Saturday, January 16, 2016

RI City Official Resigns After Bizarre Tranny Photo Op Stunt


A Rhode Island official was forced to resign after orchestrating a bizarre, Mrs. Doubtfire-style scheme to dress a male employee as an old woman for a press conference.

At a January 5 press conference outside the Cranston Senior Enrichment Center, media noticed that an old woman seated to the right of the lectern did not quite look right. Wearing a sticker bearing the words “Cranston Senior Home Resident,” the figure was wearing a wig, pearls, glasses, lipstick and liberal amounts of rouge.

To residents whose family frequented the centre, meanwhile, the woman was immediately recognizable as the center’s male bus driver.

Here's a picture from the press conference. I know it looks like both "women" in this picture are trannies, but it is the taller of the two that is in fact a man dressed as a woman. No wait ... strike that ... reverse it ... thank you. I think.

Why in the world would a public official do something so retarded?

“Sources told the I-Team that the bus driver for the senior center masqueraded as a woman to make it look good for the media,” said a Wednesday broadcast. The press conference in question, which included Cranston Mayor Allan W. Fung was to announce a new program allowing high school students to earn college credits for shovelling the walks of the elderly.

College credit for snow shoveling? This world ...
Stenhouse posted this defense on her Facebook page:

Anyone who attends PR events knows they are staged. Political press events are often staged; ribbon cuttings; ordinance /law signing ceremonies; to name a few. In politics campaign ads are staged with the perfect demographic representation in the mix. How is this any different?Sad to see that politics takes precedence over a great victory for both the senior high students and the senior residents of the City of Cranston.

A candid admission combined with risible condescension. Nice. Kind of explains why all those politicians are so quick to offer "thoughts and prayers" and to be "outraged" on queue when the media comes sniffing around, doesn't it? Still, is resignation enough under these circumstances? Should such ignorance, and defense of ignorance, go unpunished? WWASSD (What Would A Sane Society Do)? If you choose to respond to this question, remember that the operative word is "Sane".


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    1. Fair enough. Thank you for your polite response.

  2. This kind of media-fellating virtue (or whatever) signalling is the equivalent of the Tulip Craze in Holland that time.

    Everybody's trying to outdo the next guy to get the hit of attention from the talmudvision bong, before the whole thing shatters and leaves them the last sucker standing.

    What struck me is that in Cranston, a white man with a responsible job performing a needed service (public bus driver) isn't "making it look good for the media" till he dresses up as a female.

    But Mayor Ching-Chong Fung announcing handing out college credit for shoveling snow (didn't cities used to have white guys driving snow plows for that) apparently looks an audience of seniors watching the rough beasts slouch toward Bethlehem (a former steel town in Pennsylvania, n.b.).

    1. The Talmudvision bong is filled with Kike jenkem, so when it blows, the user is covered in Jewish shit.

      The seniors themselves were probably too busy crocheting pigs for their Muslim doctors to thank a bunch of dumbed-down college students shoveling snow.