Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wrestling Mongoloid Makes Meathead His Bottom

In this retard worship story, the cuckservative commenters of The Blaze gush over a High School wrestler who abandoned his undefeated record this year by throwing his match in favor of a mongoloid opponent.

An undefeated high school wrestler from Norton, Massachusetts, showed true sportsmanship when he lost to his opponent — who has Down Syndrome — in a match that was caught on video and posted to Facebook Sunday. [...]

Senior Deven Schuko, who had recently celebrated his 100th wrestling match victory, was the state’s top Division 3 wrestler in his particular weight class, according to MassLive. Schuko had been undefeated at 27-0 when he went into his match with Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School wrestler Andy Howland. [...]

 “I’ve been in sports all my life and wrestling, I believe, is most demanding and for someone like Andy to wrestle and stick with it, I wanted to make his day.” [...]
Since the video has gone viral, Schuko has been astounded at the responses and praise that he has received for his sportsmanship. “It’s humbling I guess and pretty cool for all the attention for a simple act of kindness,” Schuko told WBZ.

The article does a great job avoiding this very simple truth: He threw the match. We are meant to simply realize that is what happened but still go "awwwwww ... what sportsmanship!".

Sportsmanship ... riiiight. Let's Google: 'Sportsmanship' is an aspiration or ethos that a sport or activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one's competitors.

Sportsmanship ... Cuckservative Crowd: Throwing a game because you consider your opponent so far inferior to you that you think he has no chance of winning.

Can someone explain the ethics of that? How that is respectful? How that is fair? How that is fellowship? It's not any of those things. It is bellyfeel sentimental treacle so typical of the White saviors of Western Civilization. White Saviors are ever hungry for the love bombing they will receive from an audience suffering from a moral mass delusion sparked by seeing a White person lugging around a niglet, feeding a migrant, or hugging a retard.

Now, let's watch the moral mass delusion in action, and please note the very last part of the  pandering nigger's interview with the mongoloid. In my opinion, it tells you exactly the source of this delusion in the White Western psyche.
At the end of the interview, the nigger reporter climbs up on that mongoloid's dick and asks this question in an attempt to score brownie points with his White viewers:

"You have such a warm and charming personality. Where do you get that from?"

The Mongoloid responds: "Dishes cripe".

Which is then translated by his hideous, geriatric lesbian mother into: "Jesus Christ".

To which the reporter responds: "Can't get any better than that!"

Oh, dishes cripe.


  1. If he really wanted to make the retard happy he should have taken him to the zoo. Better yet take a whole load of retards to the zoo.

    This is from an old punk record which has a song called "Taking retards to the zoo". I remember after I played the song for my brother he assured me that it was true. They really like the zoo.

    If it's a boring day, nothing better to do
    Get a load of retards and take 'em to the zoo!

    1. They sure do. Back in the good old days, that was the best way to convince them to quickly load up and keep the hand flapping to a minimum.

    2. That was the Dead Milkmen in Philly.

      One of them's blowing a big spit bubble
      Slam on the brakes at the first sign of trouble
      Head on collision bodies everywhere
      Head on collision retards beware

      Ah, the brief days of true punk: Philly.

  2. Ha, the song is on youtube.

  3. when i say nigger im raycis
    when i say faggot im homophobic, so whats the term when i am rude towards disabled mongoloid freaks?

    what do you expect from that fag Glenn beck, how can he call himself a conservative? he makes Trump look like Hitler

    1. Here's what the Urban Dictionary calls it: