Friday, January 08, 2016

Hey goyim, you're gullible - buy this musical tampon.

I can't quite get over the mental retardation of consumerist cattle, so on to day 3 of this topic...

Officials at a Spanish gynecology clinic called Institut Marqués in Barcelona developed Babypod, a small device expecting mothers can insert into their vaginas – much like a tampon – so fetuses can clearly hear music, according to the Babypod website

 "Eighty-seven percent of babies react to music streamed vaginally with body and head movements," the site states. "In addition, they open and close their mouths, stick out their tongues and gesticulate. It is a discovery never seen before." 

And this is good ... why? Let me try to introduce some sanity to this issue.

Imagine that someone else was given the power to decide at will when you would hear music from an unknown source, and that you would not be able to stop or escape from the music this entity wanted to play. Now add to this that it happens several times a week for months on end. Isn't it annoying enough to be sitting at a stoplight in a closed car and be able to hear the music from the asshole in the car next to you? But let's repeatedly inflict this experience on a developing infant.


Need more proof? Consider this from the linked article:

And according to the Babypod website, the study found that playing music vaginally is far more effective, because babies generally hear only muffled sounds through the abdomen.

Did anyone stop to consider that maybe the womb is meant to be a muffled environment? Did anyone stop to consider that a musical tampon might be disruptive to fetal development? No, of course not. Magical thinking combined with the omnipresent nature of the Mass Media means that even a fetus must be indoctrinated into the pop culture.


  1. Great point--they break down muzzzlims at Quantanimo with rock music blaring at inconvenient hours. And I'm sure Mozart isn't getting piped up that twat. More like Katy Perry and whatever jewish trash the self-absorbed zombie cunts listen to these days.

    1. It's the fact that no one questions the idea of a musical tampon that is so disturbing. I found this same article over and over again without any counterpoint. The Mass Media love the idea that no one can escape their influence, so they have no reason to question the harm this might do, even with a simple thought experiment of the "how would you like it if?" variety.

  2. This technology can also be used for good. Fetal Aryan Transdolphins can squeek out the Horst Wessel Lied moments after being born, immunizing them against Talmudic Bolshevism for life.