Monday, February 29, 2016

Jewish Chinky Poos Migrating to Israel

This will no doubt bring a tear to yellow-fevered Zuckerberg's eye:

Five Chinese women, descended from the medieval Jewish community of Kaifeng, are set to arrive in Israel on Monday. The women, Gao Yichen (“Weiwei”), Yue Ting, Li Jing, Li Yuan, and Li Chengjin (“Lulu”), have studied Hebrew and Judaism to prepare themselves for their journey, as they return to the heritage of their ancestors. 

Upon their arrival, the five women will visit the Western Wall before making their way to Midreshet Nishmat – The Jeanie Schottenstein Center for Advanced Torah Study for Women, where they will prepare for their official conversion to Judaism under the auspices of Israel’s Chief Rabbinate.

And here they are:

Straight out of a Quadroon Streicher fantasy! The one on the right has a real Roseanne Barr quality, don't she? I'm guessing she is "Lulu", because that sounds like the perfect name for a Chinese Jewish pig. (Hello Lulu - please enjoy your first anti-Semitic joke, courtesy of Adrean Arlott!)

So what can we surmise from this tale? Well, I think the Kikes are starting to shift their interests East, as they know that they have wrung as much out of the West as they are going to get before it either dies at the hands of Muslims or ... or ... what was the alternative again? Trump? Muh Glorious Leader! Right ... so no alternative, thank you White Whateverism. Anyhoo - therefore, they are bringing home these sleeper agents to be properly schooled in Kikecraft before sending them back to help with the mass infiltration to follow.

It is interesting though that the kikes always follow the same gene-hijacking strategy wherever they go. Through it, they become genetically similar to their host population, but always retain the link to their parasitic hive mind identity. It is a truly fascinating strategy.

Chingy Chongs, you have been warned.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

MSthNBC Movesth on without Melistha

Low-rated leftist media house niggers take note (I'm looking at you Wilmore and Noah), your Jewish masters are getting tired of your sub-par anti-White shtick:

MSNBC has parted ways with host Melissa Harris-Perry after she complained about preemptions of her weekend program and implied that there was a racial aspect to the cable-news network’s treatment, insiders at MSNBC said.

Harris-Perry refused to appear on her program Saturday morning, telling her co-workers in an email that she felt “worthless” to the NBC-owned network. “I will not be used as a tool for their purposes,” wrote Harris-Perry, who is African American. “I am not a token, mammy or little brown bobble head. I am not owned by [NBC executives] or MSNBC. I love our show. I want it back.”

HA! You're not a token, mammy or little brown bobble head? Dear lisping cunt, that is precisely what you are. And your masters have shown you that they own you by selling you down the river.

Sorry, Melistha - but racist White leftist millennials don't like being told by darkies how racist they are. They only enjoy listening to Jews like Stewart and Maddow telling them how racist Republicans are. Your masters have admitted that they are ready to give racist White leftist millennials what they want (on that channel at least). That is why I say Wilmore and Noah should sit up and take notice. Comedy Central may decide they are tired of losing White viewers as well, and then those two house niggers will be back in the cotton fields.

By the way, here's what I had to say about Melistha back in 2013:

"What is up what that lisping mulatto cunt on MSNBC? What moron decided Sylvester the Cat could read the news? What, was Barney Frank unavailable to be their sthspokesthsperson?"

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The White Pastorialists - A White Whateverist Parable

Once upon a time there was a flock of whitest sheep enclosed within a fenced pasture. A small band of hopeful shepherds arrived at the edge of the fence and gazed together in wonder at the assembled throng.

The oldest shepherd addressed the others. "These sheep are badly in need of our care!" The hills are crawling with wolves, and so we must get these fair sheep to safety!"

His fellow shepherds agreed, and together they threw open the gate to the pasture and attempted to coax the sheep to follow them. Yet, despite their calls and the furious waving of their crooks, the sheep did not budge.

Then, from over the hills came a finely dressed businessman from the big city. He stood at the entrance to the pasture and whistled to the sheep, who immediately came streaming through the gate and following behind him as he walked off into the hills. Caught in the mob the shepherds moved forward as well.

The oldest shepherd called to the businessman: "Thank heavens you arrived to help us, lest these sheep meet their end in the maws of wolves! You are a true savior!"

The businessman paid no mind.

The sensitive shepherd called to the businessman: "You know, it is we who opened the gate for you! We prepared the way, so to speak. Not to diminish your huge contribution to our cause."

The businessman paid no mind.

The gnome-like shepherd then squealed: "Yes, you are right to ignore him oh, glorious leader, for it was certainly my incessant shrieking that alerted the sheep to your presence. Isn't that right?"

And still, the businessman paid no mind.

The throng traveled a ways down the trail until they passed an ancient, unfinished wall, whereupon perched a smirking chap with a perplexed look.

"Hail there, shepherds!" He called. "Why are you caught up amidst this flock of sheep? Why not ride them, if you are both going the same way?"

The oldest shepherd responded. "We are not caught up, you wastrel! We are helping take these sheep to safety!"

"And where would that be?", asked the smirking chap.

"Why, away from the wolves back in the hills, you simpleton!", responded the sensitive shepherd.

"And what about the wolf ahead of you?", asked the smirking chap.

"What wolf? What are you talking about, you loser?", spouted the gnome-like shepherd. "With our glorious leader here, we never have to fear the wolves again!"

