Sunday, January 24, 2016

Charlotte Trumpling

Actress Charlotte Rampling briefly gained the attention of White Whateverists on Friday when, while discussing the #OscarsSoWhite boycott, she said this: “It is racist to whites,” [...] “One can never really know, but perhaps the black actors did not deserve to make the final list”. What followed was White Whateverists, who had likely never heard of Charlotte Rampling, suddenly declared her to be a hero, part of the supposed Triumph over Political Correctness for which an increasing number of White Whateverists are taking credit. (Though you can't spell Triumph without T-R-U-M-P, now can you?). What should have happened was the restrained silence of Jew-Media-wise people who have seen this farce so many times before, and know that every member of the elite sooner or later disavows White racial awareness.

As with my other recent criticisms of the White Nationalist / Alt-Right Trumpite victory hysteria, I am not going to provide links to this latest embarrassing mass-miscalculation. If you are even casually familiar with the World White Web, you will have seen the articles and comments touting Rampling's oldspeak thoughtcrime. For my part, shortly after face palming my way thru those articles where White Whateverists were unwittingly supporting a reactionary defense of Kikeywood, I set a little reminder to check in on this story next week to read Rampling's grovelling to the MultiKult which I knew would inevitably follow. I didn't have to wait long for Ramplings' reaffirmation of Kult loyalty ...

Though Rampling’s comments seem pretty clear, late last night Rampling (or her publicist) issued a statement saying her they were “misinterpreted.” The statement reads:

“I regret that my comments could have been misinterpreted.
I simply meant to say that in an ideal world every performance will be given equal opportunities for consideration. Diversity in our industry is an important issue that needs to be addressed. I am highly encouraged by the changes announced today by the academy to diversify its membership.”
And of course, White Whateverists were quick to rectify their mistakes, right? They quickly removed their sexy pictures of 70's Rampling, scrubbed her name and their praise of her from their feeds, comments, and blogs, and then issued denouncements of her as another MultiKult tool (which they would have known she was if they had simply Googled her film history, see above). White Whateverists took this as a learning opportunity, right? They realized Rampling had succeeded in obfuscating the #OscarsSoWhite controversy in order to pin it on the White race, when it is actually all about the Jews who run Hollyweird having decided no darkies need apply for Oscars. Right? They realized that White Whateverists siding with Hollyweird against black actors was beyond stupid, and this was a chance to make this a Jew versus nigger fight. Right? That's what happened, right?

Wrong. In most cases, they are simply waiting for their former positions to be buried farther down their feeds than their current positions. In some cases, they are even doubling down on their mistakes and muddying the waters even more. Again, just take a stroll through the World White Webs, the nonsense is all there, waiting for you.

White racial awareness is common sense. To deny the reality of race requires a tortured, illogical mind-fucking that drives people insane. In the past, there has been a tendency in the Movement to overthink the cure. I have seen that tendency as the brainwashing poison still working itself out of the host. If you need to write philosophical dissertations and political manifestos to get the poison out, go ahead. In the end, the strength of your racial instinct will determine whether or not you are cured. But with this new strain of poison-assimilating White Whateverism that cannot distinguish White from anti-White, where are racially-aware Whites supposed to turn to escape MultiKult toxicity?

Today, the majority of White Nationalism, and the whole of the Alt-Right, has been reduced to an antisocial social media clusterfuck of philosophically confused tweetering, click-baiting double-talk, and after-the-fact rationalizations of failure as being simultaneously a grand strategy and just part of a big hipster joke. White Whateverism today is like some pathetic high school geek who approaches a cheerleader and asks for a date. When she tells him to fuck off, he tells her (and himself) he was just kidding. Then he goes and tells his friends that he is secretly banging her, and they psychologically high-five one another and run off to watch Toonami. What's sad is that this behavior is literally being carried out not by boys, but by White men in their 30's. And even sadder, these losers are more than willing to assimilate such condemnation of their behavior and use it to fuel more memes, more hashtag campaigns, and more delusional rationalizations of their wasted lives. All this with a veneer of White Nationalist / Nazi Mass-Media-inspired kitsch that has mentally infected even those older White Whateverists who have been around long enough to know that internet fads pass, but racial suicide is forever.

If you cannot even tell that a Hollyweird hag who has spent her life serving the Mass Media poisoning of the West is not pro-White, how can we trust you when you say you are pro-White? And I ask the same rhetorical question of all those Trumplings, donning their trucker dunce-caps and prepping for Amerikwa to be great again. If you think Donald Trump is pro-White, how can we trust you when you say you are pro-White?


  1. I don't see any difference between the Oscars and the MTV awards,I'm certainly not going to lose any sleep over it

    today der daily cuck was giving its approval of Britain first a group who openly stand with Israel

    It's quite a simple equation,people who approve of UKIP,trump,and any other cuckservatives/repubtards are not on our side

    1. I'm afraid I have been losing sleep over White Whateverism's inability to think its way out of a wet paper bag. Because milquetoast nationalism and know-nothing populism are now being labelled White Supremacy, we have more halfwits then ever diluting the message of White racial awareness. Meanwhile, our "leaders" and their dupes can't distinguish White from anti-White any longer, and so they end up feeding the Mass Media beast through their misguided attentions.

      QS undoubtedly liked the "protest" he cited because it has an air of trollery. Otherwise, he wouldn't be interested.

