all of which are out of action due to lack of skilled staff, dereliction of maintenance and the last one because it got sailed into a rock...


    1. Good freakin' God. Because sharks. Ugggghhhh...

      The thing is, it is so difficult to tell reality from farce at this point that this could be real. Consider Amerikwa's own gub'mint darkies who claim the Constitution is 400 years old and they were personally slaves, or that an island could capsize if too many people moved to it.

      Thank you for sharing the other comments link. Outstanding service to White people by spreading the common sense joys of racism!

      You're in South Africa - I cringe to hear that. Every story I read, every video I watch, every picture I see in regards to White people in South Africa fills me with dread. I know that no Western country is safe any longer from the dark murdering hordes - but your horde to human ratio is horrifying.

      It's probably emotion talking and not reason - but shouldn't we be setting up an underwater railroad to get White South Africans to freedom? Please let me know. It could be a project that would allow White Whateverists to finally make themselves useful.

    2. It turns out the video is legit ... but that we were being a bit harsh in our interpretation. Sure he's a noob in front of a TV camera, but what he meant to say was "subs are a deterrent like sharks are to swimmers" but it didn't come out quite right in his 2nd or perhaps even 3rd language. We can cut him some slack on this.
      It was still a fair assumption in any case based on recent experience - you might not have heard about our rail authority who purchased new locomotives from Spain and, when it was pointed out by competent, forcibly retired (read: white) engineers that the new loco's won't fit under our bridges, the Schwarze now in charge pushed on and took delivery - with the entirely predictable (to you and me) result of a locomotive getting jammed under a bridge. I kid you not. Then it turns out the "chief engineer" on the procurement project is not an engineer at all, and in fact didn't even complete school. You can't make this shit up, but it's the reality of South Africa, the kakistocracy (especially poignant because "kak" means "shit" in Afrikaans).

    3. Re the prospect of spiriting Whites out of South Africa en masse - the short answer can only be: it's complicated!

      White South Africa is a remarkably diverse group when it comes to agreeing on a course of action - or anything, really. I'll leave the task of describing our national character to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ( This was written about the Boers who fought the Anglo-Boer War in 1899-1902 though and since then we've largely succumbed to cultural Marxism and selfish materialism - much like the rest of European culture I guess. Many of means and less optimism than myself have already fled, those who remain either make out like bandits (in the land of the blind and all that ...) or have ended up on the streets. By some accounts there are already a million Whites living in squatter camps. You're welcome to those, but they're generally the less skilled & intelligent who've been pushed out of low-level jobs in government and state-owned enterprises by the racist government employment policies.
      Personally, I have the means and opportunity to leave but, for now, this still seems like the best option in the world, believe it or not. And I think many think this way and will only leave at the last minute, should things fall apart. For now, the game plan is to stash as much of your wealth overseas as you can, or to be as liquid as you can be. Nobody wants to be the last one left WITH an expensive property when the music stops...
      We are an adaptable and resilient and resourceful people and I'd like to think we can weather this storm. After all, we have as much historic right to this country as the blacks do - Whites colonised the Cape at about the same time as Blacks migrated in from the north. It was a full 100 years after the arrival of Whites that they first started having frontier conflicts in the Eastern Cape, about 1000km from Cape Town.
      A lot of Boers/Afrikaners see themselves as the White tribe of Africa. Our language reflects it - one of the youngest in the world, derived from Low German (i.e. from the German coastal plains) and Dutch, but truly a new language for a new people. Most Boers have no connection, familial or culturally with any of our forebear European nations, we feel no kinship with them and certainly are not recognised as having any "right of return" to any European countries. We are truly on our own, adrift in a dark sea, but we've weathered these storms for centuries now and expect to continue doing so for some more. I fully expect that things will get much worse though before it has a chance of getting better, and we will almost certainly see something like the predicted "night of the long knives" before our people finally catch a wake-up and draw a laager against the hordes. In the meantime, we take prudent steps to secure ourselves and our own. In my case I moved to a small town that has no Black township nearby, and can be easily isolated from surrounding areas that do have them. Honestly, if I describe to you our lifestyle here you would be deeply envious. Very hard to give that up in cold blood!
      Thank you for indulging my ramblings here. It is interesting to put it into writing - I found myself becoming more optimistic and more determined somehow while writing it.
      Watch this space.

    4. Actually, you'd expect the Blacks to make good submarine sailors - they're sub-humans after all. Har har.

    5. RE: Cap'n Shark Bait - An incoherent sub-ape? Who has ever heard of such a thing? But if that is the manner in which he typically communicates, exactly what is going to happen if he has to be the one giving orders? "You sank *your* battleship!"

      RE: South Africa
      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on your homeland! It was a very interesting read, from a very unique perspective. By the way, I'll take your one million. Please send them along with a packed lunch and a change of clothes.