The smirking chap sighed, "I see my error. I mistook you for shepherds, when you are in fact sheep. Your wool is in your head, and not on your hide."

"Wastrel! Simpleton! Loser!" Cried the shepherds and they continued down the trail. As the sun set, the flock came to an enormous barn with an open door. When the businessman walked through, the top half of the door swung closed, and the sheep began lining up one by one to follow him through the still open bottom-half of the door.

"Excuse us!", cried the oldest shepherd. "How do we pass through?"

"It is not ideal ... but it appears we will have to stoop to enter this building.", explained the sensitive shepherd.

"What do you mean stoop? I can get through this door just fine.", bragged the gnome-like shepherd.

Upon entering the darkened barn, before their eyes became accustomed to the dim, the shepherds heard the sound of shears, snipping away. But no sooner had they realized their mistake, then they were seized by strong hands, their clothes and hair clipped away, and their crooks chopped up into splinters. Naked, cut, bleeding, and each holding a toothpick, they were ejected from the backside of the barn into a pen adjacent to an abattoir. Just outside the pen, the businessman stood next to the garment merchant, who threw up his hands in despair.

"Oy vey! Look at those naked men in the enclosure! What were they wearing before they went into the barn? I can't have linen mixed with my wool!"

The business man scanned the pen dispassionately, adjusted his tie, and then responded, "What men? All I see is sheep."

Friday, February 26, 2016

ADL Calls for Trump to Disavow "White Supremacists"


ADL to Donald Trump: Distance Yourself from White Supremacists and Disavow Their Ideology New York, NY, February 25, 2016 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today called on presidential candidate Donald Trump to distance himself from white nationalist and former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, as well as other white supremacists, and publicly condemn their racism.

 “Mr. Trump may have distanced himself from white supremacists, but he must do so unequivocally,” said Marvin D. Nathan, ADL National Chair, and Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO.

And just like Kabbalist magic, the golem responds.

At a news conference in Texas on Friday, Donald Trump said he disavows the support of white nationalist and former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke.

“I didn’t even know he endorsed me. David Duke endorsed me? I disavow, OK,” Trump said. 

OK. See: Before the Cuck Crows, Donald will deny ye, three times will deny ye.

See also: He's Just Not That Into You

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Furry Nails

Your daily reminder that the world is an ever-growing pile of shit covered with billions upon billions of human flies and maggots ...

Furry Nails: Would You Wear The Crazy New Manicure Trend Spotted On The Runways?

This look was no accident; they're the creative brainchild of the wacky and wonderful co-founder and style director of CND nail polish Jan Arnold. February 10th through the 18th was Fashion Week from New York to London, and Arnold debuted the nails at the Libertine Fall/Winter 2016 show.

Since the nails were seen on the runway, several other fashionistas have shown off their colorful interpretations of the look! It just might be the next big Instagram trend.

I see that, and I think of this ...

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sub-Ape Mayor Accused of Adultery at Town Council Meeting


A Rockland County village meeting devolved into a scene out of Maury Povich on Tuesday night when a resident accused the mayor of using his “power” to have sex with his wife.

Reginald Alfred, a 48-year-old maintenance man, took the microphone at the meeting and began sharing details of how Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme was a homewrecker who ruined his 12-year marriage.

Devolved ... yes, that is the perfect word for it. So, citizen sub-ape accused mayor sub-ape of sub-aping his sub-ape wife. Vibrant! You can watch below. It doesn't start heating up until after about 3 minutes.

Dont'cha just love the look on that kike's face as he is caught in the middle of a gorilla aggression display? It's just what the Jews desire most - to be the whitest people left in the room. Once all the goyim have been disposed of, kikes everywhere can enjoy a future just like this ... playing second banana to the mayor of ape city.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

No Country for Black Men?

Well of course there is, it's called Ooga Booga Land ... no wait! Crackopia ... no wait! Rapezania ... no wait! The Democratic Republic of HIV ... no wait! On second thought, let's just get on with it, quoting:

Here are some of the shocking stories of African migrants in India being racially abused and attacked.

Sometimes when we look at racism we see it as Black and White; when in fact prejudice can be faced from a multitude of places and peoples. Each one of these stories illustrates how the negative perception of Black people can impact on how they are treated and how they are made to feel.

And now the Indian SJW propaganda video ...

As stated so many times before, even when the last Chalky is tossed into a mass grave, the brown hordes left behind will be as miserable as ever. Racism cannot be defeated. Racism will defeat humanity. Either you will embrace racism, and the post-human will arise from the human, or you will reject racism, and the human will devolve into the subhuman. It is truly that simple, beautiful, and fair.

Note that a commenter on the video was quick to blame White colonialism for this, saying Whities taught dotheads to discriminate against black people. Because the caste system didn't exist until the invention of the caravel, right?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Media Spread Stories that Donald Trump Has a Micropenis


Two researchers have claimed that they have proof that Donald Trump suffers from an embarrassing secret medical condition [...]

In their new book, Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie claim that they have discovered medical records proving that the billionaire has a condition known as hypospadias, which results in abnormally small and deformed genitalia, sometimes referred to as a “micro-penis.”

Oh, wait. I'm sorry. That story is actually about Adolf Hitler, not Donald Trump. Bad CDN! You're bad! Go sit in the corner and plot genocide! Here's the Hitler story circulating in the Mass Media.

So why am I sharing this with you?
Because you're going to have to find about it eventually, so why not from me in this silly way?

And why did I choose to change Hitler to Trump in the phony intro? I wanted to give the majority of White Whateverists a reason to care about the story, now that they have transferred their idol worship from Hitler to Trump. They can relax now, because the Mass Media isn't trolling their current fearless leader.

Oops! Lied again. Bad CDN! ...

An incredibly skilled artist has shared their latest masterpiece online - a naked portrait of real estate mogul-turned-politician Donald Trump. Created with pastel pencils, the stunning artwork shows, in great detail, what the artist imagines Trump's naked body to look like.

Complete with a very, very small penis.

Steady now Der Dailyists - What, did you think Alt Fags / White Whateverist trolls were the only people who can make dick jokes and cucky memes on the interwebs? Muh Overton Window!

Coincidentally, this anti-Trump trollery is from just 11 days ago. Is there a marketing firm closeout sale on demagogue micropenis propaganda or what?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Imagine there's no darkies - Part the Second

One year ago today, I posted a little thought experiment under the title "Imagine there's no darkies." It began:

Today, I considered something trivial while thinking about an old episode of the Twilight Zone and the song "Imagine". Imagine there's no darkies (forgive the grammar, it's easy if you try). Imagine if I wished them away into the cornfield.

I then hypothetically wished away into non-existence all non-Whites, all undesirables, all defectives, all those who were anti-White. And what I was left with were the smiling faces of the people who comprise the healthy stock of my race. But just like in the Twilight Zone episode linked above, I came to believe the smiles would be those of a forced, fraudulent variety from a terrified people. What had the fulfillment of my wish accomplished?

How many of those Whities would deserve Whiteopia? They didn't make it for themselves when they had the power to do so. Before the cornfield, they would have hung me out to dry if I had said "nigger" in public. Before the cornfield, they were watching Fox News and rooting for Israel to nuke Iran. Before the cornfield, they spent their Sundays worshiping their Negro feetsballers. Before the cornfield, they were shooting Nazis on their X-boxes and chanting U-S-A, U-S-A!

What minimal fraction of the remaining Whities knew the score, admitted it, and cared we were losing before the cornfield? How many were White Whateverists? 1%? 1% of 1%? 1% of 1% of 1%?  Of the White Whateverists, how many would now turn on me because I didn't accept Jebus as my personal Lord and Savior? How many would spend their nights on the interwebs fighting the got-game gender wars as the birthrate remained below replacement levels? How many would disown my Cornfield Solution and claim they never wanted the darkies gone completely, they just wanted their own all-White living space?

At the time, I said that this thought experiment had led me to two conclusions that I would not share at that moment. I have pondered this for one year, wondering if my opinion would change, but it hasn't. In fact, my conclusions have only become more solidly fixed by the rise of Trumplingism, which has turned the majority of White Whateverism into an hysterical flock of dog-whistled Republican sheeple fawning over a mega-wealthy reality TV star. So, here are those conclusions now, one year later:


The reason the White race does not have Whiteopia is because they do not want it, and they never have. If they had wanted it, it would be here. Furthermore, I have come to realize in the past year that not only do the masses of White people not want Whiteopia, the radical racist White Whateverist fringe doesn't really want it either. In the 'Kwa, Trump has given these people an opportunity to compromise their most extreme positions and reconcile with Amerikwa as she is. "This far and no further!" they say, and they prepare to vote Republican again.

White people feel an instinctive need for non-White people. White people love the other and the novel. They have an insatiable desire to play savior, or rebel, or hero, or master, or explorer, or diplomat, or whatever other fantasy role they can concoct that requires an other with whom they may interact in order to distinguish themselves from the homogeneous Chalky herd.


Here's what this means: It means that even if a White Whateverist fringe was successful at fighting back the brown hordes (for example, after some Mad Max societal collapse, for which  a portion of White Whateverists have been hoping for so long), and rescued the Whities from the misery their own love of the other had wrought, the rescued would still prevent the final blow from falling.

Imagine the scene now. The last of the brown, murdering hordes have been rounded up. The Chalky Warrior Chief who defeated the subhuman enemy orders his men to slaughter every last one, regardless of age, gender, or capacity. A shocked look crosses his trusted lieutenant's face.

Lieutenant: All of them sir?

Chief: All of them.

Lieutenant: But there are women and children ...

Chief: I gave you an order.

Lieutenant: But sir, please! They're defeated. We would dishonor ourselves if we executed prisoners. Can't we just drive them off into the wilderness?

Chief: No. If our ancestors had the strength to do what we are doing now, millions of our brothers and sisters would still be alive today. You're too young to remember the worst of it. I have a duty to future generations.

Lieutenant: So do I, sir. [Pulls his gun and blows out his chief's brains. He turns to address the captives.] You're free! Now go ... run!

[The other White soldiers, uncertainty on their faces, lower their guns. The brown hordes sense their chance has come, and flee in all directions.]

The end credits roll, and the White audience wipes away their tears. "What a hero! He did the right thing! Otherwise, there wouldn't have been a sequel!".

You think the preceding was just a clich├ęd example of Hollyweird Kike brainwashing? No, gentle readers. It is an example of why Hollyweird is so successful in peddling its cinematic opiates. They know White people better than White people know themselves.

