Sunday, January 31, 2016

Three Frogs in a Pot - A White Whateverist Fable

One day, three unfortunate frogs found themselves stuck in a cook pot with a glass lid on it. How they got there is a matter of some debate. Regardless, the water in the pot was getting increasingly, uncomfortably warmer, and it dawned on two of the frogs that they were in mortal peril.

Frog 1 looked up from his philosophy book and said, "Do you think it's getting warmer in here?"
Frog 2 finished his beer, threw the empty can over his shoulder, and said, "Yeah man, I think it is."
Frog 3 just stared off into the distance, ignoring the other two frogs.

Bookish Frog: I think the chef is trying to turn us into soup!
Lowbrow Frog: Don't blame the chef, the guy who runs the restaurant is a total greedy fucking bastard.
Silent Frog just stared off into the distance.

Bookish Frog: Of course the owner bears some responsibility, but that's not the point. Somehow we have got to figure a way out of this trap!
Lowbrow Frog: You just want to escape and not fight back against the assholes who put you here? What a pussy.
Bookish Frog: Ughhh... it's useless talking to you. Hey there, quiet friend, certainly you too can see the danger we are in?
Lowbrow Frog: Yeah ... you know the score, don't you brah? It's time we go on the attack and make these murdering fucks pay!
Silent Frog just stared off into the distance.

Bookish Frog: Are you advocating violence in this situation?!?
Lowbrow Frog: No man, that's retarded. I am against violence - it's counterproductive. Now is the time to use our brains to fight.
Bookish Frog: I agree! So here's my plan. I have begun disassembling my book and moistening the pages with my saliva so they will stick together. Soon, I will have created an unsinkable life raft that will weather the storm to come!
Lowbrow Frog: HA...HA...HA! What the fuck? You think you can ride this shit out on a paper boat soaked in spit? What a loser. Brah - this guy is nutz, don't listen to him.
Silent Frog continued to stare off into the distance.

Bookish Frog: It's not a paper boat soaked in spit! It is a mighty vessel of moral soundness, crafted from the works of the greatest philosophical minds in frog history! 
Lowbrow Frog: Pfffttt. Faggot.
Bookish Frog: Fine then? What's your brilliant plan for the future?
Lowbrow Frog: See - I am already on it. That's how good I am. This ain't no waiting around for things to get better, what I'm doing is happening now. Do you feel it? It's happening!!!

Bookish Frog: What's happening? What are you talking about?
Lowbrow Frog: The plan, man. Ready for this? I just took a shit in this pot.
Bookish Frog: You did what?!? How in the world is that going to help us?!?
Lowbrow Frog: Don't you get it? If we all shit in this pot together, then we spoil the soup. Nobody will want to eat shit soup! They'll dump us out - just like I'm about to - oooo ... ermmmppp ... ehhhhhhh .... Yep, there, I just helped the struggle again.

Bookish Frog: Stop doing that, you idiot!
Lowbrow Frog: Typical. Name-calling and attacking me because you're jealous I'm actually making a difference. See, you don't hear quiet guy complaining, he gets what I am doing for us.
Silent Frog continued to stare off into the distance.

Bookish Frog: No he doesn't! He is ignoring you like any sane frog would.  And while you were busy polluting the waters, I prepared this engraved invitation for him to join me at my next conference about the threat we face. I've even invited a particularly horny toad to teach us all how to be better frogs.
Lowbrow Frog: It's not me he is ignoring, it's you! You're all talk and no guts! Look at this ... I just posted a picture of my latest turd on my Ribbit feed and got 10,000 croaks. How many frogs even know about your little queerbo conference?

Bookish Frog: Mr. Toad's sexual orientation is his personal business! Your homophobia is why our quiet brother remains aloof! If I didn't know better, I would say you're controlled opposition meant to keep us from successfully securing a future for our tadpoles!
Lowbrow Frog: There you go again, attacking me! Now that sounds like what controlled opposition would do! Fuck you! Hey, quiet brah ... time to hop out of here right? On the count of three you and me jump and will knock the lid right off this pot. Ready? 3!
Silent Frog continued to stare off into the distance while Lowbrow frog struck his head against the unbudging lid.

Bookish Frog (sarcastically clapping): Bravo! Ha! You really took the fight to our enemy! Looks like our silent friend has made up his mind and realized it is time to join me aboard the S.S. Who We Are. Come friend, the steam is rising - it's time.
Lowbrow Frog: Whatever man. Fuck both you faggots.
Silent Frog continued to stare off into the distance.

Bookish Frog (grasping silent frog by the arm): What's the matter friend?
Lowbrow Frog: Yeah what's the matter? Doesn't he  want to go on your gay honeymoon cruise?
Bookish Frog: ... He's dead.
Lowbrow Frog: Duuuude... But look at the size of the dump he took when he died! We'll be out of here in no time!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ching-Chongery Today: Thai Child Angel Doll Fetishes


BANGKOK (AP) — Mix one part superstition, two parts fashion, a dab of celebrity idolatry and a heap of media frenzy, and what do you get?

The "child angel" dolls, the latest craze in Thailand. [...] They will, their adult owners affirm, bring you good luck, especially if you treat them like your own living progeny, taking them along on trips, treating them to meals and praying together at the temple.

While "luk thep" dolls, as they are known in Thai, have previously drawn only mild notice beyond the circle of their devoted collectors, they dominated the news this past week after a leaked memo from budget airline Thai Smile instructed staff to treat the dolls as if they were human passengers — provided, of course, their seats were paid for.

The airline took note of the creepiness factor, suggesting the dolls best be seated as much as possible out of the sight of other passengers.

I'm sorry, but are there no madhouses in Thailand? Does not one of these Chingy Chongs have any ethical qualms about taking money from an obviously deranged person? Imagine yourself in that position. Imagine, for example, you are a restaurateur, and someone comes to your establishment and orders 10 plates of food for their imaginary family. Then they sit there smearing the food over doll mouths and making num-num-num sounds. Is your response that as long as the credit card clears, everything is just fine? I'm just trying to gauge the depths to which humanity / sub-humanity has sunk.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Swiss Missionary Keeps Getting Herself Kidnapped by Muslim Militants

Get kidnapped by Muslim Militants once - shame on them. Get kidnapped by Muslim Militants twice - shame on you.

Beatrice Stockly was captured when armed jihadists scaled the walls of her home in Timbuktu, Mali, earlier this month, four years after she was abducted by Islamist militants from the same house.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claimed responsibility for the Swiss missionary's most recent abduction, ending speculation over who was behind the kidnapping.

In the clip an English-speaking fighter claims Ms Stockly was targeted because she spread the teachings of Christianity. 

'People were sleeping but neighbors heard the noise — the woman screamed a lot,' said Bilal Mahamane Traore, a town councilor in Timbuktu.

'Not a single neighbor, though, called security forces.' 

Wow - her African neighbors in Timbuktu actually have more in common with her European neighbors back home than one might expect. Neither say anything when a White woman gets attacked by Muslims.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wrestling Mongoloid Makes Meathead His Bottom

In this retard worship story, the cuckservative commenters of The Blaze gush over a High School wrestler who abandoned his undefeated record this year by throwing his match in favor of a mongoloid opponent.

An undefeated high school wrestler from Norton, Massachusetts, showed true sportsmanship when he lost to his opponent — who has Down Syndrome — in a match that was caught on video and posted to Facebook Sunday. [...]

Senior Deven Schuko, who had recently celebrated his 100th wrestling match victory, was the state’s top Division 3 wrestler in his particular weight class, according to MassLive. Schuko had been undefeated at 27-0 when he went into his match with Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School wrestler Andy Howland. [...]

 “I’ve been in sports all my life and wrestling, I believe, is most demanding and for someone like Andy to wrestle and stick with it, I wanted to make his day.” [...]
Since the video has gone viral, Schuko has been astounded at the responses and praise that he has received for his sportsmanship. “It’s humbling I guess and pretty cool for all the attention for a simple act of kindness,” Schuko told WBZ.

The article does a great job avoiding this very simple truth: He threw the match. We are meant to simply realize that is what happened but still go "awwwwww ... what sportsmanship!".

Sportsmanship ... riiiight. Let's Google: 'Sportsmanship' is an aspiration or ethos that a sport or activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one's competitors.

Sportsmanship ... Cuckservative Crowd: Throwing a game because you consider your opponent so far inferior to you that you think he has no chance of winning.

Can someone explain the ethics of that? How that is respectful? How that is fair? How that is fellowship? It's not any of those things. It is bellyfeel sentimental treacle so typical of the White saviors of Western Civilization. White Saviors are ever hungry for the love bombing they will receive from an audience suffering from a moral mass delusion sparked by seeing a White person lugging around a niglet, feeding a migrant, or hugging a retard.

Now, let's watch the moral mass delusion in action, and please note the very last part of the  pandering nigger's interview with the mongoloid. In my opinion, it tells you exactly the source of this delusion in the White Western psyche.
At the end of the interview, the nigger reporter climbs up on that mongoloid's dick and asks this question in an attempt to score brownie points with his White viewers:

"You have such a warm and charming personality. Where do you get that from?"

The Mongoloid responds: "Dishes cripe".

Which is then translated by his hideous, geriatric lesbian mother into: "Jesus Christ".

To which the reporter responds: "Can't get any better than that!"

Oh, dishes cripe.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Brazilian Catholic Priest Slaps Around the Beanerlings on Video

Brazil, otherwise known as America 2040. Quoting:

A priest yanks hard on children's hair and kicks one up the backside as he tries to avoid him in this astonishing video filmed inside a Brazilian church.

The images have caused controversy throughout south America where the footage is going viral.

The youngsters are said to have been preparing for their First Communion and the unnamed holy man was reported to have been giving them an unorthodox blessing.

"Kicks one up the backside" - considering this is a Catholic priest we are talking about, he demonstrated remarkable restraint around a child's backside. Progress people, not perfection.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Charlotte Trumpling

Actress Charlotte Rampling briefly gained the attention of White Whateverists on Friday when, while discussing the #OscarsSoWhite boycott, she said this: “It is racist to whites,” [...] “One can never really know, but perhaps the black actors did not deserve to make the final list”. What followed was White Whateverists, who had likely never heard of Charlotte Rampling, suddenly declared her to be a hero, part of the supposed Triumph over Political Correctness for which an increasing number of White Whateverists are taking credit. (Though you can't spell Triumph without T-R-U-M-P, now can you?). What should have happened was the restrained silence of Jew-Media-wise people who have seen this farce so many times before, and know that every member of the elite sooner or later disavows White racial awareness.

