Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ugly Duckling - Quacker Devils Adopt Niglet

Duck Dynasty has joined the cuckservative crowd. Fambly dinners with Mitt Romney, Erick Erickson, and Rick Wilson can't be far behind ...

Duck Dynasty stars Jep and Jessica Robertson shared some exciting news yesterday — a new addition to the family! World, meet Gus:

Gus — whose full name is Jules Augustus — was introduced last night on the premiere episode of their new A&E show, “Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty”.

What else do you want me to say? How many times can we see the same image - a grinning White celebrity cuck or cunt lugging around a niglet like a designer handbag? The White saviors of the right think it their Christian duty. The White saviors of the left think it their Humanist duty. The niglets are simply props caught in the middle of a White Suicidalist war. Who can kill the West faster? The Christians or the Humanists? This is The White Man/Woman's Burden 21st century, and never before has The Burden been so well publicized.


  1. Proud, smug, moral preening. Disgusting.

    1. Another member of the Duck Dynasty endorsed Glorious Leader Trump yesterday, who replied:

      “I am truly honored to receive Willie’s endorsement,” Trump said in response to the endorsement. “He is a great person, has had tremendous success and a really terrific family.

      He has "a really terrific family." Like the two White savior cucks above?


  2. id like to share some info about the bible bashing , cousin fucking,jebus loving cuck dynasty

    also id like to explain my trump "trolling", im not a fan of trump, i was hoping my trolling would encourage other trump haters to speak up, the daily cuck is doing the same old crap with trump Hitler memes and manga bullshit

    As i said before ive never been to nottingham, ive lived in londonistan all my life

  3. Excellent find, thank you for the link. There is money to be made appealing to the White conservative demographic. Cuck Dynasty, FauxNews, and The Donald know this, and are willing to hold their noses to get a bit of that White green.

    I am sorry to hear you are a captive in Londonistan. You are of course welcome here when you need a mental escape.

    I appreciate you explaining your "trolling". CDN is simply too unpopular for such a tactic to work here. I have some regular lurkers / occassional commenters, but the bulk of my meager traffic is not from repeat business. Also, because I approve comments, no one is going to wait around hours to continue a troll war that I might simply delete anyway.

    White Whateverism is in deep trouble. For years it has been too useful as boogeyman controlled-opposition for the elite to clamp down on it entirely. Now it has become an internet joke that thinks it will triumph when no one takes White racial awareness seriously anymore. Do you want to know how bad it has gotten? These fools are ecstatic that their *Chosen* presidential candidate Trump retweeted "White Genocide", when the man who invented that particular brand of spam is in fact running for president. How can we take any of this seriously?

    The problem is not Trump - the problem is what White Nationalists and Alt-Righters are projecting on to Trump. And neither you nor I, nor anyone else is going to cure that specific delusion. When Trump White Saviorism inevitably sputters out, those White Whateverists who backed him today will fall into three camps tomorrow:

    1) White Whateverist Leaders. They will make excuses for the failure [the Jooz sabotaged him], play it off as a joke [we didn't really support him, we were kidding], or sink into despair [our last chance is gone, let's cry together].

    2) White Whateverist Loyalists. They will stay loyal to their "leaders" and spend countless hours repeating the [spin] of their naked emperors.

    3) White Whateverists Rebels. They will denounce their current naked emperor and switch over to a new naked emperor.

    The one thing that will remain consistent is that White Whateverists who could see all this coming will remain the despised minority. If anything, that is what you should spend your energy trying to figure out - how to encourage White Whateverists to become a community of common sense individuals, and not a gaggle of faux-fuhrer following faggots.