Such introspection leads me to two conclusions that I will not share at this time.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sierra Club Rejects "White Supremacist" Founder

In this article, we learn that the Left has decided it must send another dead White male down the memory hole:

The National Park Service is being urged to change the name of LeConte Memorial Lodge in the Yosemite Valley by the Sierra Club, as the environmental group has charged Joseph LeConte, a founding member of the Sierra Club, was an unrepentant racist.

Last summer the Sierra Club discovered LeConte had written of his racist views for years after the Civil War, including an 1892 book called, “The Race Problem in the South.” The investigation was triggered by a story in July in the Daily Californian, which reported that members of the Black Student Union at UC Berkeley wanted the university to rename LeConte Hall.

"Unrepentant" makes it seem as if racism was some odd, morally outrageous quirk in the 1890's, and not the near-universal norm at the time and for over fifty years afterward. Forgetting that the American army that saved your beloved kikes was still segregated in WWII, Breitbart? LeConte's alleged racism is not explored in any depth in the article, merely the fact that he wrote a book saying there was a "race problem" is all that was needed for the Jewish Right of Breitbart to take a swipe at their despised Leftie frenemies, this time in the form of the Sierra Club. It's the same tactic Christian cuckservatives use when the castigate the Left for racial disparity in abortion rates - "the Black genocide".

Leconte was not The founder of The Sierra Club, but he was a founder. The Club itself was an early pioneer in progressive environmentalism and preservationism/conservationism - in other words, greenie do-gooderism. Cue the tree-hugging Nazis. But, like that other icon of the Left, Planned Parenthood, some of the Sierra Club's early leadership was openly racist. Not racist in the "Niggers are sub-apes and their presence should be rectified" way that CDN derives such much amusement from, but in the "Poor benighted lesser races need our guidance." way that CDN recognizes was the slippery slope toward making the universal brotherhood of man a central tenet of all modern political ideologies. The Left today cannot distinguish between the two brands of racism. It sees both as equally appalling, because the goal of Leftism is the extermination of White people, and labeling all White people as equally racist provides the moral justification they find necessary to carry on their work with minimal cognitive dissonance. Therefore, no matter how much of an environmentalist do-gooder Leconte was, he is now consigned to racist purgatory.

Meanwhile, here in racist purgatory, the only White Supremacist in existence, Adrean Arlott, reviews Leconte's transfer papers and prepares to return him to sender. Why? Let's actually read a passage from Leconte's masterwork of White Supremacy which has the greenies clutching their faux pearls, The Race Problem in the South.”

Now, there are many reasons for believing that if successful mixing be at all possible, such mixing would be better for humanity than extinction of the lower races and the survival of the white race alone. There are valuable qualities in the lower races which ought not to be lost, which ought to be incorporated into the perfect ideal humanity for which we hope ; and this can be done only, or at least most directly, by mixture. The effect of true breeding as already seen may be excellent in one direction i. e., in perfecting certain limited qualities but tends to fix and finally to petrify character and arrest progress. Mixing produces a more plastic material, a better clay, a more generalized and therefore a more progressive type. 

That is the definition of White Supremacy today, my gentle readers. Read it again and compare it to the work of that notorious White hating hapa Count Kalergi. What is the difference here? Again - the goal is the destruction of all Whites. Leconte may have been a greenie who thought race-mixing was the future of humanity, but he is also a dead White male. He must be destroyed and his memory obliterated. I will not let the label of White Supremacy be used as a tool for the Left to pawn off their unwanted baggage. So, I am sending LeConte back to the Left with a little thank you, but no thank you note.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Drunk Knife-Wielding Monkey Climbs on Bar Roof

If you're as racist as me, this video is not going to be what you expected, but you will probably enjoy it nonetheless.

That beanerette's cackling was actually funnier than the monkey. Still, there is a racist lesson here. Just because a creature can handle tools doesn't mean it belongs in civilized society.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Epic Pap Battle: Pope Lenin vs. The Donald

Which demagogue won? You decide:

On Thursday, Pope Francis added the strongest voice yet to a growing chorus of world leaders taking a stand against the celebrity candidate — condemning Trump’s hard-line immigration agenda and suggesting he was not a Christian because of it. [...]

“A person who thinks only about building walls — wherever they may be — and not building bridges, is not Christian,” Francis told reporters Thursday aboard the papal plane as he returned to Rome from a visit to Mexico, according to a translation from the Associated Press. “This is not in the Gospel,” he added. [...]

“For a religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful,” Trump said at a campaign rally in Kiawah Island. “I’m proud to be a Christian, and as president I will not allow Christianity to be consistently attacked and weakened, unlike what is happening now with our current president.”

I actually agree with both of them. How can this be? Well, I think it is disgraceful that a Pope questioned the Christian faith of another avowed Christian. I find it a breach of decorum that further tarnishes the dignity of an already mightily tarnished position. However, what do you expect from a pig but a grunt? Pope Lenin is a Marxist who wants the White West to die. Anti-Popes gonna anti-Pope. On the other hand, I find the teachings of Christianity to be poisonous nonsense built around a cult of valuing that which is worthless and debased, and tearing down that which is sensible and has merit. Therefore, building walls to keep poor brown people out does seem "not Christian", and building bridges to let in the brown wretched refuse does seem Christian. And though I don't share those Christian values, I believe the overwhelming majority of Christians would agree with those values on the micro-level, while left-wing and right-wing Christians simply seem to disagree about applying the same values on the macro-level. And this, I think, explains why the Christian West is always marching Left.

In the heart of every strong, independent, rational, order-loving White man you will find a poison seed of Christianity. Some only feel their poisoned heart beat faintly, and it will express itself with nonsense such as saying "We should help Syrian Christians by sending them aid in their homelands, not letting them into our homelands." To a gushing, bleeding heart White man this sounds heartless. To someone actually heartless like myself, it sounds weak. It sounds like someone who is holding out for a deathbed renunciation of racism so that he can get into integrated heaven and not stew in hell with the much maligned 14/88 crowd. It sounds suspiciously like the White Man's burden 21st century, and I have heard it from avowedly Christian White Whateverist "leaders". If you frequent the Great White Interwebs, you will probably know to whom I am referring. To hear this from a supposedly racially-aware White man should set off alarm bells for White Whateverists, but it doesn't seem to. But then, these same people are so adeptly ignoring alarm bells Trump is setting off too.

Trump is the only high-profile elite who can advocate nativism and political incorrectness and not be destroyed. Despite the absurd number of times White Whateverists embarrassingly attribute this to "shifting the Overton Window", this is purely Trump-specific, and is, I suspect, a byproduct of the cult of mega-wealthy-celebrity personality. No windows have shifted. You non-elites are in as much danger as you ever were. Want proof? Go to work tomorrow and publicly announce that you think Mexican migrants are rapists, and see what happens. (INSERT HERE JOKE ABOUT WHITE WHATEVERISTS ACTUALLY HAVING JOBS). But rather than question how a single man can become so immune to the Cult of Diversity that has the masses of White people under its crooked thumb, the White sheep line up to be fleeced. Trump is not only going to save Amerikwa, per his announcement today, he will also save Christianity. The Trump fan boys are gonna need a bigger trucker hat. They believe their salvation has arrived, and Pope Lenin's denunciation of their savior will only strengthen their faith in that regard.

The reason I don't believe salvation is here is because the poison seed is still there in the White devil's heart. The conflict we face as White Western people is to decide once and for all what our system of values will be. If we cling to any vestige of the universal brotherhood of humanity (be it religious or secular), the White race will cease to exist. If we go through the motions of Christianity in a misguided attempt to make White racial consciousness appeal to the masses, the corpse-reek of hypocrisy will turn away said masses as assuredly as would calls for the genocide of non-Whites. If you are a White Whateverist Christian, consider this your opportunity to make a conscious decision to get the fence post out of your ass and adhere to one consistent worldview. The Donald is right. It is disgraceful that his Christian faith was questioned. But Pope Lenin is also right. Not opening your homes to the brown invaders and washing their feet is "not Christian". You can argue this point with me here on Earth, but you cannot argue with Hey-soos in Heaven.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Muh Steffoscope

An 18-year-old sub-ape has been arrested for pretending to be a doctor. Quoting:

Sheriff's deputies in West Palm Beach, Florida, arrested Malachi Love-Robinson on Tuesday afternoon and accused him of practicing medicine without a license. He was the head of his own practice, according to his website. [...]

Love-Robinson described himself as a "well rounded proffessional" (spelling his), according to his profile on, which has been removed since his arrest. The listing states that he is 25 years old.

"I utilize physiological, psychological, and mechanical methods, such as air, water, light, heat, earth (to treat patients)," the profile said. 

Ok, stop there. As if the profffffffesional wasn't funny enough, he is apparently citing Captain Planet as his source of medical knowledge. The witch doctor will see you now...

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hillary Says She Will End Racial Inequality

The first black, gay, Muslim presbidemf wasn't up to the job, but this brain-damaged dyke will get 'er done. Oh boy ...

Hillary Clinton told an audience of top African-American thinkers and legislators on Tuesday in Harlem that ending racial inequities in the United States would be "the mission" of her presidency.

Race, Clinton said, "still plays a significant role in determining who gets head in America and who gets left behind."

AA says: Yep - that's why Obongo got ahead in 2008 and you were left behind.

Clinton called for "end-to-end" criminal justice reform, more support for African-American homeowners and a $20 billion spending plan aimed "specifically at creating jobs for young people" in minority communities.

AA says: Did she just say black people are always in trouble with the criminal justice system, are generational renters, and don't work?

"If we continue to ask black people to vote for us, we cannot minimize the reality of the lives they lead," Clinton said. "You can't just show up at election time and say the right things. You can't start building relationships a few weeks before a vote."

Yep, you have to start pandering to niggers at least 9 months ahead of the next election, which just so happens to coincide with Black History Monf, the traditional pandering season.

Meanwhile, a beaner marine was a victim of the knockout game in a D.C. McDonald's "restaurant". Before beating and robbing him, his darkie cultural enrichers asked him, "Do you believe black lives matter?"  Oh, if only Hillary were president, these poor Negroes would have instead asked "Is it a good time to refinance my mortgage?" prior to the beating and robbing.

Monday, February 15, 2016

What are *you* doing here?

