Friday, January 22, 2016

Before the Cuck Crows, Donald will deny ye, three times will deny ye.

Do you know what Donald Trump's response was to the Jared Taylor robocalls? He "disavowed" them three times at the behest of Erin Burnett. Did you know that? It's not exactly the front page story on the World White Web. Doesn't matter though, does it? Nothing matters, because Trump is going to make America great again, even though America has been dead for decades and the 'Kwa has risen in its place.

Understand that this has nothing to do with criticizing Trump. He is doing just fine being who he is, and I don't have a problem with it because I am not operating under the delusion that he is pro-White and/or anti-Kike. It is White Whateverism that is losing it over Trump, and needs to be criticized. Today, I offer you this assertion: The Alternative Right and White Nationalist fringe are selling out for 15 minutes of fame provided by the Donald's populist appeal, and it is not their ideas that are expanding the Overton Window, it is they who are abandoning White ideals in order to be identified with simplistic conservative positions already in the Overton Window.

Of course there are a significant percentage of Americans who want a southern border wall, who distrust Islam, and who are against gun control. The Republicans have been dogwhistling to these people for decades, but any member of the elite who openly advocated for these things would be smeared by both parties and driven out. An elite getting away with openly advocating these things is the new phenomenon - not that the sentiment exists at all among the elite, not that the ideas were acceptable to a percentage of Americans, but that a member of elite is getting away with saying them. If we accept that the Overton Window has shifted to include these ideas, then we are accepting that only the elite define where the Overton Window is framed. Do you get it? A percentage of the public was already willing to accept these ideas - it was the elite who would not - and still do not accept them. Trump comes along and pulls back the curtain covering a portion of the Window, and nitwits act as if The Window has suddenly grown.

And, in this regard, no bigger nitwits exist than among the "leaders" of White Whateverism. In the past six months, we have watched one-by-one as these "leaders" hopped on the Donald bandwagon, claiming his momentum was their own. Rick Wilson calls them out as childless men who masturbate to anime, or the SPLC warns they are holocausting social media, and they think they have hit the big time, just like Daddy Donald. To be mentioned by the kike-media machine - is that all they really wanted deep down inside? Is that all it takes for them to declare victory? Go through the year-end wrap ups of the Alt-Right and WN websites and you will see the same repeated message - 2015 was a great year, we made progress because we mainstreamed the term "cuckservative". Outstanding. Buy some more tentacle porn and a bottle of Jergens and celebrate. Forget that 2015 saw the largest mass migration of people in Europe since WWII, and this time it was Middle Easterners and Africans doing the migrating. Now you have a funny name for the White traitors who did this - that is what is important.

You don't need to accept my assertion now. Just please go forth and listen critically to what your Alternative Right / WN "leaders" are saying today. Listen to them talk themselves up simply for being mocked in the enemy press. Listen to them worship Trump and ignore his mischling grandchildren. Listen to them widening the tent of the Alt-Right to include non-Whites like Roosh and fags like Jack Donovan. Listen to them venerate race mixers like David Bowie. And then ask yourself - are these people the Alternative to White Western decline, or are they declining Right along with it?

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