Sunday, January 10, 2016

White Trash Couple OD In Daughter's Hospital Room


Mary Ann McMeans Landers, 31, was found dead on the floor next to her 7-month-old daughter's hospital bed, a needle still in her arm. Investigators believe she died of a heroin overdose, but the drug she used has not yet been confirmed. [...] Landers and her husband, 32-year-old Wesley Scott Landers, were at Cincinnati Children's Hospital to see Lucy through reconstructive surgery of her trachea. [...] Wesley Landers also overdosed on drugs at the hospital, police say.

Landers was booked on gun charges because he had a handgun in his pants pocket when he was found, police say. His wife also allegedly had a gun in her possession at the time of her death.

I wonder if it was their daughter's meds they OD'd on, and not heroin. Regardless, if only this waste of life had given himself just a push more, Western Civilization would have been all the better for it. But, no. There are already several layers of societal insanity in the quoted paragraphs, but it doesn't stop there. Continuing to quote...

Tracey Bice of Pell City, who called herself Landers' "soul sister," told that her friend, a mother of two, was not a drug user.

Oh, for God's sake. So we are faced with two possibilities - someone murdered your soul sister with drugs, or you are in denial of reality. Which one is more probable? Continuing to quote...

[Bice] also defended her friend against negative comments posted to the GoFundMe page the Landers family had set up to raise funds to help pay for their trip to Cincinnati with Lucy. Many commenters who had heard the story of the couple's overdose went to the page to castigate them for their alleged behavior.

"God had a bigger plan for her and He gave Lucy to her because He knew she was the perfect mom for the job," she said.

What did I just say yesterday? "I am always astounded that every religious person and sub-person knows exactly what God wanted to happen or is doing about any given crisis situation. [...] It must be quite comforting to be able to ignore all contrary facts, hard earned experience, and uncertainties of living in an insane society, and just lay it all on God to fix."

So we are faced with two possibilities - God, in His infinite wisdom and compassion, gave a defective child to a woman who overdosed on drugs in her sick child's hospital room because He knew she was the perfect mom for the job, or you are in denial of reality. Which one is more probable? Litmus test time. Let us separate the wheat from the chaff. Would all White people who believe the former, please overdose on smack. God knows you are the perfect people for the job.


  1. First of all shit one knows what they will and will not do under pressure...he had a gun so maybe he forced her...I have known this woman for decades (classmates) and this is not her at all and why are ppl so quick to call ppl trash?!? What did you do yesterday that could consider you to be trash?!? I'll wait!! #DumbAsses!

    1. Your former classmate OD's on smack in her daughter's hospital bed, you suggest her husband may have forced her to do so by pointing a gun at her head, and you describe such a scenario as "shit happens".


      What you just said is the textbook definition of Typical White Trash behavior. Well done!