Some of the hate-mail comments I get really make me wonder how these dear sweet SJW souls ever ended up on this racist speck of the interwebs. If the article's title contains the word "mudshark" or "muzzie" or "mongoloid", just what in the world were you Googling that made you think, "Oh, this will certainly conform with my socially acceptable worldview!"? Well, let me share with you some of the god awful search phrases that have led high bounce rate people to this blog in the past month. I guarantee they will leave you more disgusted by humanity/sub-humanity than ever. Perhaps the content these people really wanted helps explain why they are so peeved when they encounter my racist, fag-hating, antisocial misanthropy, instead of whatever weird thing they wanted to jerk off to.

hot hairy women strangled

Is Morgan Freeman gay?

Morgan Freeman dick

obsessed with testicles -cancer -dysfunction -big -large -gay

35 year old woman cleavage

weird looking Dick's

Men cumming in bottle

actress a sperm load a day keeps the doctor away

celebrity vagina piercings

how to rape a girlfriend

I'm guessing that last one probably led to a post about Roosh.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

RuPaul in Blacker Face

I am a connoisseur of racism, which is just as useless a pastime as it sounds. Racism is such an unappreciated comic art, so easy to engage in, so beneficial to all involved, yet so misunderstood and maligned that none dare become an avowed expert in the field. I would say I am the closest thing going in that regard, so imagine my horror when a particularly amusing bit of racism escaped my attention for over a decade! Admittedly, it was not from a source I would have expected or frequented, but I must apologize that I was unable to bring this to you sooner. Let's start with the image:

Outstanding. Can you believe that today was my first encounter with this masterpiece from 2006? Again, I really cannot apologize enough for missing it. I found the image attached to an article written by a gay nigger who is disgusted with another gay nigger's (RuPaul's) colorism (colorism is what I like to call Racism's Plan B). I don't give a crap about the article, but I wanted to find the source of the image. The image itself is from a music video, which I will present in edited form (for sensitive viewers, the video stops before the gayness intensifies; sorry Alt-Fags). Let us enjoy this reminder that even when Chalkies no longer walk da' Earf, the brown hordes will still be racist as all get out.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

America's Delightfully Racist Italian Uncle is Dead

Uh, oh ... Justice Scalia found dead at Texas ranch

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, the outspoken leader of the Supreme Court's conservative bloc, was found dead at a Texas ranch Saturday morning.

"I am saddened to report that our colleague Justice Antonin Scalia has passed away," Chief Justice John Roberts said in a statement Saturday afternoon. "He was an extraordinary individual and jurist, admired and treasured by his colleagues.  His passing is a great loss to the Court and the country he so loyally served."

There are only two types of justices on the Supreme Court, steers and queers, and we can rest assured that Obongo's candidate won't have any horns. Every half-black, Jew-Muslim tranny Kwanian with a law degree just suddenly spit out the dick they were sucking and speed dialed bathhouse Barry begging to be the next chosen.

I'm sure this must be a bitter disappointment to White Whateverists, as Trump has missed out on this opportunity to appoint Judge Judy to fill the vacancy. Oh, if only Scalia could have held on until the start of the 1,000-Year Robert Reich that President-for-Life Trump will deliver, thanks to the love and support of Amerikwa's White Whateverist leaders.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Indian Brave "Cries in the Shower" Alleges Racism in Canadian Air Force

Muh smallpox blankets...

A Cree member of the Royal Canadian Air Force says he is leaving the military after enduring years of racism that left him feeling ostracized and contemplating suicide.

Master Cpl. Marc Frenette served under “poor, incompetent and often inconsistent leadership” that allowed the alleged harassment to continue for so long, according to a military report obtained by CBC News. 

He was on his hands and knees in the shower crying because he didn’t know how he could take anymore,” his wife Kristina Paudash-Frenette told CBC News. “It’s been heartbreaking. No one deserves this at all.”
 This is a Cree featherhead. Uh, huh. And Rachel Dolezal is the Queen of Nubia.

So exactly how did Frenette earn his tribal name "Cries in the Shower"? What set him on the Trail of Tears? Continuing to quote from the link above...

Frenette says squadron members at Garrison Petawawa taunted him daily with racial slurs like “kawish,” “wagon burner,” and hooted offensive “oh-oh-oh” noises as he passed by in the hallway.

While working on a Chinook helicopter in February 2015, an RCAF member allegedly sparked a lighter underneath him and said, “time to burn this Indian before he burns any more wagons.”

“That pretty much broke me,” Frenette told CBC News. “That’s when I thought, what’s going to be next.”

Muh genocide... That's what broke him? That poorly constructed taunt, coupled with a zippo sends chief big crybaby to the showers? If all featherheads are this easy to destroy, no wonder they needed to be placed in reservations, er... emotional safe places.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sucky Sucky Improv Class

Here is a wonderfully shrill scrap of topsy-turvy, from the perspective of an Asian female attempting humor. The irony is that every aspect of the video requires a Western frame of reference, so the Asian females are reduced to being props used to deliver the social critique (or reduced to scenery, depending on if they get any lines). Therefore, racism wins again.

My grade for this effort is a C, for Chingy (chong sold separately).

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Merkel and the Barren Grandmother that is Europe


Pope Francis shared the story of an angry phone call he received from German Chancellor Angela Merkel after he compared Europe to “barren woman” that can’t have children.

In an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere delle Sera, the pope recalled the phone call from 2014, in relation to comments he made on the political climate in Europe when he addressed the European Parliament. Francis compared Europe to a “grandmother, no longer fertile and vibrant.” [...]