      To any thinking person, watching protesters get in shouting matches with Muzzies while flanked by cops looks suspiciously like state-sponsored controlled-opposition, whether or not that is the case. Being a source of disorder will not endear you to anyone - the point of disorder is not to "win hearts and minds". Being kept contained by the system so as to negate the impact of your disorder directly contradicts the point of disorder in the first place - to weaken the system.

      Of course, one can counter - well, what did you do today to help White people, Mr. Critic? To which I would respond - first, do no harm. Was this protest supposed to benefit White people? At one point you can hear Fransen shout, "this isn't about race!" If only these brown people were Christian, everything would be just fine, right?

      Britain First as pro-Kike:

      Anyone who says they stand with Israel is not one of us. So just who the hell are they?

  2. Heading South

    Starring Charlotte Rampling

    12 September 2005

    Heading South is a 2005 French drama film by director Laurent Cantet and based on three short stories by Dany Laferrière, it depicts the experiences of three middle-aged white women in the late 1970s, traveling to Haiti for the purposes of sexual tourism with young men. Their adventures (as seen in their eyes) are juxtaposed with class issues and the deteriorating political climate of Haiti at the time. The women demonstrate different attitudes to the complex situation.


    Ellen, played by Charlotte Rampling, is a professor of French literature at Wellesley College in Boston, Brenda, a stay-at-home wife from Savannah, Georgia; and Sue, a factory worker from Quebec, Canada, feel lonely and ignored by middle-aged men back at home. They travel to Haiti to enjoy a holiday of sun, surf, and sex with attractive local teenagers to whom they are financially generous.

    1. Hello, Daniel - Thank you for your supporting evidence for my thesis!

      Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), it made me realize how outdated my references are becoming as I get old in this Movement. My mind drifts back to "Stardust Memories" because that's my frame of reference. Meanwhile, you were able to provide a much better, more recent example of Rampling's service to the MultiKult and anti-Whiteness.

      Perhaps I should adopt a pepe-based avatar so I can keep up with the whippersnappers. It's worked wonders for a certain Alt-Right Aries.

  3. I must admit i am guilty of trying to get a hashtag trending, but unlike white whateverist is suffered from no such delusions that a hashtag would save my race. I was merely trying to bait our enemies into engaging in a public display of their hatred for us in hopes it would wake some racially unaware white people up as it's my firm belief our enemies extreme hatred for us creates more racially conscious white people than any white whateverist ever could. I was just trying to borrow a page from the jews play book by manipulating my enemies into doing my bidding for me. White Whateverist and alt/righters seem to believe this war can be won on the internet while our enemies take to the streets to wage their war against us, it doesn't take a genius to figure out how that will end.

    1. Hello William,

      Perhaps public displays of hatred from non-Whites do awaken White people. I really couldn't say. To me it seems that the masses of White people are so masochistically in love with self-hatred that they welcome racist abuse from non-Whites. For example, consider the crowd that cheered for Jamie Foxx when he talked about "killing all the White people" during his "How black is that?" monologue.

      Also consider the story of the White pastor who was so quick to forgive the black monster who raped and murdered his pregnant wife.

      Of course, I agree with you that White Whateverists and Alt-Fags are nothing but keyboard warriors. And I can forgive not wanting to put one's neck on the line for the masses of White people who won't appreciate it anyway. What I cannot forgive is that if they are going to stay tucked safely away from danger, they still spout such laughable, delusional nonsense as Trumpism, lessons in manliness from a queer, and lessons on how to treat White women from non-White pervert. And all of this while having the gall to ask for donations.

    2. I certainly don't fault them for not wanting to risk their necks either considering most whites would denounce them. Look at Breivik, in saner times he would have been held up as an example of what one should do to defend their people from invasion/extinction. Instead he accomplished next to nothing because most whites would rather condemn him instead of following his lead as would have happened in times past, and for his efforts he will be spending the rest of his life in prison. My problem is more with the keyboard warriors who waste what little time we have left selling the idea such an approach is a viable solution to our problems when in reality they are selling the same thing that got us in this mess, kicking the can down the road putting of what is necessary for future generations to deal with. And god forbid you should point out asking our enemies for permission to exist isn't going to cut it, your likely to get an exchange that plays out similar to the one at the end of this article you wrote a while back.

      I apologize if this comment was posted twice, as my computer was acting up at the time.

    3. Thank you for your reply William. I cannot agree more with your reasoning. I liken the state of White Whateverism to a hostage situation. The hostages know that if they charge the gunman, some of them are going to get shot, but some will survive. No one wants to take the risk, so everyone just sits around waiting to be rescued. The Alt-Fags and White Nationalists offer their cowardly audience the illusion that rescue is possible (just clap loud enough for Trump). That resonates with those who feel hopeless and don't want to admit the mass cowardice of White Whateverism. Anyone who makes a break for it or fights back becomes a threat to the comforting illusion, and must be condemned.

      On the subject of Brevik, my biggest problem with him was his black power salute. He really had one opportunity to make an impression, and he confused the hell out of everyone. His ruthlessness, however, was astounding.

      The murder of the White race has only two speeds ... steady and quick. The prevailing wisdom is keep it steady and after enough time, a savior will stop it. The counter point is speed it up and the White people who are alive today will be forced to confront the existential crisis they are currently pawning off on their grandchildren. (Assuming they have any.)