Thursday, February 04, 2016

Dothead Dry Cleaner Launches into Tirade at Uppity Sub-Ape Customer

Here's today's reminder that the Brown Singularity will not usher in world peace.

Andy Foster [nigger] was attempting to pick up and pay for the items he had dry cleaned at Ben Hill Custom Cleaners, when he was met with a barrage and expletives and racist remarks from shop owner Amin Chaundry [dothead]. Foster recorded the exchange, and the video was immediately posted to multiple social networks.

Where it riled the sub-apes up into a state of poo-flinging agitation. Let's watch and enjoy ...

Oh, racism - how I love thee. The masses of foolish Crackers have denounced you, and are watching their civilization crumble as a result. But I can see that you only want what is best for us. Furthermore, I know that even when the last Chalky is tossed into a mass grave, you will still be there, ready to assist any group who wishes to rise up from the brown horde and purge the lesser beings from their living spaces. For even when White supremacy is no longer possible (Whites having gone extinct) you shall thrive as colorism, making the paler shades keenly aware that they are living among debased, devolved versions of their form of life. And should they fail to heed your warning, and try to coexist with their inferiors, devolution will spread until intelligent life is snuffed out - deservedly so. It's all very reasonable, fair, and easy to comprehend, and further, it's all done with absolute freedom of choice.

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