As with my other recent criticisms of the White Nationalist / Alt-Right Trumpite victory hysteria, I am not going to provide links to this latest embarrassing mass-miscalculation. If you are even casually familiar with the World White Web, you will have seen the articles and comments touting Rampling's oldspeak thoughtcrime. For my part, shortly after face palming my way thru those articles where White Whateverists were unwittingly supporting a reactionary defense of Kikeywood, I set a little reminder to check in on this story next week to read Rampling's grovelling to the MultiKult which I knew would inevitably follow. I didn't have to wait long for Ramplings' reaffirmation of Kult loyalty ...

Though Rampling’s comments seem pretty clear, late last night Rampling (or her publicist) issued a statement saying her they were “misinterpreted.” The statement reads:

“I regret that my comments could have been misinterpreted.
I simply meant to say that in an ideal world every performance will be given equal opportunities for consideration. Diversity in our industry is an important issue that needs to be addressed. I am highly encouraged by the changes announced today by the academy to diversify its membership.”
And of course, White Whateverists were quick to rectify their mistakes, right? They quickly removed their sexy pictures of 70's Rampling, scrubbed her name and their praise of her from their feeds, comments, and blogs, and then issued denouncements of her as another MultiKult tool (which they would have known she was if they had simply Googled her film history, see above). White Whateverists took this as a learning opportunity, right? They realized Rampling had succeeded in obfuscating the #OscarsSoWhite controversy in order to pin it on the White race, when it is actually all about the Jews who run Hollyweird having decided no darkies need apply for Oscars. Right? They realized that White Whateverists siding with Hollyweird against black actors was beyond stupid, and this was a chance to make this a Jew versus nigger fight. Right? That's what happened, right?

Wrong. In most cases, they are simply waiting for their former positions to be buried farther down their feeds than their current positions. In some cases, they are even doubling down on their mistakes and muddying the waters even more. Again, just take a stroll through the World White Webs, the nonsense is all there, waiting for you.

White racial awareness is common sense. To deny the reality of race requires a tortured, illogical mind-fucking that drives people insane. In the past, there has been a tendency in the Movement to overthink the cure. I have seen that tendency as the brainwashing poison still working itself out of the host. If you need to write philosophical dissertations and political manifestos to get the poison out, go ahead. In the end, the strength of your racial instinct will determine whether or not you are cured. But with this new strain of poison-assimilating White Whateverism that cannot distinguish White from anti-White, where are racially-aware Whites supposed to turn to escape MultiKult toxicity?

Today, the majority of White Nationalism, and the whole of the Alt-Right, has been reduced to an antisocial social media clusterfuck of philosophically confused tweetering, click-baiting double-talk, and after-the-fact rationalizations of failure as being simultaneously a grand strategy and just part of a big hipster joke. White Whateverism today is like some pathetic high school geek who approaches a cheerleader and asks for a date. When she tells him to fuck off, he tells her (and himself) he was just kidding. Then he goes and tells his friends that he is secretly banging her, and they psychologically high-five one another and run off to watch Toonami. What's sad is that this behavior is literally being carried out not by boys, but by White men in their 30's. And even sadder, these losers are more than willing to assimilate such condemnation of their behavior and use it to fuel more memes, more hashtag campaigns, and more delusional rationalizations of their wasted lives. All this with a veneer of White Nationalist / Nazi Mass-Media-inspired kitsch that has mentally infected even those older White Whateverists who have been around long enough to know that internet fads pass, but racial suicide is forever.

If you cannot even tell that a Hollyweird hag who has spent her life serving the Mass Media poisoning of the West is not pro-White, how can we trust you when you say you are pro-White? And I ask the same rhetorical question of all those Trumplings, donning their trucker dunce-caps and prepping for Amerikwa to be great again. If you think Donald Trump is pro-White, how can we trust you when you say you are pro-White?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Whitesboro Prepares for MultiKult Assimilation

It took ten days for the 99.5% White village of Whitesboro, New York to go from democratically choosing to retain its maligned town seal as I posted here: Whitesboro to Stay White a Little Longer, to the mayor of Whitesboro, Patrick O'Cucker, announcing the seal will be changed so the village could be “seen as the inclusive place that it is.” What changed? In the intervening days, Whitesboro was mocked by The Daily Show. That's it. That's all it took. And that is why I said "a little longer", and why I ended my original post thusly:

Well, well, well, Whites of Whitesboro. Resisting your moral superiors are you? What part of COMPULSORY DIVERSITY don't you understand?

We are the MultiKult. Lower your borders and surrender your homelands. Your White biological and technological distinctiveness will be race-mixed out of existence. Your children will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Before the Cuck Crows, Donald will deny ye, three times will deny ye.

Do you know what Donald Trump's response was to the Jared Taylor robocalls? He "disavowed" them three times at the behest of Erin Burnett. Did you know that? It's not exactly the front page story on the World White Web. Doesn't matter though, does it? Nothing matters, because Trump is going to make America great again, even though America has been dead for decades and the 'Kwa has risen in its place.

