Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Bronx Metro Worker Broadcasts Hilariously Negroid Message after Teen Suicide

MTA worker broadcasts that he hopes the ‘m----- f----- suffered’ to entire train after teen’s tragic suicide

Passengers stuck on a train during a massive service disruption on Monday after the suicide of a 15-year-old Fordham Prep student recounted on social media the shockingly crude comment from an MTA worker apparently unaware he was speaking to the entire train.

 “Conductor on our @MetroNorth train intercom hearing the news ‘Someone got killed! I hope the mother----er suffered.’ #metronorth #speechless,” wrote Miriam Ward on Twitter.

Personally, I think we have a case here of a mouthy sub-ape forgetting the difference between words "on" and "off", but I suppose it could be a non-sub-ape caught up in a moment of negroidism. Regardless, I find it pretty funny. It's good for the easily offended, who have grown desensitized to the societal decay they experience every day, to be reminded how much more of it there is just out of earshot.


  1. "shockingly crude comment from an MTA worker "

    I love when these reporter-cucks go all Miss Manners on us like that. You can just hear the sphincters at both ends of their alimentary tubes puckering.

    Same page--did you notice?

    Seems he covered an awful lot of stories on gay issues. Nothin quite like fudge packing to cram stuff up the urethra.

    He "graduated from" Delaware State University, a sheepskins-for-apes mill.

    1. HAHAHAHA! "You can just hear the sphincters at both ends of their alimentary tubes puckering."

      I did not notice, but thank you for the hilarious contribution! I think you have nailed exactly what happened to that little queer-nog.