Friday, January 15, 2016

Hush little baby ... the hacker is watching you.

Quoting this poorly written article:

[A couple in Washington state are] speaking out with an important message for parents. The couple asked not to use their last names or show their faces. They say they're worried that whoever hacked into their baby video monitor could find out who they are.

[...] The couple were using the monitor in their three year-old son's room when he began complaining that he was afraid saying that someone was talking to him over the phone at night. 

They weren't sure what he meant until they heard this coming from the monitor. On the monitor you could hear, "wake-up little boy, daddy's looking for you. [...] My wife walked in and I heard the exact words, "look someone's coming or someone's coming into view."

When they investigated further they noticed the monitor moving when they weren't controlling it and the night vision capable lens following their movements.

Sounds like chapter one of a Stephen King novel. Bet it turns out the baby monitor is haunted by the ghost of a rabid dog who had pig's blood poured over its head by a sewer-dwelling clown who was trying to spread a super-virus to wipe out Earth's population in preparation for the second coming of Kathy Bates. And, when Ding Dong Shambala directs the movie adaptation, the twist will be that the baby is in fact Kathy Bates.


  1. id like to share a tale of mudshark madness

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    1. You're right - it is mental illness. It is the product of a deeply sick society. The Leftist authoress is the type who would say that an invader who slit the throat of a rich White woman should be given a medal.

  2. Just another example of how ignint most whites are regarding the technology to which they expose their offspring in the name of consumer convenience. Of course I come from a family in a house so small, not even the hamster could break wind without everyone hearing. I.e., used to be that "baby monitoring" was something humans did.

    That story is vomitously sickening, btw.

    1. Yes - the irony in this story is that these pathetic Chalkies need a hacker monitor to monitor their baby monitor because they are just too hip to rely on their biological senses.