Understand that this has nothing to do with criticizing Trump. He is doing just fine being who he is, and I don't have a problem with it because I am not operating under the delusion that he is pro-White and/or anti-Kike. It is White Whateverism that is losing it over Trump, and needs to be criticized. Today, I offer you this assertion: The Alternative Right and White Nationalist fringe are selling out for 15 minutes of fame provided by the Donald's populist appeal, and it is not their ideas that are expanding the Overton Window, it is they who are abandoning White ideals in order to be identified with simplistic conservative positions already in the Overton Window.

Of course there are a significant percentage of Americans who want a southern border wall, who distrust Islam, and who are against gun control. The Republicans have been dogwhistling to these people for decades, but any member of the elite who openly advocated for these things would be smeared by both parties and driven out. An elite getting away with openly advocating these things is the new phenomenon - not that the sentiment exists at all among the elite, not that the ideas were acceptable to a percentage of Americans, but that a member of elite is getting away with saying them. If we accept that the Overton Window has shifted to include these ideas, then we are accepting that only the elite define where the Overton Window is framed. Do you get it? A percentage of the public was already willing to accept these ideas - it was the elite who would not - and still do not accept them. Trump comes along and pulls back the curtain covering a portion of the Window, and nitwits act as if The Window has suddenly grown.

And, in this regard, no bigger nitwits exist than among the "leaders" of White Whateverism. In the past six months, we have watched one-by-one as these "leaders" hopped on the Donald bandwagon, claiming his momentum was their own. Rick Wilson calls them out as childless men who masturbate to anime, or the SPLC warns they are holocausting social media, and they think they have hit the big time, just like Daddy Donald. To be mentioned by the kike-media machine - is that all they really wanted deep down inside? Is that all it takes for them to declare victory? Go through the year-end wrap ups of the Alt-Right and WN websites and you will see the same repeated message - 2015 was a great year, we made progress because we mainstreamed the term "cuckservative". Outstanding. Buy some more tentacle porn and a bottle of Jergens and celebrate. Forget that 2015 saw the largest mass migration of people in Europe since WWII, and this time it was Middle Easterners and Africans doing the migrating. Now you have a funny name for the White traitors who did this - that is what is important.

You don't need to accept my assertion now. Just please go forth and listen critically to what your Alternative Right / WN "leaders" are saying today. Listen to them talk themselves up simply for being mocked in the enemy press. Listen to them worship Trump and ignore his mischling grandchildren. Listen to them widening the tent of the Alt-Right to include non-Whites like Roosh and fags like Jack Donovan. Listen to them venerate race mixers like David Bowie. And then ask yourself - are these people the Alternative to White Western decline, or are they declining Right along with it?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ugly Duckling - Quacker Devils Adopt Niglet

Duck Dynasty has joined the cuckservative crowd. Fambly dinners with Mitt Romney, Erick Erickson, and Rick Wilson can't be far behind ...

Duck Dynasty stars Jep and Jessica Robertson shared some exciting news yesterday — a new addition to the family! World, meet Gus:

Gus — whose full name is Jules Augustus — was introduced last night on the premiere episode of their new A&E show, “Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty”.

What else do you want me to say? How many times can we see the same image - a grinning White celebrity cuck or cunt lugging around a niglet like a designer handbag? The White saviors of the right think it their Christian duty. The White saviors of the left think it their Humanist duty. The niglets are simply props caught in the middle of a White Suicidalist war. Who can kill the West faster? The Christians or the Humanists? This is The White Man/Woman's Burden 21st century, and never before has The Burden been so well publicized.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

White Trash Father Leaves 3 Kids in Freezing Car So He Can Watch Feetsball

Got to go cheer on your favorite nigger - who cares that your children are freezing to death?

WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) — A Washington County man is accused of leaving his three young children in a cold car while he was inside a friend’s home watching a football game.

One of the children, a 4-year-old boy, was found wandering around the streets late at night in 30 degree temperatures without a coat, shoes or socks. [...]

According to the Observer-Reporter, Grusofski is accused of leaving his three boys, between the ages of 9-months and 7-years, inside his car when he went inside a friend’s home on East Maiden Street to watch a football game. [...]

Later that night, Grusofski went to the police station where he reportedly admitted he had been drinking that night.

When police told him he was going to be charged, Grusofski allegedly tried to punch one officer and fought another one until police used a Taser on him and took him into custody.

My "Typical White Trash Behavior" stories are always my least popular posts, and considering CDN is already so unpopular, that is truly saying something. I get it. White people are constantly being told how awful they are, why would you want to hear it from a wicked White Supremacist like myself? I present to you the following reasons:

1) It is important to remember that not all White people deserve to be preserved.

2) It prevents us from being hypocrites who condemn the worst in other races but ignore the worst in our own. Quoting a previous post I made about White trash: "... that is what White trash does with its free time. It watches sports and drinks alcohol - both to excess." I don't mind if every White hypocrite who comes here to laugh at nigger jokes turns against me for calling out the worst of White behavior. CDN is honors level racism.

3) Because it is darkly funny. This guy is so worthless that he was willing to risk turning his own children into popsicles in order to get drunk and watch sports - and no one stopped him. Not his baby mama or her mama, not his feetsball friends. How is this darkly funny? Because this guy was still defended on television by his neighbor (see video at first link) and he probably still has his job and the love of his fiance and the children he tried to murder through neglect - but if he had publicly called someone a nigger on Facebook, he would have become a universal pariah, been fired, and been denounced by his neighbor and perhaps even his loved ones.

Can you believe we live in a world like this? How can this be real?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CDN Supports Boycott the Oscars 2016

Personally, I have been boycotting the Oscars for ... ever ... since I don't give a crap what propaganda Kikeywood wants to recognize at its yearly Best Civilization Destroyer awards. But this year, some celebrity sub-apes have decided to boycott the Oscars because no racial quota system is in place to make sure a sufficient number of darkies get nominated. Quoting:

Snoop Dogg on Tuesday sounded off about the lack of diversity among the Academy Award nominees this year in a profanity-filled video. “Somebody asked me was I gonna watch the motherfucking Oscars. Fuck no," said the rapper."What the fuck am I going to watch that bullshit for? They ain’t got no niggas nominated."

Snoop Dogg's criticism of the Oscars is just one of many. Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee are boycotting the awards show.

 "At the Oscars ... people of color are always welcomed to give out awards ... even entertain," said Pinkett Smith, whose husband Will Smith was snubbed in the best acting category. "But we are rarely recognized for our artistic accomplishments."
 What an incredible oversight! Hollyweird has spent a century promoting miscegenation, egalitarianism, saintly minorities, White suicide, and the death of the West through illegal mass migration, but they just forgot to apply Affirmative Action to the Academy Awards? How odd. Kind of like how Israel absentmindedly remains the worlds only apartheid state. Not that there could possibly be some connecting factor between the two, oh no - certainly not that.

These sub-apes are only pursuing diversity to its logical conclusion. The West is awash in quota systems, and yet Hollyweird gets a pass:

Reporters spoke to thousands of Academy members and their representatives to confirm the identities of more than 5,100 voters - more than 89% of the voting members. They found that: Oscar voters are nearly 94% Caucasian and 77% male. Black members make up about 2% of the Academy, and Latino members less than 2%.

No doubt that 94% are 100% Amish. Right? #oscarstookiked

Monday, January 18, 2016

Google's MLK Doodle 2016 - What the hell?


Just what the hell is this supposed to be?

You've turned the head of a slain "Civil Rights" saint into the "G" in your corporate name. A fascinating use of the staunchly anti-capitalist activist. Not that I am complaining mind you, I just wonder how much more absurd the world can get before someone else besides me notices, and says - "This can't be real."

One more thing - who looked at that and thought it was a good likeness or flattering portrayal of Saint Martin? Here are three things that this picture appears to be a combination of:

1) Underwood Deviled Ham Devil

2) Terracotta Folk Art

3) Admiral Ackbar

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016

RI City Official Resigns After Bizarre Tranny Photo Op Stunt


A Rhode Island official was forced to resign after orchestrating a bizarre, Mrs. Doubtfire-style scheme to dress a male employee as an old woman for a press conference.

At a January 5 press conference outside the Cranston Senior Enrichment Center, media noticed that an old woman seated to the right of the lectern did not quite look right. Wearing a sticker bearing the words “Cranston Senior Home Resident,” the figure was wearing a wig, pearls, glasses, lipstick and liberal amounts of rouge.

To residents whose family frequented the centre, meanwhile, the woman was immediately recognizable as the center’s male bus driver.

Here's a picture from the press conference. I know it looks like both "women" in this picture are trannies, but it is the taller of the two that is in fact a man dressed as a woman. No wait ... strike that ... reverse it ... thank you. I think.

Why in the world would a public official do something so retarded?

“Sources told the I-Team that the bus driver for the senior center masqueraded as a woman to make it look good for the media,” said a Wednesday broadcast. The press conference in question, which included Cranston Mayor Allan W. Fung was to announce a new program allowing high school students to earn college credits for shovelling the walks of the elderly.

College credit for snow shoveling? This world ...
Stenhouse posted this defense on her Facebook page:

Anyone who attends PR events knows they are staged. Political press events are often staged; ribbon cuttings; ordinance /law signing ceremonies; to name a few. In politics campaign ads are staged with the perfect demographic representation in the mix. How is this any different?Sad to see that politics takes precedence over a great victory for both the senior high students and the senior residents of the City of Cranston.

A candid admission combined with risible condescension. Nice. Kind of explains why all those politicians are so quick to offer "thoughts and prayers" and to be "outraged" on queue when the media comes sniffing around, doesn't it? Still, is resignation enough under these circumstances? Should such ignorance, and defense of ignorance, go unpunished? WWASSD (What Would A Sane Society Do)? If you choose to respond to this question, remember that the operative word is "Sane".

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hush little baby ... the hacker is watching you.

Quoting this poorly written article:

[A couple in Washington state are] speaking out with an important message for parents. The couple asked not to use their last names or show their faces. They say they're worried that whoever hacked into their baby video monitor could find out who they are.

[...] The couple were using the monitor in their three year-old son's room when he began complaining that he was afraid saying that someone was talking to him over the phone at night. 

They weren't sure what he meant until they heard this coming from the monitor. On the monitor you could hear, "wake-up little boy, daddy's looking for you. [...] My wife walked in and I heard the exact words, "look someone's coming or someone's coming into view."

When they investigated further they noticed the monitor moving when they weren't controlling it and the night vision capable lens following their movements.

Sounds like chapter one of a Stephen King novel. Bet it turns out the baby monitor is haunted by the ghost of a rabid dog who had pig's blood poured over its head by a sewer-dwelling clown who was trying to spread a super-virus to wipe out Earth's population in preparation for the second coming of Kathy Bates. And, when Ding Dong Shambala directs the movie adaptation, the twist will be that the baby is in fact Kathy Bates.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Explained: Why Bugs Bunny Keeps Taking Wrong Turns at Albuquerque


U.S. border officials stationed in the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge cargo facility intercepted a tractor-trailer that appeared to be shuttling bundles of fresh carrots to the U.S. from Mexico, a news release stated Wednesday.

Agents summoned a canine unit to examine the shipment after performing an image scan of the produce. A second examination revealed 2,817 carrot-shaped packages of marijuana, wrapped in orange tape. Officials estimated the street value to be approximately $499,000.

Explains some things, don't it?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Want some Weave wif Yo Waffles?


A couple of Forrest City Waffle House customers said they got more than expected with their meals early Friday morning. "He was just coughing. Cough. Cough. Making noises like that," Antonio Robinson said. Robinson said his friend found hair in his food. "I looked up at him," Robinson explained. "He went to pulling out strings of hair out his mouth." [...]

The duo witnessed employees doing their hair in the kitchen of the restaurant and recorded the incident on their cellphones. "She dipped her hair down in the pot and when it came back up she was drying it off with one of the towels," Robinson told WREG. "

And who pray tell would do such a thing?

Niggers, of course.
Stereotype checklist:
- Niggers are unhygienic - check.
- Niggers have a poor work ethic - check.
- Niggers can't be trusted - check.

Remember, they are your equals.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Whitesboro to Stay White a Little Longer


Monday, January 11, 2016

Saucy Sub-Ape-ess Channels Sweet Brown After Apartment Fire


A Tulsa, Oklahoma woman is gaining attention for a hilarious news interview she gave following an apartment fire on Sunday.

Non-PC translation: Watch a muppet-like negropotamus do her best koon caricature to the delight of the White news media.

Did you catch the most frightening part? She has three kids!!! How is that possible?!? Just more proof that nigger bucks will fuck anything.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

White Trash Couple OD In Daughter's Hospital Room


Mary Ann McMeans Landers, 31, was found dead on the floor next to her 7-month-old daughter's hospital bed, a needle still in her arm. Investigators believe she died of a heroin overdose, but the drug she used has not yet been confirmed. [...] Landers and her husband, 32-year-old Wesley Scott Landers, were at Cincinnati Children's Hospital to see Lucy through reconstructive surgery of her trachea. [...] Wesley Landers also overdosed on drugs at the hospital, police say.

Landers was booked on gun charges because he had a handgun in his pants pocket when he was found, police say. His wife also allegedly had a gun in her possession at the time of her death.

I wonder if it was their daughter's meds they OD'd on, and not heroin. Regardless, if only this waste of life had given himself just a push more, Western Civilization would have been all the better for it. But, no. There are already several layers of societal insanity in the quoted paragraphs, but it doesn't stop there. Continuing to quote...

Tracey Bice of Pell City, who called herself Landers' "soul sister," told that her friend, a mother of two, was not a drug user.

Oh, for God's sake. So we are faced with two possibilities - someone murdered your soul sister with drugs, or you are in denial of reality. Which one is more probable? Continuing to quote...

[Bice] also defended her friend against negative comments posted to the GoFundMe page the Landers family had set up to raise funds to help pay for their trip to Cincinnati with Lucy. Many commenters who had heard the story of the couple's overdose went to the page to castigate them for their alleged behavior.

"God had a bigger plan for her and He gave Lucy to her because He knew she was the perfect mom for the job," she said.

What did I just say yesterday? "I am always astounded that every religious person and sub-person knows exactly what God wanted to happen or is doing about any given crisis situation. [...] It must be quite comforting to be able to ignore all contrary facts, hard earned experience, and uncertainties of living in an insane society, and just lay it all on God to fix."

So we are faced with two possibilities - God, in His infinite wisdom and compassion, gave a defective child to a woman who overdosed on drugs in her sick child's hospital room because He knew she was the perfect mom for the job, or you are in denial of reality. Which one is more probable? Litmus test time. Let us separate the wheat from the chaff. Would all White people who believe the former, please overdose on smack. God knows you are the perfect people for the job.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

God goin' get you (nigga)


The distraught mother of a 17-year murder victim had to be removed from a Pinellas County courtroom Thursday after the suspect laughed at her. "You sitting up smilin' but God's going to get you, God is going to get you," Starlett Clark shouted tearfully at the TV image of 18-year old Abrion Witcher.

The scene played out at the usually routine first appearance of Witcher, who is accused of killing 17-year Gabriel Wallace during an argument December 15. The homicide was one of several involving teenagers that occurred in St. Petersburg during the final weeks of 2015.

Let's watch...

A lot was made of the Christian forgiveness offered Dylann Roof by the famblies of the sub-apes he slaughtered. I suppose that the hope was something like the above would have happened. But Roof's doings brought along the baggage of the Civil Rights era, combined with the fact that the murders occurred in a Bible study class. The weight of those aspects on the response from the victims should not be discounted. However, in this case, one dindu simply got the drop on another dindu after a period of mutual hostility. And yet, God goin' fix dat. Not prevent it, of course. Expecting that would be like trying to roll the stone back in place after you stole the corpse.

I am always astounded that every religious person and sub-person knows exactly what God wanted to happen or is doing about any given crisis situation. "This was God's plan." "God has a reason for everything." "[The victim] is with God now." "God will punish the perpetrator." "God will see that justice is done." It must be quite comforting to be able to ignore all contrary facts, hard earned experience, and uncertainties of living in an insane society and just lay it all on God to fix.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Hey goyim, you're gullible - buy this musical tampon.

I can't quite get over the mental retardation of consumerist cattle, so on to day 3 of this topic...

Officials at a Spanish gynecology clinic called Institut Marqués in Barcelona developed Babypod, a small device expecting mothers can insert into their vaginas – much like a tampon – so fetuses can clearly hear music, according to the Babypod website

 "Eighty-seven percent of babies react to music streamed vaginally with body and head movements," the site states. "In addition, they open and close their mouths, stick out their tongues and gesticulate. It is a discovery never seen before." 

And this is good ... why? Let me try to introduce some sanity to this issue.

Imagine that someone else was given the power to decide at will when you would hear music from an unknown source, and that you would not be able to stop or escape from the music this entity wanted to play. Now add to this that it happens several times a week for months on end. Isn't it annoying enough to be sitting at a stoplight in a closed car and be able to hear the music from the asshole in the car next to you? But let's repeatedly inflict this experience on a developing infant.


Need more proof? Consider this from the linked article:

And according to the Babypod website, the study found that playing music vaginally is far more effective, because babies generally hear only muffled sounds through the abdomen.

Did anyone stop to consider that maybe the womb is meant to be a muffled environment? Did anyone stop to consider that a musical tampon might be disruptive to fetal development? No, of course not. Magical thinking combined with the omnipresent nature of the Mass Media means that even a fetus must be indoctrinated into the pop culture.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Jew Reporter Stabbed During Story on Stab-Proof Vests


Because the Jooz are so damned smart compared to you pathetic goyim, we have this story:

Eitam Lachover, the education reporter for the Israel broadcasting Authority’s Channel 1 [...] went out on Wednesday morning to do a news story on bullet-proof and knife-proof safety vests used by both civilians and the defense establishment

In the course of interviewing people for the segment, he met with representatives of the company that manufactures the vests and was persuaded to be a guinea pig and agree to be stabbed while wearing the safety vest.

[...] After donning the vest in front of the camera, Lachover was stabbed, and the knife penetrated the vest, injuring him lightly. Highly embarrassed, the company representatives rendered immediate medical treatment before transferring Lachover for medical treatment at a hospital, where a surgeon stitched up the wound.

Injured lightly enough to require stitches. Jeez, even when it is a story about their own kind doing wrong, they have to apply their spin and downplay the damage they do. Regardless, I think this dovetails nicely with yesterday's story about the kike Lumosity scam. Further, it proves that even kikes can't trust other kikes not to stab them in the back.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Lumosity Conned its Customers

The makers of Lumosity, the bullshit brain-training app, have gotten in trouble for deceptive advertising regarding the benefits of their product. Consequently, they ...

[...] will pay $2 million as the result of a settlement with the FTC over deceptive advertising.

Lumos Labs "deceived consumers with unfounded claims that Lumosity games can help users perform better at work and in school, and reduce or delay cognitive impairment associated with age and other serious health conditions," says an FTC statement released Tuesday.

The FTC also said Lumos Labs misled consumers with its user testimonials, some of which were obtained by promising "significant prizes" such as free iPads and a lifetime subscription to the service.

What?!? It was a scam? Who would have thunk it? Obviously not the customers who thought it would help them remember where they left their Alzheimer's meds.

Lumosity - because if you weren't already cognitively impaired, you wouldn't have been scammed in the first place.

Please take a look below at one of my more cerebral and well reasoned critique posts, in which I expressed my concerns with Lumosity, all the way back in 2012. If you are wondering what the little squiggle pictures are, here is the video that inspired the post.

Compulsory Diversity News - because if Western civilization wasn't dying, you wouldn't need Adrean to call out some kikey-looking hipsteress for the lying cunt that she is.

And guess what tribe the CEO of Lumo-Labs belongs to? If you guessed he is a full blooded Apache, you probably got scammed by him. Meet Steve Berkowitz.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Presbidemf O-boo-hoo's Gun Control Theatre

Commander in Chimp Obongo weepily announced his executive action on gun control today. It is a queer enough experience seeing a gay Negro Muslim actor try to pass himself off as the president of the most powerful country on earth - watching him cry while announcing half-assed gun control measures takes this experience into the realm of the truly bizarre. How can this be real? I am having an increasingly difficult time differentiating political reality from some leftist Hollyweird "reality" tv script. Please watch the video below and see if you too find something vaguely familiar about the presbidemfs performance.

Monday, January 04, 2016

The Customer is Always Annoying

Kikebook was the scene of a testy exchange between an irate customer and the management of an Indianapolis restaurant. It seems that the era of "The customer is always right." is at an end, in favor of social media slap fights with angry customers. Let's read select excerpts from their sparring:


"I will never go back to this location for New Year's Eve!!! After the way we were treated when we spent $700+ and having our meal ruined by watching a dead person being wheeled out from an overdose my night has been ruined!!! [...] The manager also told us someone dying was more important then us being there making us feel like our business didn't matter, but I guess allowing a Junkie in the building to overdose on your property is more important then paying customers who are spending a lot of money!! Our waitress when we were trying to ask about our bill being messed up also said "what do you want me to do f****** pay your bill for you?"

Outstanding self-centered complaining. And management, your dignified, thoughtful response to placate this irate customer?


 "Thanks for reaching out! We love feedback, whether it be positive or negative. I especially like feedback like this so others can see the disgusting people that we have to deal with sometimes. First of all, the "overdosing junkie" that you speak of was a 70+ year old woman who had a heart attack. [...] But I can completely understand why you think being intoxicated ***holes that didn't understand your bill should take priority over human life.[...] But honestly, I'm glad to hear you won't be coming back to Kilroy's because we wouldn't want anyone as cold hearted and nasty as you returning. I appreciate anyone who chooses to spend their money at Kilroy's until they act like you. You can take your money anywhere else after that, and I won't lose a second of sleep over it. Happy New Year!"

Outstanding virtue signalling and fundamental moral certainty. Too bad you two broke up. You seem made for each other. And certainly there will be no blow back from publicly shaming your former customer. It's not as if social media conflicts go viral, taking on a toxic life of their own.

On Monday, Kilroy's asked people not to send messages to people with the same name as the woman on Facebook. "Please don't send any hateful messages to the other Holly's as they are just innocent locals who happen to share the same name."

Ah, social media - technology has finally allowed humans to perfect social discourse.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Lil Wayne, Mountain Dew, and Emmett Till

This is an old story, but perhaps you missed it as I did. Strange that these three things would have converged in one story, but here we go ...

Lil Wayne will no longer “do” Mountain Dew … the soda company announced it’s DROPPING the rapper over a rap verse in which he compared the beating of Emmett Till to rough sex.

This ought to be good! Let's hear it:

Weezy came under fire back in February over a verse he dropped on the song “Karate Chop” … in which he said, “Pop a lot of pain pills, ’bout to put rims on my skateboard wheels … beat that pussy up like Emmett Till.”

HAHAHAHAHA! That is fan-freakin-tastic, and yet it got so Lil media attention. Guess it didn't fit the moral outrage dynamic of the Mass Media. Oh, well. Hope you enjoyed.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Retarded Beaner Boy Goes Missing in Pennsylvania

What a shame. Now he may never get a chance to grow up to be Peter Lorre.


ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Scores of police officers, firefighters and volunteers searched Friday for a 5-year-old boy with autism who wandered away from a New Year's Eve party barefoot and coatless. Jayliel Vega Batista was last seen about 11 p.m. Thursday running near an intersection in Allentown, police Capt. Tony Alsleben said. [He] was playing with a toy when he "left out of nowhere," his 16-year-old sister, Tayritza Molina, told The Morning Call of Allentown on Friday. 

Alright, first off - what is up with these nigger names on beaners? Jayliel? Tayritza? Nice to know beaners have decided to integrate in America ... well, black Amerikwa, anyway. And why was the 5-year-old retard up and playing at 11 p.m.? Nice to know beaners have decided to adopt American family values ... well, black Amerikwan family values, anyway. So how are they trying to find this kid? Continuing to quote:

The chief said police might try to lure Jayliel with music playing on a truck because he likes lullabies. Residents also distributed papers with the number 7 printed on them — the start of the boy's address — because he responds to it.

Ay dios mio - he's dead. These stupid cops are going to let political correctness kill this kid because they don't want to admit they know exactly the best way to catch a beaner.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Carrot Top's Transgender Reveal

From the CDN Ministry of Truth

In the years leading up to Caitlyn Jenner's reveal, photographers provided the tabloid media with plenty of evidence of the transformation she was undergoing. But when any effort was made to get a statement clarifying the obvious, denial or even contemptuous dismissal was the response. A similar series of denials and obfuscations has surrounded the grossly obvious gender transformation of the prop-comic Carrot Top. For example, this article:

"People think I've had plastic surgery -- no, it just takes a lot of makeup to make me look good," the comedian jokes in a new episode of "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" [...] "they love picking on me," Carrot Top says. "And one of the comics says, 'Jesus, Carrot Top, when are you gonna stop with all the plastic surgery? You look like the guy from 'The Mask' or something.'"

One might wonder why a man felt it necessary to apply pancake makeup in the first place. Well, now we know. Carrot Top was recently arrested while standing to urinate in a woman's restroom at LAX, and the full extent of his transformation could no longer be hidden. This prompted Carrot Top to make a request that left some of the paparazzi photographing his arrest stunned: "I am a woman! I have chosen to identify as woman, o.k.? Call me Wendy Redburger from now on."

Wait, is it January 1st or April 1st? Whatever. I'm not the only one who noticed a similarity.