Wednesday, January 20, 2016

White Trash Father Leaves 3 Kids in Freezing Car So He Can Watch Feetsball

Got to go cheer on your favorite nigger - who cares that your children are freezing to death?

WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) — A Washington County man is accused of leaving his three young children in a cold car while he was inside a friend’s home watching a football game.

One of the children, a 4-year-old boy, was found wandering around the streets late at night in 30 degree temperatures without a coat, shoes or socks. [...]

According to the Observer-Reporter, Grusofski is accused of leaving his three boys, between the ages of 9-months and 7-years, inside his car when he went inside a friend’s home on East Maiden Street to watch a football game. [...]

Later that night, Grusofski went to the police station where he reportedly admitted he had been drinking that night.

When police told him he was going to be charged, Grusofski allegedly tried to punch one officer and fought another one until police used a Taser on him and took him into custody.

My "Typical White Trash Behavior" stories are always my least popular posts, and considering CDN is already so unpopular, that is truly saying something. I get it. White people are constantly being told how awful they are, why would you want to hear it from a wicked White Supremacist like myself? I present to you the following reasons:

1) It is important to remember that not all White people deserve to be preserved.

2) It prevents us from being hypocrites who condemn the worst in other races but ignore the worst in our own. Quoting a previous post I made about White trash: "... that is what White trash does with its free time. It watches sports and drinks alcohol - both to excess." I don't mind if every White hypocrite who comes here to laugh at nigger jokes turns against me for calling out the worst of White behavior. CDN is honors level racism.

3) Because it is darkly funny. This guy is so worthless that he was willing to risk turning his own children into popsicles in order to get drunk and watch sports - and no one stopped him. Not his baby mama or her mama, not his feetsball friends. How is this darkly funny? Because this guy was still defended on television by his neighbor (see video at first link) and he probably still has his job and the love of his fiance and the children he tried to murder through neglect - but if he had publicly called someone a nigger on Facebook, he would have become a universal pariah, been fired, and been denounced by his neighbor and perhaps even his loved ones.

Can you believe we live in a world like this? How can this be real?


  1. Few care about white kids, Adrean. Haven't you figured that out yet?

    This crotch omelet of degenerate egg-and-sperm himself (I mean the "father" in the story) was also exposed to a lifetime of propaganda telling him that his life ENDS when becoming a father and that the only real LIFE is the thrill that comes from watching pharmacyborg bantus chase whitey across the trimmed savannah of the gridiron.

    It even has that subconscious appeal to the fear of cannibalism (gridirons being for cooking meat). There you have it--evoking of sexual and gustatory predation in one prefab corporate communion on the Talmudvisions everywhere. Gotta have a sense of priorities. And beer helps numb those inconvenient reason centers.

    A few years back--mid-Aughts or so--there was a story out of California where two "gamer" trash in their 20s left their tiny baby girl in the car all night after getting home at 2 a.m. from a "gaming" date at friends' house.

    Then sperm donor got up in morning to go to the gym, went, spent hours there snuffling his own sweat and that of other guys, returned to the car, and found the child dead. Strapped into her baby chair in the back seat of the car. Apparently the egg donor of this still-nursing little person had slept till after noon. "Gaming" till the wee hours is a mother's hardest job, ya know!

    I was banned from SF Gate's comment section (that's a San Francisco, CA news service, used to be connected to a newspaper) for what I had to say about the abuse death of that child...and how her tormentors were let off...and what I would do to them if I had the power.

    I still regularly light a candle for that poor little sparrow. How she must have felt, tiny and lost, cold and alone. Hungry. Crying. Hearing sounds and hoping it was mommy and daddy. Nothing. All night. Sitting in her own waste. Loud noises maybe. Bright lights. Yearning. Then, in the morning, trying to get daddy's attention, or maybe too weak to. Then left in the sun to die in a sauna-temperature glass and steel box.

    It haunts me like few other things.

  2. That's why I think these stories are important, if they can haunt the White imagination and induce disgust with the distracting poisons with which White people numb themselves.

    Thank you for the comment.

  3. But when I got banned from SF Gate? I was appalled by how many people--mostly, it seemed, white--were not appalled. They excused the degeneracy.

    There is something vicious in these people's psyches--a Molochian hatred of children. At the same time they will jizz out their ears over fly-covered Ethiopians or whatever. You show them the exploding population growth rates of all the "famine" nations...then show them the population shrinkage of whites. They don't care.

    1. I cannot explain it. Pathological altruism and the Jooz poison mind control are not enough. There is something utterly sadistic about the average White person's joy at the death of their people. Hatred of White children is just one manifestation. I go back to my theory that we are in Hell - that alone could explain such a break with reason and decency.

      WWASSD? What would a sane society do with these child abusing traitors?

  4. I know what I would do, but I keep it to myself.

    Walid's photo--reminds me of a Unitarian Universalist congregation whose minister met me thru a professional thing and invited me to come Unite Universally with them or WTH. OK, so I go this one weekday afternoon to accept the minister's invite...and on the back wall in the sanctuary are all these banners of all these religions (none heathen, but a Wiccan [Starhawk = Jewish] star).

    Right in the middle of the flags, the newest cleanest one, a moon and star. This was late November, 2001.

    I quipped, "Oh, so I see you worship the ancient Arabian moon goddess." The minister was not stupid, he got the allusion. Then without a beat he said, "Yes, we decided to add that one after September 11. We have a few Muslims who sometimes drop by, and we wanted them to feel especially welcome." I said, "Have any residents or ex residents of New York city drop by?"

    He started at me for seconds. I knew what was going on. He was figuring out how to react to my dissent. He found his voice and said, "Yes, quite a few. I'm thinking about inviting them to host a welcoming circle for the Muslims. It's important to take a stand ABOVE all the ugliness."

    1. "I know what I would do, but I keep it to myself."

      I do the same.

      RE: Your Universal Uniting

      You've got guts. My standard response to real life madness and treason is to smile and nod politely.

      Stand above the ugliness? They are the ugliness.