The comment may have hit close to home for Merkel, who is childless herself and runs a country where the birthrate has dropped by almost one child per woman over the past 55 years. Francis calmed Merkel down by saying there is still hope for the continent.

Of course, the Pope's Hope is landing on Lampedusa, and he is there to greet it.

The story goes on to say that Merkel doesn't remember that phone call with Pope Lenin. Sheesh - not only barren, but senile too.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Anti-White Propaganda from the Dark Satanic Indoctrination Mills


The YouTube video titled "Structural Discrimination: The Unequal Opportunity Race," was shown to students at a Glen Allen High School Black History month program. [...] A concerned parent wrote a letter complaining the video is leading to tensions in school. 

"Y'all are privileged. Get the --- blank --- over it," read one of numerous tweets about the topic said the parent. 

Don Blake's granddaughter attended the assembly. "They are sitting there watching a video that is dividing them up from a racial standpoint. It's a White guilt kind of video," said Blake. "I think somebody should be held accountable for this."

No, no, no, Don - it's not "a White guilt kind of video". Here is an example of that, from the Lifeline Expedition. You see? White guilt combines moral posturing with self-hatred. There is no guilt in the Unequal Race video because the Whities seem quite pleased with themselves (except the White woman at the end who finished 2nd place - here comes feminism!). If you mean it was meant to instill White guilt, I would say that is only incidental and completely honkey-dependent. The purpose this video is to communicate an anti-White propaganda message - belittling all White success as the result of their oppression of non-Whites, and excusing all non-White failures as the result of same.

In that regard, it is truly ironic that they chose a sports contest as the backdrop of their analogy.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Geriatric Po-Po Bitch Slaps 12-Year-Old Perp

Continuing with yesterday's theme of the wages of po-po-ery, I present this:

A former deputy with the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office has been charged with battery after he slapped a boy who was handcuffed in the back of his patrol car in August 2015, according to a criminal complaint filed in Sandoval County Magistrate Court. 

An investigation by the New Mexico State Police found that deputy Fred Switzer, 70, may have used excessive force against the boy when he slapped him four times, according to the complaint, filed Friday.

This ought to be fun! Let's watch:

Not bad. It would have been better if someone foleyed some really cartoonish slapping sounds, followed by the sound of chirping birds.You know what is most shocking about that footage? That the kid wasn't black. Then it would have been international news, and the Black Lives Matter folks could have protested by drawing hand print outlines on their faces and railing against the White Supremacy inherent in slapping a Negro in chains. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

Slap those water buffalo, Bernie. You know you want to. 

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Po-Po's Execute Assburgers Honkey

CDN has sent the po-po's a basket full of donuts to celebrate. Quoting:

An American woman with Asperger’s syndrome, who took the internet by storm with a video of her dog comforting her, has been shot dead by police.

After officers were called to her flat in Arizona for a suicide call, Danielle Jacobs reportedly tried to attack them with a knife.

Oh, so she was not just any asspie-retard - she was a viral sensation! Fantastic. Typical po-po behavior here though, isn't it? "Stop committing suicide or I'll shoot!" The law and order crowd will no doubt defend the cops since they were in harm's way, but no one ever simply looks at outcomes. Back off or pull your guns, if the goal was for this asspie-retard to end up dead, well, the mission would still be accomplished. Resume quoting:

Talking to The Daily News, her mother, Stacia, expressed shock at the death. [...] Last year Jacobs gained attention after she posted a video where she tries to punch herself and her Rottweiler comforts her. “This is what having Asperger's like,” she wrote alongside the video.

Her body was at war with her defective brain for years it seems. Oh, but I'm sure she was some genius who memorized phone books on weekends, so this is a terrible loss for humanity. I'm also sure there are White Whateverists out there clicking their tongues at A-drey-drey's endlessly callous disregard for defectives, and who would be perfectly happy with a White world filled with autistic and asspie retards, as long as they voted Trump. I, on the other hand, would not be pleased with such an outcome. Further, I believe that White dysgenic breeding behaviors are the primary source in the rise of these defectives, and therefore, racial hygiene is the only final solution to this problem, and not po-pos randomly gunning down asspie's.

One more thing ... This particular asspie was also transgender, and believed herself to be a male. She wanted to be called Kayden. The media got some flack for initially reporting the retard was a female, because as we know, truth must bend to the will of the mentally diseased and their promoters.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Nasty Niggeress wif Rotting Weave

Need to induce vomiting? Please witness this video of a niggeress having her weave peeled off after six months.

Good freakin' god. Doesn't this explain some things about niggeresses?

The stench, obviously - but that is multifactorial. Their obsession with not letting their hair get wet or letting it be touched is also explained, as well as the greasy slime they leave behind on clean surfaces after they fool with their hair. This video also helps explain why niggers' dogs are always so filthy. If these sub-apes don't think they need to wash their own hair for six months, they sure as hell aren't going to bathe their dogs within that time frame. Of course, the weaveress recommends leaving the weave in for no more than 3 months. Three months without washing one's hair, without it even getting wet, can you imagine? And no doubt some niggeresses heard that advice and said "She just want make mo money, that why she say dat."
Honestly, that weaveress should receive some sort of Negro community-hero award for handling that mess without a biohazard suit. Isn't it incredible that we must coexist alongside these devolved creatures?

Friday, February 05, 2016

The Superbowls Approacheth

So, for you The Sports fans, I made a gif from a video I found today.

If you enjoyed that, perhaps this video would also interest you.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Dothead Dry Cleaner Launches into Tirade at Uppity Sub-Ape Customer

Here's today's reminder that the Brown Singularity will not usher in world peace.

Andy Foster [nigger] was attempting to pick up and pay for the items he had dry cleaned at Ben Hill Custom Cleaners, when he was met with a barrage and expletives and racist remarks from shop owner Amin Chaundry [dothead]. Foster recorded the exchange, and the video was immediately posted to multiple social networks.

Where it riled the sub-apes up into a state of poo-flinging agitation. Let's watch and enjoy ...

Oh, racism - how I love thee. The masses of foolish Crackers have denounced you, and are watching their civilization crumble as a result. But I can see that you only want what is best for us. Furthermore, I know that even when the last Chalky is tossed into a mass grave, you will still be there, ready to assist any group who wishes to rise up from the brown horde and purge the lesser beings from their living spaces. For even when White supremacy is no longer possible (Whites having gone extinct) you shall thrive as colorism, making the paler shades keenly aware that they are living among debased, devolved versions of their form of life. And should they fail to heed your warning, and try to coexist with their inferiors, devolution will spread until intelligent life is snuffed out - deservedly so. It's all very reasonable, fair, and easy to comprehend, and further, it's all done with absolute freedom of choice.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Bronx Metro Worker Broadcasts Hilariously Negroid Message after Teen Suicide

MTA worker broadcasts that he hopes the ‘m----- f----- suffered’ to entire train after teen’s tragic suicide

Passengers stuck on a train during a massive service disruption on Monday after the suicide of a 15-year-old Fordham Prep student recounted on social media the shockingly crude comment from an MTA worker apparently unaware he was speaking to the entire train.

 “Conductor on our @MetroNorth train intercom hearing the news ‘Someone got killed! I hope the mother----er suffered.’ #metronorth #speechless,” wrote Miriam Ward on Twitter.

Personally, I think we have a case here of a mouthy sub-ape forgetting the difference between words "on" and "off", but I suppose it could be a non-sub-ape caught up in a moment of negroidism. Regardless, I find it pretty funny. It's good for the easily offended, who have grown desensitized to the societal decay they experience every day, to be reminded how much more of it there is just out of earshot.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

White Whateverists Double Down on Trump

Last night, I posted this question - see the pic to the right.

Now we have answers from across the World White Webs, and I shall share with you some of those reactions. Cue the top five White Whateverist Trumplings and behold their common cause:

Kevin MacDonald: Of course, I am disappointed that Trump didn’t win in Iowa, and I remain confident that he will prevail in New Hampshire and beyond. But I have to say that it irritates me no end to think of all the White people who either voted Democrat or for Republicans other than Trump. What could they possibly be thinking?

Richard Spencer: It was a very sad evening for us. Sad because Trump lost [...] It's hard not to root for Trump. [...] Trump really can win.

Ramzpaul: So many of us, especially on the Alt-Right, we're really rooting for Trump, and we were so excited because he had these massive crowds [...] and then in Iowa he came in second. [...] Trump may not win, I hope he wins ...

Jared Taylor: "[Trump] is expressing sympathy not with the consciousness of race and the wish of whites to remain the majority; what he’s expressing solidarity with is the idea that we shouldn’t be letting in immigrants who are going to kill us and commit crimes." [... Taylor] said he admires Trump’s “less politically correct instincts” and trusts him to not compromise on his positions if elected. “I can imagine Donald Trump saying something like, 'What’s wrong with white people preferring to remain the majority in the United States?'

Andrew Anglin:Though symbolically, the Iowa situation is disappointing, in practical reality it means basically nothing. [...] The last two cycles, New Hampshire did determine the nominee (McCain and Romney). So when we win there, we’re going to be in very good shape.


Cue the least popular White Whateverist in existence, and behold how his position remains unchanged:

Adrean Arlott: Trump is not pro-White and he is not going to restore the US of 'Kwa to its former glory. I write this now so that it can be ignored or contradicted over the next few days and then ignored or rationalized away in a year from now.

Honestly White people, I'm sorry I cannot be of more help to you. Even your "radical" fringe, those you have driven from you for the crime of trying to save your race, are establishment cocksuckers at heart, slobbering over the knob of the first elite who unzips his fly in their general direction. It is an embarrassing spectacle that should shame anyone who considers themselves a White Nationalist or Alt-Righter. Notice that the rationalizations of hipster-Trumpism as merely a tool of shifting the Overton Window and raising White racial awareness are gone from amongst the top five quoted above. They're all in now. It's not ironic anymore, it's real. It's all about lining up for Trump like a good little dog-whistled Republican, and waiting for a democratic political solution to the mass suicide of the White race.

Monday, February 01, 2016

"British" "Man" Pays $150,000 to Look Like Kim Kardashian

Let's see the result:

So, this is real ...

Jordan James Parke, a 23-year-old makeup artist from Manchester, is so obsessed with looking like the reality TV personality that he's had 50 lip filling procedures, Botox, eyebrow tattoos and chin filling to mimic the star's iconic look, according to E! Online. Parke tells the media that he has no regrets and that he laughs in the face of haters.

How does he laugh at all with lips like that? I imagine it goes a little something like this: