Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Congratulations and Best Wishes

To White Nationalists, the Alt-Right, and White People in general, my congratulations on the election of your preferred candidate, Donald Trump. I also offer my best wishes for your future happiness and success. My opinions on what this election means and what the future holds for you are all documented on this blog. You have no need for me to repeat them, and I have no desire to do so any longer. To quote the favorite television program of my youth, with all the irony my Dark and Terrible God knows to be evident in my final reference for this project, "Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine."


 A thought for 04.07.2017

Sunday, November 06, 2016

What the American Election Means

Here's what the American election means this week:

A Clinton victory means that White America has failed to put up a defense that can halt their demographic death.

A Trump victory means that the only defense White America could muster to their own demographic death was a WrestleMania, reality-TV show candidate with Jewish grandchildren.

However, regardless of the outcome, the destiny of White demographic death in America remains unchanged. The reasons follow.

There are those who will say that a Clinton victory can be pushed back against, and may spark a new American revolution. Firstly, there will be no revolution as a result of a Clinton victory. Secondly, future armed revolution to seize power is a dystopian fantasy that is laughable to any sane person. If you could not successfully rebel against the federal government when the most lethal weapon on the battlefield was a horse-drawn cannon, how do you think a rebellion will turn out in the atomic age?

There are those who will say that a Trump victory means White America will see a rebirth along the lines of a fascist or national socialist state that puts White people first (dog-whistled as putting America First). That too is laughable fantasy. It is a fantasy to be found in equal proportions in the rants of Keith Olbermann and the comments on Stormfront. That alone should tell you how nutty such a concept is. Neither Italy nor Germany had to contend with the racial, religious, and sociological diversity that their defeat ushered in following the Death of the West in 1945. The concept that Mexicans will be rounded up and deported, blacks brought under the heel of the police state, and Jews driven back to Israel is, once again, laughable fantasy. Not only is there no will to make such a thing happen, a Trump victory would mean Jewish grandchildren are playing in the Oval Office, not getting stuffed into cattle cars. As I said previously about Trumplingism:

This is not a victory on the path of growing White Racial Awareness. This is the Final Victory of Kike Media Warfare. White people have embraced living in the vile, polluted media factory the Kikes have been building, and think that appointing their own King of the Oompa Loompas means they aren't still a bunch of mental midgets slaving away for the kike Svengali who runs the factory.

When I started CDN, my intent was to attack diversity by exposing its absurdity, contradictions, and deceits. Back then, White Nationalism was a very somber, serious affair that did not laugh at the nonsense it got from the other side. I felt I offered an alternative. 10 years later, White Nationalism has become a joke, and nothing is taken seriously. Half of the movement does nothing but joke around, and the other half has replaced delusional seriousness with the joke of delusional elation. Worse than this though is that nearly 100% of the movement is infected with Multiculturalism, which is a disease of White people that happens when diversity is imbibed like tainted water from a stagnant mud puddle. Open displays of perversion and vulgarity, tolerance of mischling and homosexuals, the rabid hatred of White women, and the embrace of Mass Media culture are all signs that White Nationalism has been poisoned. It is too sick a creature to be the vanguard against White demographic death. Hence, the absurd spectacle of this election.

Because the Multicultural poison is now in the movement, CDN's mission to expose the absurdity, contradictions, and deceits of diversity meant criticizing the movement, and dealing with the death threats and denunciations (neither of which I would allow through to the comments), and the occasional strained plea for me to stop worrying and learn to love the Trumplingism bomb (which I would allow through to the comments so I could reject the pleas). I carried on because I thought it was possible that White Nationalists could be returned to their senses. But two days out from the election, that has not happened. They taste victory like German troops removing the barriers from the roads to Poland in 1939. That is a depressingly accurate comparison of mood, but inaccurate comparison of logistical and strategic strength, given that White nationalism has zero real world assets.

What we should see in the picture above is the failure of White people to do what is in the best interest of their race, rather than pursing the aggrandizement of their own foolish national pride. What we should see is the moment the poison was swallowed, to be followed less than six years later with the Death of the West.

In this election, White Nationalism had a chance not to take the poison. It did so anyway. If the Trump blitz fails this week, you lose. If the Trump blitz begins this week, you lose. For those who dismiss my prophecy and argue that this election, regardless of outcome, is just the first step along the road to victory, please see the photo above.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Is So Rayciss

Admittedly, Halloween is already pretty racist, but here's a little way I try to make it more so. I send racist messages by the candy I distribute to the chilluns! My candy tray is efficiently and rigidly organized in Nazi-esque fashion, so that each child gets a coded racist insult with my offerings. Here is what's on the menu this Halloween:

For niglets: Banana flavored Laffy Taffy
For mulattos: Dollar Store Caramels
For kikelings: Jujubies
For chingy chonglings: Rice Krispy Treat Minis
For chalklings: Milk Duds
For dotheads: Dots
For muzlets: Atomic Fireballs
For homos: Pixy Stix
For dwarfs: Runts
For beaners: Mexican Stoplight candy
For Retards: A whole potato

Hope you enjoyed. I won't be updating again until next week.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Secret Nazee Base Discovered in the Arctic!

5. Trump: Clinton's foreign policy plan would start WWIII
Nice try - but regardless of what you promise, I won't vote for her either, no matter how good it sounds.

4.  Woman Sues KFC Because Ad Showed Too Much Chicken
She wants $20 million because her bucket of chicken was not as plentiful as depicted in the ad. This story really is a triumph of MultiKulturalism. It unites the dietary concerns of the morbidly obese and niggers with the litigation instincts of kikery.

3. How White Nationalists Learned To Love Donald Trump
This article takes more time to describe the transformation of White Whateverists from despising Trump to worshiping him than any White Whateverist who underwent that transformation spent considering their own hypocrisy.

2. Nurse is charged with killing EIGHT patients between ages 75 and 96 in Canadian retirement homes
And she looks surprisingly like that midget kikess from Poltergeist

 1. Secret Nazee Base Discovered in the Arctic!
Top secret Nazi military base discovered near the North Pole
The outpost had to be abandoned after the staff was poisoned with parasites from eating raw polar bear. And yet, these are the same people who are supposed to be living in the Hollow Earth with UFO's waiting to return to reconquer the surface world. They have as much chance of doing that as Trumpling White Whateverists do of saving what remains of their race (see story 3).

And on that note, I am taking off the rest of the week from this blog. I have been posting daily for over 3 years now, and it is well past time to reconsider.

Monday, October 24, 2016

It's the Great Trumpkin

5. Fisher-Price faces a backlash after releasing toy which shows moms driving around getting smoothies instead of working
To be more reflective of the state of the modern Kwa, the toy should feature parents OD'ing on smack in the front seat, while a kid is strapped into a car seat in the back.

4. Jared Fogle’s Ex-Wife Says Subway Knew Its Spokesman Was a Pedophile
They mean spokeskike, not spokesman. Regardless, isn't it amazing that Subway relied so much on Jewey Jared that they were willing to overlook accusations he touched the chilluns? Was he really that important to their sales model? Did people literally decide whether or not to eat Subway sandwiches based on Jared, as opposed to based on being too poor to afford better or having no sense of taste?

3. France buses 1,600 migrants out of notorious ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais
Jebus Cripes - you would think Whities would have learned by now that nothing good comes from taking savages out the jungle. There are more appropriate ways of rectifying such a situation.

2. California Guard vets told to repay millions in enlistment bonuses
HAHAHAHA! Jewed by Uncle Schlomo. If you army boys didn't realize before that you fight and die for kikes, you should now.

1. It's the Great Trumpkin
Donald Trump visits a pumpkin patch and tells farmers that the election is 'rigged'

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Reason to Thank Islam: Janet Jackson in a Hijab

5. With Teal Pumpkin Project, Halloween gets less tricky for allergic kids
When I was a kid, I knew no children with a peanut allergy. Snack time in kindergarten was a cup of peanuts and raisins and there were no alternatives (and we liked it!). A couple dysgenic decades later, and now Halloween has to be altered to keep up with the general decline in the quality of offspring. Pathetic.

4. Compare these articles released within just a day of each other:
Gay Republican Group Declines to Endorse Donald Trump
Gay Republicans Explain Why They Are Proudly Supporting Donald Trump

The funny thing is, the second article covers the content of the first, and reports that the Log Cabin Republicans aren't endorsing Trump, yet they still chose to lead with a title that touts Trump's gay-friendliness. No wonder Trumplings are confused, example: Trump supporter tells CBS: He will make America great again like it was before ‘the homosexuals’

3. Karl Rove: Donald Trump Can’t Win
Rove said that? Then we should expect a Trump landslide. Karl Rove is the idiot who refused to accept Mitt Romney lost even after FuxNews called the election for Obongo.

2. Obama nixes twerking at final White House musical event
Guess he's letting his white-half off the leash a bit now that he is about to exit public life and doesn't need to prove his black credentials anymore. And speaking of black, Islam-loving, divas ...

1.  Reason to Thank Islam: Janet Jackson in a Hijab

There's no chance of a wardrobe malfunction in this outfit... pregnant Janet Jackson, 50, covers her blossoming baby bump in Islamic-style dress

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and blame where blame is due. White people brought us Janet Jackson's pregnancy at age at 50. DAMN YOU CHALKY SCIENTISTS! Meanwhile, Islam has led her to cover the fuck up. Thank you, Islam. Don't expect to hear that from me often, if ever again - but credit where credit is due.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mass Media Morons Have to Issue Correction for TV Show Review

5. National Anthem Singer Takes a Knee During Heat-76ers Game
Very little Chalky outrage with this one. Made to choose between Patriotardism and Niggerballsportings - Chalkies have chosen Niggerballsportings.

4. Voice Actors Strike Against Video Game Companies
If you ever want to find out just how bad an actor someone is - make them do a voice over. Beyond good looks and posturing, a surprising number of actors have no real talent. Doing a voice over exposes this immediately. Voice acting is an under appreciated profession.

3. Richard Simmons to Close Exercise Studio Next Month
It is shocking that this Jewish gargoyle lasted so long as a fitness guru. Nowadays, he's sweatin' to the oldies just trying to get his socks on while listening to his own grunts.

2. Trump: Accusers 'will be sued after the election is over'
Should it be surprising that his plan for the day after the election is so typically Jewish in character?

1. Mass Media Morons Have to Issue Correction for TV Show Review
Quoting Presenting probably the most embarrassing newspaper correction in the history of newspaper corrections, courtesy of a New York Times review of the new TV show Goliath: "An earlier version of this review included an inaccurate discussion of the show's plot structure. The critic mistakenly watched the first two episodes out of order. [...] he knocked it for a "needlessly complicated structure," a first episode that left "so much unanswered," and a second episode that "jumps back in time,"

Think of the number of failures that had to occur for such an absurd thing to happen. The only thing that indicates we are not yet fully living in the Idiocracy is that someone eventually caught the error. But, just give it time.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Nigger Model So Black She Looks She Is in Blackface

5. Thousands of gay men in UK to be pardoned for now-abolished sex offenses
Mr. Humphries, are you free?

4. East coast Internet service attacks 'coming in waves'
Like promiscuous dolphins.

3. Tearful Bridgegate defendant says Christie knew about scheme, threw bottle at her
I'm not sure I believe this claim, as the bottle in question was supposed to be filled with water. What man the metric tonnage of Chris Christie has a bottle of water on hand? Now if it had been a bottle of steak sauce, that would have been believable.

2. Italian abortion row as woman dies after hospital miscarriage
 In Sicily, a woman died after her doctor allegedly refused to administer an abortion because he was a "conscientious objector". So not only did she die, but her twin infants died as well. Proving she fell victim to the penultimate classic blunder - Never go in against a Sicilian, when death is on the line.

1. Nigger Model So Black She Looks She Is in Blackface
Stunning black model who was labeled 'darky' and 'daughter of the night' by racist bullies
Here is the model, followed by a picture of her makeup kit.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

NRO Furious Leftists Interfering with Kike Chicken Choking Ritual

5. Trouble-Making Cookie Monster Is 'National Nuisance' 
Lurv the first line of this article  – "No one wants to hear the Cookie Monster say he's going to kill their family"

4. Donald Trump just ceded the presidency to Hillary ClintonPerhaps, but there are still 20 days to go. There were two points in last night's debate that I thought would stand out the most in the Mass Media's election frenzy, and today's coverage confirmed my assumptions. One was when Trump said he would keep everyone in suspense about whether or not he would accept the results of the election. The other was his flippant, "best of luck" comment that made it sound like he didn't think he could win anymore. I made the round of the White Whateverist interwebs, and most are just glossing over their fuhrer's fading star. I think election fatigue has officially set in.

3. Playing devil's advocate? Artist's attempt to recreate the head of a missing Jesus statue leaves church-goers shocked by gargoyle Christ
HAHAHAHA! Outstanding. The story reminds us that this is the second time in recent memory that half-assed attempts at fixing Jebus artworks have led to high hilarity. I have officially renamed this work, White Madonna with Mixed Race Infant Jesus. The future is staring you in the face below, worthless White Christian cucks. And while we are on the subject of race mixing...

2. Ivanka Trump furiously denies claims she 'once said she wanted to see mulatto cock
She is made for Jewish cocks only, as her father has testified to Howard Stern. So maybe Lenny Kravitz would be able to satisfy her curiosity, while remaining kosher. And speaking of Jewish cocks, well, kinda...

1.  NRO Furious Leftists Interfering with Kike Chicken Choking Ritual
LINK Kapparot is the Jewish practice of waving a chicken around one's head to transfer one's sins to the bird, followed by killing the chicken to seal the deal with the magic Yid in the clouds. One wonders if NRO would be so ready to leap to the defense of religious liberty if, say, the chicken wavers had been voodoo practitioners from Haiti.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Election Takes a Physical Toll on Huma Abedin

5. Something Is Killing the Scrotum Frogs of Lake Titicaca
Their extinction is worth the juvenile giggling such a headline is meant to elicit.

4. Florida man with half of a skull was arrested for arson and attempted murder
As a mud, he wasn't using his frontal lobes anyway. They were just dead weight.

3. Secessionists chase ‘rainbow Confederate’ out of the closet with ‘salacious’ rumors
And he is a Trumpling, of course. Quoting: “The idea that all homosexuals have gone wholesale over to the idiocy of the liberal and politically correct left is a myth. I hope that this will help to dispel this myth.” There is no myth about that - tolerance of open homosexuality is the result of MultiKulturalism, which drives the Slow March Left. The myth would be that open homosexuals can be conservative, which is not true because the Slow March Left means that the positions of the Right are where the positions of the Left were 20-30 years ago. In other words, those calling themselves traditionalists and conservatives today (including the Alt-Fags), would have been quite comfortable with social platform of the Democratic party circa 1991.

2. Pennsylvania Mayor Quits After Facebook Posts Compares Obama Family To Apes
Because Political Correctness was defeated by Milo's Daddy.

1. Election Takes a Physical Toll on Huma Abedin

Some say Huma is showing visible signs of the stress she has been under given the difficulty of the campaign season, combined with her husband's recent sexting scandal. You be the judge. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

CDN: Freak Act Edition 10-18-2016

5. Ghost Pepper Puts Hole in Man's Esophagus 
After swallowing ghost pepper puree, the freak in this story vomited so intensely that he ripped open his own esophagus.

4. Boise man threatens black family with knives before school: ‘I’m going to cut some niggers’
This freak apparently suffered a tragic flowbee accident before showing up for his knife act.

3. Trump Creeps Out America By Trying To Kiss A Little Girl Who Didn’t Want To Be Kissed
Presidential freak Donald Trump tried to make a move on a pickaninny who appears to be about 9-years-old. Unfortunately for him, she wasn't at all interested in being molested by the world's largest Oompa Loompa, even if it meant a shot at livin' in massa's house.

2. Fort Campbell soldier attacked by wasps, killed by cars
Doped up out of his gourd, solider boy freak Austin McGeough put his hand through a wasp's nest, and then called the coppers to report he was being chased by the angry buggers. 15 minutes later, he was struck by a car on highway 41A after trying to hitch a ride.

1. And our number one freak of the day is ...
Here's the story:

A baby girl born with an adult-sized tongue shows off her adorable smile after her second surgery
Can you believe that freak? No! Not the kid, you heartless monsters! The idiot mother, who said:

“I was blaming it on me. What did I do during my pregnancy that was wrong?” Kienow recalled asking herself. “But it was nothing that I could have prevented. It was just what she was born with. Jesus wanted me to have something a little extra special.”

What a freak! So, if a doctor had decided to inject your infant daughter with something that would cause her tongue to swell up to the point it filled her entire mouth, would you have said "The Dr. just wanted me to have something a little extra special."? NO! Of course not. You would condemn him for the monster he is. But when Jebus mutilates your child, it's just fine.

No wonder White Christians are going extinct.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Oh wait - Leftists know how to troll people on the internet, too?

5. Shepard Smith comes out as gay
And this surprises who exactly? Probably the same old biddies who were surprised to find out Liberace was gay.

4. What do they Know? Pentagon Releases Ominous Video Warning of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future
I sincerely hope they are correct in their dystopian fantasizing.

3. Republican party headquarters is firebombed and a local business is daubed with Nazi graffiti in North Carolina
Normally, I don't go in for conspiracies, but I found one thing about this event suspicious. The swastika sprayed on the crime scene was not only pointing the correct direction, it was oriented correctly as well. Usually, when Leftists are faking neo-nazi attacks, they fuck-up and spray the swatiskas backwards, or at best flat on their sides. Did the Leftists in this case suddenly learn how to paint a proper swastika? Curious, but could be nothing.

2. It’s time to tell the truth: Donald Trump isn’t running a presidential campaign, he’s leading a cult
Thanks for joining the party, RawStory. It should be obvious that the fanatical worship of Trump is Jim-Jonesesque. I've been trying to explain to White Whateverists for this entire year that Trump's followers have joined a cult of celebrity, but the fools still think this is the sign of a racial awakening. What can you expect from Kool-Aid drinkers? Answer? The following ...

1. Oh wait - Leftists know how to troll people on the internet, too?
The Vigilante Faking WikiLeaks Docs to Dupe Trump Trolls

If you’re not paying attention, it looks like a smoking gun—a leaked expense report tying Hillary Clinton to the media’s most powerful groups.

The numbers from the supposedly leaked document—printed out and marked up with a highlighter, for good measure—are damning: $75,000 directly from the Clinton Foundation to polling firm Public Policy Polling. Over $333,000 sent, somehow, to the Black Panthers. Then the kicker: $30,000 to the “Sharia Law Center.”

Of course, the whole thing is totally fake. The header for the page, “Voter Suppression,” probably should’ve given it right away. But for Trump supporters on Twitter and Facebook, a Fox News contributor, and even radio hosts like Hal Turner, it is still very much real to them.

Well, for fuck's sake Hal Turner thought Amero coins were real. So now the Left has produced its answer to the Alt-Fags' trollery, and the rightwing nitwits are falling prey to their own tricks. Let the slow clapping begin.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Zombie Deer: Proof Your God Has Problems

5. We've Reached the End of White Christian America
Perhaps. But, they have sacrificed their principles for one last shot at relevance. It remains to be seen if it will make any difference to the destiny foretold by their demographic decline.

4. The story behind Evan McMullin’s run for president
I've read rumors that McMullin may pull enough votes away from Trump that Utah could go to Hillary. I've also been surprised that McMullin could do so well among his fellow Mormons, given he does not oppose gay marriage. I wondered why he would take such a stance, until I read the following passage from the linked article: McMullin grew up poor on a small farm in Auburn, Wash., in a religious Mormon family. His mother bought groceries in bulk and sold them out of their garage to make ends meet. She later married a woman, whom she now lives with. And because the MultiKult poison is in his family, he can't denounce it. He is just another MultiKulturalist like all the other candidates, and Mormons still turn to him. See yesterday's lament, "White people have embraced living in the vile, polluted media factory the Kikes have been building". Of course, I've also read accusations McMullin has a Jew in the woodpile, so naturally he would be put forward as a candidate for White people.

3. Accused Rapist: My Stomach Is So Big I Couldn't Have Done It - Lawyer says Jacques Rouschop's penis is also too small
Having two-inch penises didn't stop the Mongolian hordes from polluting Russian bloodlines and turning them into a nation of rape-enthusiasts.  I'm sure this fellow could have managed, even with his limitation.

2. Bullseye! One-eye matador nicknamed ‘The Pirate’ is gored in the same eye by a 100-stone bull which then stamps on his stomach 
Quoting the matador, "Aaaarrrrr!". Too bad it didn't take out his other eye. Then he would have been a modern-day Monty Python sketch.

1. Zombie Deer: Proof Your God Has Problems
Attack of the 'zombie deer': Horrific plague of screwworm that eat the HEADS of live deer

More evidence that if God exists, He is a monster.

Quoting The Daily Mail: The screwworms have turned their victims into 'zombie deer', leaving them with half-eaten heads as the maggots eat their flesh and slowly kill them within 14 days. 

Quoting God: It's all part of my plan. Mwahahahaha.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Howard Stern - Trump's First Kike Media Handler

5. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Regrets Speaking Out on Colin Kaepernick
Old Leftists never die, they just fade away. She was trained to undermine the system during an era that required certain limitations that are no longer in effect. She's fighting for a Leftist vision of Amerikwa that is to the right of the Leftist front line. She had to be reminded where the front was as she fired into the backs of her own comrades.

4. Father claims his son was EATEN by fellow inmates during a riot at a prison in Venezuela
The thing is, even if the claim is false, is doesn't change the fact that this scenario is highly plausible among the mud people

3. Trump to address nation in ‘more personal way’
He's got his Tic-Tacs and stubby grabbing fingers at the ready. After this, Kwanians will be lining up their 10-year-old daughters for him to probe. HA! Can you believe all these jabs are possible against the Republican candidate for president? I know, I know, its all a rigged conspiracy to crucify Cheeto Jesus. But if that is the case, great job wasting a year of the struggle for something that you admitted was rigged last year before Trump ever ran, but seemed to forget when once you had a foul-mouthed orangutan White Savior you thought could Make AmeriKwa Great Again.

2. Attack on Somalis in Kansas thwarted, feds say
Three men calling themselves "The Crusaders" hoped to spark a war against muzzies by blowing up an apartment building loaded with Somalis. These men were old enough to know that every single time a right-wing attack has been carried out against mud civilians and/or their Leftist enablers, it only makes the White Christian public more fanatically devoted to cucking themselves to prove they aren't racist haters. And yet, they didn't apparently know it, or they didn't care, or they were useful idiots, or some combination of all three. Yay Jebus! Oh wait, I forgot to give you the Alternative Media perspective on these fellows - they are holograms conjured by Joo sciencomantists to give Hillary the election so she can confiscate your guns and turn all churches into mosques.

1. Howard Stern - Trump's First Kike Media Handler
This article makes the case that Howard Stern manipulated Donald Trump, turning the media-attention-hungry Donald into another member of Stern's menagerie of freak acts: How Howard Stern Owned Donald Trump
This much-craved publicity, of course, came at price: Stern has long had a devilish talent for lulling guests into a false sense of security—and then luring them into rhetorical traps. He casts his guests in a burlesque he scripts for them, and cattle-prods them into playing their parts, first fawning over them until they feel like celebrities, then bringing down the hammer of humiliation. He’s a diabolically domineering scene partner. No interviewer has ever been as adroit with treacherous leading questions in the vein of “When did you stop beating your wife?” Stern, in other words, gets people to publicly embrace their worst selves—and say things they live to regret.

A textbook definition of Typical Kike Behavior.

The most fascinating thing about Trump's "locker room" behavior it is exactly what one would expect from nigger-loving, Kikeywood trash like Howard Stern, but it is coming out of the mouth of the darling of White Whateverists, who just happens to be the Republican presidential candidate. Again, I think I must be in Hell and Satan is popping hallucinogenic mushrooms before he plays the surreal visions I am to be punished with.

Let's break it down.

White Whateverists have, for decades railed against Kikeywood for its demeaning, sexually abusive, hateful attitude meant to corrupt the purity of White women. People like Howard Stern were viewed as perfect examples of that.

Donald Trump was a regular guest of Howard Stern, and didn't mind even when Howard Stern said Ivanka was " a piece of ass". Why should Trump mind? He's comfortable with the idea of his daughter being a whore for kikes, otherwise he wouldn't be crowing about Ivanka's beautiful Jewish baby while at AIPAC.

Donald Trump runs for presbidemf of the Kwa, and becomes the White Savior of the Alt-Fag / White Whateverist movement and simultaneously the Orange Savior of: the Trailer Park Wrestlmania herion junkie crowd, the Alex Jones / Jeff Rense conspiracy nuts, scared senile Republicans who don't how their remote controls work, tv-evangelist-loving bible-humpers, a slew of D-list celebrities like Mike Tyson and Scott Baio, former Republican party failed candidates like Christie, Carson, and Gingrich, and kike media perverts like Roger Stone and Milo Fagiopolis. A coalition of losers, a menagerie of freaks worthy of Howard Stern himself.

Satan - to use a dated sassy negro expression - you be trippin.

This is not a victory on the path of growing White Racial Awareness. This is the Final Victory of Kike Media Warfare. White people have embraced living in the vile, polluted media factory the Kikes have been building, and think that appointing their own King of the Oompa Loompas means they aren't still a bunch of mental midgets slaving away for the kike Svengali who runs the factory.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Cheerleaders on their knees for Black Atheletes

5. Spiders Can Hear You 'Walking and Talking'
Wait, what? Were we supposed to be operating under the assumption that spiders are deaf?

4. Obama's simple Trump rebuff: 'Come on, man'
Without reading the article, I assume the Chimp in Chief was responding to Trump's question about why the press doesn't ever find stories about Obongo sexually harassing women."

3. US dairy farmers have dumped 43M gallons [of milk] in just the first 8 months of 2016
Well, there's no use crying over this.

2. Among Donald Trump’s Biggest U.S. Fans: Hindu Nationalists
More proof that all you have to be is a fringe nutjob and you will be able to see your savior in the Trump Rorschach.

1. Cheerleaders' protest alters homecoming football game
How strange. Typically, white men who worship nigger athletes love the idea of white cheerleaders on their knees for black football players. But in the context of a social justice protest - not so much.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

911 Operator: 'Ain't nobody got time for this'

5. Teenage 'Fuhrer' of neo-Nazi Facebook page where high school students talked about 'hanging Jews on trees' commits suicide
Guess he took Antifa's "follow your leader" quip seriously.

4. Michelle Obama blasts Trump, says his comments have 'shaken me to my core'
A core where you will find 2 testicular remnants.

3. Ken Bone sells out for Uber
Goddamn the internet is retarded. I thought he would eventually go the way of Jared Fogle. They exude a similar creepy perv factor that the public is woefully blind to until it is too late.

2. Do you REALLY need 8 glasses of water a day? How drinking when you're not thirsty could KILL you
The Mass Media spends decades trying to convince the public of something, then overturns it on a whim to generate clicks. Again - why does anyone wonder why the Mass Media is not trusted by the public to communicate accurate scientific / medical information?

1. 911 Operator: 'Ain't nobody got time for this'

I am going to give you two names - the name of a 911 caller who was repeatedly hung up on by a 911 operator, and the name of said 911 operator who hung up on said caller while declaring 'Ain't nobody got time for this'. You tell me which is which:

Crenshanda Williams
Hua Li

Yes ... that's it ... let the racism flow through you ... you know the answer. What a wonderful gift it is to be racist. Through the Racism, things you will see. Other places. The future…the past. Old friends long gone.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

GOP Nigger Candidate Offers Harlem Free Watermelons, Kool-Aid, and KFC

5. 500,000 elderly people go missing in China every year
Less expensive than dog meat.

4.  Putin ally tells Americans: vote Trump or face nuclear war
HA! As if I needed any more reason not to vote for Cheeto Jesus. Let the nukes fly, ruski.

3. To Catch Nazis, Prosecutors Go 'Back in Time'
The article says a VR model of Auschwitz is being used to determine if trees could have blocked the view of the crimes being committed at the facility ... HAHAHAHAHAHA! Aren't we supposed to believe that black smoke from the mass cremations billowed out across the countryside? And everyone would have seen it too, if it hadn't been for those pesky trees!

2. New CoverGirl Is Teen Boy
Sure, why not? Left and right agree - the culture wars are over. Kikebart has probably dispatched Milo to pick this kid up as another Twink for Trump.

1. GOP Nigger Candidate Offers Harlem Free Watermelons, Kool-Aid, and KFC
Is This Republican NY Senate Candidate More Unhinged Than Trump?
He's an Afro-Cuban Republican with a history of being dispatched by his party to run for offices he cannot possibly win. Recently, he became a Trump-wannabe, and decided that there is no such thing as bad press.

I have accepted the fact that there is no need for Compulsory Diversity News to parody MultiKulturalism - because MultiKulturalism has become a parody of itself. The parody has been universally embraced as Idiocracy becomes reality, and there seems to be almost no audience left who can appreciate the absurdity all around us. However, I have assigned myself a task.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ronald McDonald Lays Low During Clown Hysteria

5. One Tweet Unleashes A Torrent Of Stories Of Sexual Assault
Sure is a lot of masturbatory material here for the PUA fanbois. And here's some more...

4. Muslim father rapes his daughter as punishment because she had become 'too Westernised' living in Norway 
Isn't it telling that the manner in which he thought she would be turned to the Islamic worldview was by the same action his fellow muzzies are inflicting on Western women on a daily basis? Thank goodness Islam is not the problem! END SARCASM, AGAIN

3. Glenn Beck: Opposing Trump is 'moral' choice — even if Clinton is elected
Wrong (as usual). There is no moral choice in this election. All Kwanians, including myself, are guilty that we let our society rot into this disgusting farce. The Kwa is degenerate beyond redemption. The corpse of Western Civilization festers in the swamp while the Left and the Right play tug of war over it using the rope by which they hung their victim.

2. WATCH: Woman at Pence rally calls for ‘revolution’ if Hillary is elected
And Pence tells her not to say it. The problem is Trumplings don't want the revolution now, they just want daddy to fix it for them. Do you see the terrible position the Race is in? In hitching their wagon to Trump, the dogwhistled Whities have delayed necessary action to keep from losing their birthright, in the hopes that Trump will let them avoid taking said action. But seeing what a pathetic fool they have invested their hopes in should tell you everything you need to know about these people - they will *never* do what is necessary to take their nation back. They are exhausted - intellectually, physically, and spiritually.  If Trump wins, they will become comfy and complacent. If he loses, they will simply despair and look for another savior. Meanwhile ... tick tock tick tock ... MultiKulturalism marches on, White numbers continue to decline, and soon ... buzzzzz ... time is up. Again, the proof of their inevitable failure is the man in whom they have placed their faith. It shows how depleted they are. And yet, the fools of White Whateverism / Alt-Faggotry see their choice as a sign the revolution has begun. HA! It's all so laughable.

1. Ronald McDonald Lays Low During Clown Hysteria
Flurry of creepy clown sightings forces Ronald McDonald to keep a low profile
Instead of making public appearances, he has decided to spend more time with friends, pursuing his hobbies.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Debate Horror Movie: Look Behind You, You Dumb White Bitch!

5. Forget baby showers! Young couples are holding 'vasectomy parties'
Wow! The Daily Mail! is really excited! about this! Why not call them what they are? White extinction parties!

4. Politician’s bizarre infomercial: Sexting teen boy was a bad idea
Still listed as "Honorable" Mike Yenni on the parish website. Hey, its not like he said he wanted to grab 'em by the anus, right? It's just bathhouse banter. Stop being so judgmental, Louisiana Republicans. END SARCASM

3. Veteran Posts Signs at Colleges Telling Whites to Be ‘Great Again’
The Veteran in question is veteran useful idiot Nathan Damigo. Damigo, having become an unemployable deplorable wants you too to expose yourself to accusations of what he calls "the R-word". Retardation, apparently. Damigo described Identity Evropa’s role as serving as a magnet to “attract high-quality individuals from doctors to lawyers to economists to our fraternity” “Once our network is large enough, the threat of being ‘outed’ or ‘coming out of the pro-white closet’” will be minimized, Damigo assures. Any Chalky smart enough to become a doctor, lawyer, or economist will know to steer clear of der Movement. Only if they are mentally ill or otherwise defective would such smart people become openly involved with White Whateverism. And what will be out of the closet is therefore their madness, for the whole world to point and laugh at while those crazy crackers stand on the unemployment line.

2. Kansas sheriff's deputy is kidnapped and sexually assaulted before being dropped off by her abductors two hours later
If only she had a gun, or pepper spray, or a taser, or even some self-defense training! Oh, wait. And this is who you get White man when you dial 9-1-1? Yay, equality! Anything a man can do, she can do better! Like getting raped, for example.

1. Debate Horror Movie: Look Behind You, You Dumb White Bitch!
Trump's pacing, lurking turn into a thing

I broke out laughing at the way Trump stalked Hillary last night. I called out in my Shaniquah McCullough voice "Look behind you, you dumb white bitch!, as I felt that is what any negress would have shouted in a theater when the psychopathic killer snuck up behind his victim in a horror movie.

Trump obviously did much better in last night's debate than he did the first debate, mainly because he stopped interrupting and let the miasma of Hillary Clinton's tedious, unpleasant delivery remind people how awful she is. The few meme-worthy jabs (or pussy grabs if you prefer) he got in helped too, but only by reassuring his base that he is still not beaten. The attacks on Bill Clinton I personally don't believe were strong enough or repeated enough to break through to a new audience. He needed to lay that foundation well before a hastily assembled press conference just before the debate. He needed to have Bill's rape scandals well into the public consciousness before he attacked her on it. Because he didn't, average people who heard the attack were left thinking "What was that all about?"

I don't believe his attacks shifted any more people into his camp than she can turn off simply by her droning on. But to keep silent as he did came at an obvious price. He prowled the stage like a mental patient. He also seemed exhausted and at the end of this rope, gripping his chair like he was either about to throw it at her or bring it crashing to the floor with him. As with the first debate - it was great entertainment for me! And as with the first debate - "it did not change the fundamental fact that these are two wealthy elites with mischling grandkids, who are both MultiKultists and are therefore anti-White."

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Mulatto Maker Pens Apologia for Her Racist Uncle

5. Upset teacher wrote ‘focus’ on a student’s forehead. Now, he’s charged with assault.
This reminded me of my third grade teacher, who locked a nigger boy in the supply room with the lights out as punishment for him not paying attention and being disruptive during class. I really have been taking some trips down racist memory lane lately.

4. Petition Calls for Hanging of Man Accused of Heinous Crime
A cracker pedophile raped and murdered a nine-month-old. Why is the perp still alive at this moment? Oh, yeah - because we live in a global insane asylum.

3.  Did Someone at Hospital Switch Multiple [Featherhead] Babies on Purpose? 
It was probably done accidentally by some Chalky devil who couldn't tell the inbred Asiatic spawn apart.

2. Inside the Trump Campaign's Moment of Crisis
Oh, I don't know. Perhaps this "crisis" is being overhyped in order to sell one hell of a comeback story if Trumpenfuhrer grabs Clinton by the pussy at tonight's debate (in other words, wins the debate). Again - the electorate is so polarized, it doesn't matter to their supporters what terrible things they have done, are doing, or will do. One thing that this election has exposed for me is just how without principles my Chalky conservative acquaintances truly are. I always knew they were soft on MultiKulturalism, but I thought it was because they were do-gooders who could be swayed by Leftist appeals to shared humanity. But I have been awakened to the reality that they really are just herd animals responding to the collective mood of their fellow cattle. As long as the herd collectively still backs the King of the Oompa Loompas, their principles are as easily cast aside to support him, as they were cast aside to accept the normalization of homosexuality, gay marriage "equality", and transgender bathroom liberation. And speaking of casting aside one's principles...

1. Mulatto Maker Pens Apologia for Her Racist Uncle
I Loved My Bigoted Uncle, and He Loved Us

In this article, a sub-ape-ess capitalizes on the trend of Leftists attempting to humanize those misguided crackers they believe Hillary unfairly castigated as a "basket of deplorables". Her article is rather convoluted, but to summarize it: While her marriage was falling apart with her White Trash husband, she went to live with her husband's racist uncle in Bumfuck, Louisiana. To her surprise, he welcomed her kindly and defended her against the nigger-hating townsfolk. She doesn't seem to realize she paints him with the tired old whitewash of White saviorism, but that is beside the point.

The authoress wants us to know that if her racist uncle were alive today, he would be a Trump supporter. However, that doesn't mean he would be irredeemable. In fact, from her perspective, much of the xenophobia and anti-black sentiment of people like her uncle stands in stark contrast with how they actually live their lives. As soon as he got a nigger in the family woodpile, he became a good little MultiKult cuck, but retained the bravado of the backwater bigot. Therefore, she sees hope for the basket of deplorables.

And that is why I, an uncompromising, unrepentant racist, have no hope for the so-called basket of deplorables - because this sub-ape-ess is right. I have witnessed it myself in the past couple of decades. The Slow March Left has proceeded to the point that the most reactionary elements in White society still applaud for queer rights at the Republican convention, applaud letting illegal beaners stay in the Kwa as long as they are some of the good'uns, and shout down someone who tries to question the Holoco$t. The fact that the Alt-Fag and White Whateverist camps almost uniformly give a pass to their yellow-fever-afflicted comrades, think Jews "look huWhite", and support a candidate with Jewish grandchildren should also amply demonstrate they are hopeless as well, viewed from racist eyes. Apologies for the Whities today, eulogies for the Whities tomorrow - ain't MultiKulturalism grand?

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Albino Chalkbot Pence "Beside Himself" Over Trump Pussy-Grabbergate

5. [Featherhead Beaner] Ordered to Buy Beer for Dad of Girl He Allegedly Raped
Quoting: A 55-year-old former pastor in Mexico was accused of sexually abusing an 8-year-old girl. His punishment? He had to buy her father two crates of beer. [...] The head of a human rights organization in Mexico says that under [indigenous] traditions and customs many sexual violence cases "are settled this way: with a bottle of liquor." Delightful! We have found the spot where Featherhead and Beaner stereotypes intersect!

4. Police find heroin and meth in women's apartment after spotting bright pink handwritten note taped to their front door warning against tipsters
Why even bother teaching "White" Trash how to read and write? It just leads to things like this, and this.

3. Study finds U.S. students, regardless of race, prefer teachers of color over white ones
This story reminded me of something I haven't mentioned in decades. The first black teacher I had was a sub-ape-ess science teacher in elementary school. I had a habit of finishing my assignments too quickly, at which point she would give me additional busy work, which I resented. A friend walked by and left me a note that asked: "What is wrong with her?" I wrote back, "She's a baboon." Of course, the babooness later found the note and questioned us about it. I denied anything to do with it, even though my friend ratted me out. Nothing more came of it because PC culture was just getting started at the time - lucky for me.

2. Vegan mom charged with malnourishing 11-month-old son
Quoting: Specialists found the 11-month-old had been suffering from developmental delays that left him at a “failure to thrive” level, and that his fruit-and-nut-only diet was causing physical deterioration. Had he died, I think a fitting punishment for her would have been to make her eat him.

1. Albino Chalkbot Pence "Beside Himself" Over Trump Pussy-Grabbergate
Report: Pence was 'beside himself' over Trump's 2005 remarks
I have trouble believing that Mike Pence has any emotions at all. If he is beside himself, it is because he returned to his android recharging station while his doppelganger in the neighboring pod was undergoing presidential software upgrades that delayed his redeployment to the campaign trail.

The Left is all abuzz because they think the Trump campaign is finally imploding.

The Right is in confusion because some guests on the party cruise have taken off in the lifeboats, while most are just standing dumbfounded or stammering as the ship takes on water.

Illustrating the plight of the Right and the Mass Media's love-hate relationship with Trumplingism, we have this CNN story: Congressman booed while disavowing Trump

Senate candidate Rep. Joe Heck gets a mixed reaction from the crowd while saying he can no longer support Donald Trump

CNN leads by saying he was booed. When you get to the content, you read it was a mixed reaction. And if you watch the video, you hear a brief smattering of applause for his disavowal, followed by a brief smattering of jeers, which ends with one insane woman howling boos at the back of the crowd while the rest of the crowd goes silent, not knowing what to make of any of it.

If any visitor has been making the rounds of Alt-Fag / White Whateverist media since the "scandal" broke, I'd be interested if you shared any howling you have overheard. For my part, for about the past month, I have cut out all Alt-Fag / White Whateverist media and websites from my nightly rounds of the interwebs. I did this because I wanted to challenge an assertion I often have heard from those groups. That assertion is that they have finally broken into the mainstream consciousness via Mass Media coverage. I wanted only to know what people who follow the Mass Media know about the Alt-Right. My conclusion - people who consume Mass Media know virtually nothing about der Movement. Generally, conservative media and commenters avoid talking about the Alt-Fags and White Whateverism, and Leftist media and commenters only talk about them to mock their failures, like this one.

Trump did something this time that is very unique - he apologized. Thus proving once and for all my oft-repeated point, which is the answer to yesterday's fill-in-the-blank : Political Correctness is not dead, despite Alt-Fag / White Whateverist assertions that Daddy Trump killed it. And now you have evidence even a Trumpling can believe - an apology from Daddy himself.


Friday, October 07, 2016

Sub-Ape-Ess Grandma Creates Social Justice Halloween Dummies

5. Male model films himself calling a black woman ‘gorilla’ — and gets promptly fired
These stories happen so frequently, you should know by now what I am going to say. Fill in the blank gentle readers: ___________________________________________________________

4. Tape of Trump's Crude Remarks About Women Rocks Campaign
"Grab 'em by the pussy." Good to know the Republican Presidential candidate this year is basically a white nigger.

3.  [Sub-ape] who laughed as he live streamed video of couple overdosed on heroin defends decision to post clip on Facebook
You know what? I appreciate this sub-ape's public service. He found two OD'ing crackers on a public street and humiliated them for the whole world to see. Good. Better than good. Outstanding. Those two are worse than niggers. Niggers at least have their sub-human DNA as an excuse.

2. NFL Ratings Are Tumbling
Niggerball less interesting when the groids take a knee during the National Anthem?

1. Sub-Ape-Ess Grandma Creates Social Justice Halloween Dummies
The story is actually pretty dull until you see dummy number five.

It's old Mr. 14% himself, Craig Cobb!

Thursday, October 06, 2016

But, Muh Overton Window: Trump Supporters Turn on White Whateverist at Rally

5. 'Time is up': Killer Matthew to hit Florida with 145mph in hours as storm becomes most powerful Hurricane to strike Florida in 12 YEARS amid warnings it will cause 'immense human suffering'
Outstanding. Let's hope it lives up to the hype.

4. Why this white pastor is not saying 'all lives matter'
Because he is a MultiKultist, like most Christians, and he knows that the future of Christianity is with mud people, not Chalkies. Too bad most Chalkies don't realize that themselves, and reevaluate their loyalty to Jebus.

3. Rosie O'Donnell ran into Ivanka Trump at dinner
It was such a weird coincidence! Rosie was rummaging through the dumpster out back of the Golden Corral, and Ivanka was behind it blowing the Heeb who owned the joint (as she is required to blow every Jew in the Kwa with a net worth greater than $100,000, per her daddy's NWO service contract).

2. Mike Pence Disavows Donald Trump’s Earlier Proposal Barring Muslims
The recuckening of the Republican party continues apace, as anyone with half a brain knew was inevitable. And on that note ...

1.  But, Muh Overton Window: Trump Supporters Turn on White Whateverist at Rally
Chaos breaks out at Trump rally as reporter tries to interview alt-right Holocaust denier

A man who claimed to represent the alt-right racist movement behind GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, was shouted down by fellow Trump backers who then turned on the reporter who was attempting to interview him Wednesday afternoon in Nevada. [...]

“The Nazi’s did not intentionally gas six million people, I do not accept that,” he is heard saying before being shouted down.

Garrett and the reporter are immediately surrounded by other Trump supporters outraged at the interview.

“Bullshit, man,” one man can seen yelling. “Why are you interviewing him? Interview somebody else. You’re not speaking the truth for us. You go speak for somebody else!”

Another Trump supporter then jumps in to shoutl, “Why doesn’t the media focus on the average Trump supporter, not this crazy fool?”

As Garrett is hustled away, two female Trump supporters push their way in front of the camera, with one woman exclaiming, “I don’t care what color they are, they love America. This guy is an idiot. And how dare this press push that!”

The Alt-Fag and White Whateverists do not understand what motivates the Trump movement they are trying to coopt. For the 1,000th time - the Overton Window has not shifted. Trump pulled back the curtain the Republican establishment used to cover part of the window. The union of Trailer Park White Trash and Frightened Geriatric Chalkies that back Trump is fundamentally a populist revolt of dog-whistled Republicans. It is not an awakening of White racial interest. These people are not racially awake, they do not want to be racially awakened, and they lurv kikes.

I will just keep saying it so that there is ample record of my protestations once the race is dead:

These people are sheep, as I warned the Trumplings. They follow Trump because he is a billionaire reality TV presidential candidate. The evidence is staring you in the face in this video. These people are not awake. They are still filled with the MultiKult poison, and will do as their celebrity mischling-grandpa tells them. Look at how they single out the lone dissenter (10:00). The herd is being shown who not to be. That's what the Mass Media has been doing for decades, pointing to White Whateverists and saying - don't be like him. Can't you see? Even if Trump gets elected, the masses are still poisoned against their own interests. Even a crowd of Trump supporters can be made to applaud coexisting in a Multicultural society [...] Please accept it Trumplings - Trump's sheep will not become your flock.

That paragraph was originally posted in response to Trumps softening his immigration rhetoric back in August. But isn't it interesting how well it fits with the video linked at RawStory?

I've never heard of the Chalky useful idiot in this story. If he is a plant, I thank him for inadvertently exposing how racially unawake the Trumplings are. If he is not a plant, I hope he learned something after being turned on by the "average Trump supporter". It is pretty sad that these Trailer Dwellers better understand the meaning of Trumplingism than someone who is allegedly racially awake and Jew wise.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Two Stale Loaves of Wonder Bread Hold VP Debate

5. Sports writers blast ‘racist’ man in gorilla suit and ‘All Lives Matter’ shirt who ran on field during NFL game. Then cops pull off his mask.
So it was a groid dressed as a gorilla all along! Officer McChalky could be excused if he tried to pull off what he thought was a second ape mask on the perp.

4. Young special needs boy, 10, who was 'deliberately set on fire by bullies' is fighting for life in hospital
Now, what happened to this child is absolutely terrible and wrong, and I would not be a merciful judge if the perpetrators were brought before me in a court of law, however (you knew there was going to be a however, didn't you?) where is the responsibility of the mother in this case? Quoting the mother: 'He considered these guys his friends, but they would make fun of him and pick on him and tease him. He was usually the brunt of that kind of joke, but he kept playing with them.' So you knew your special needs child was being disrespected and used as the brunt of a joke, but you did not intervene? People have to understand that normal kids do not want to form friendships with defectives. Kids group themselves by caste, in a similar way that adults do, but with more freedom to be overtly cruel about it if they are the bullying type. It should have raised red flags that these boys wanted to hang out with her son in the first place, but she was probably blinded by her own fantasies of mainstreaming her autist. And look how those fantasies turned out.

3. 7-year-old girl’s parents found dead of drug overdose after she told bus driver she couldn’t wake them upQuoting The Blaze: The children were unharmed, according to the Post, but nevertheless were taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated before being placed in child protective services. Sadly, the terrible fate these four young kids are facing is not that uncommon, according to Allegheny County health officials. Wait ... what?!? Now they are facing a "terrible fate"? Being placed in foster care instead of being raised by heroin addicts is a "terrible fate"? Aren't you right-wingers obsessed with touting how great an option foster/care adoption is? Isn't it your go-to answer for people considering abortion? If anything, the chances for these kids to have a decent life just went up substantially.

2. Adults at Chuck E. Cheese's pizza parlor erupt into all-out fistfights and hair-pulling
Oh, the Kwa. Where everyone, regardless of race, color, or creed, has an equal chance to devolve into a nigger.

1. Two Stale Loaves of Wonder Bread Hold VP Debate
Trump Takes ‘Credit’ for Pence’s Debate Performance
In so much as he chose a running mate who was a skilled debater, he does deserve credit. Pence skillfully deflected dozens of the Democrats most-oft-repeated criticisms of Trump, and left Kaine looking like a frustrated political hack. Not that it moved the needle in the polarized electorate, and not that we learned anything substantive about these two stuffed suits, but Pence showed everyone that the best way to deal with accusations is to brush them aside with all confidence that responding to them is what gives them power, because it puts the accused on the defensive. Trump didn't get that in his first debate with Hillary - and Kaine didn't get it either, as his constant interruptions last night made him look desperately defensive.

Still, in general, the whole thing was very dull for anyone who has been paying attention. There simply was nothing new at all last night. But here's a fun game to play after this boring affair. Ask random people to name who these two old crackers are in the pic above. You can even give them the names Pence and McCain and see how many don't even realize one of the options is wrong.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Gary Johnson: Special Needs Candidate

5. Holo[co$t] film gets secret screening in Gaza, leaving director fearing for his life
The film "follows the lives of eight Palestinian girls and two Israelis as they audition to play the role of young Jewish World War II diarist Anne Frank." It's rumored that Robin Williams was originally on board to play the part of Inky, the magical ballpoint pen from the future who helps Anne outwit her Nazee tormentors and save her prized marbles collection.

4. Election blindness: It’s the end of the world economy as we know it — and we feel fine
What's one more crisis? Nothing seems to derail the global ponzi scheme. If everyone collectively believes the law of gravity no longer applies, then we will all float away.

3. Japanese People Aren't Having Babies, So Toyota Built This Creepy Thing
And once again, the Japanese turn their affections upon non-human things. To me, the demographic destruction of the Japanese people supports the argument that the "genocide" of White people is a self-inflicted suicide (geno-suicide) brought about by their active dysgenic pursuits. Unless some White Whateverists want to argue with a straight face that the all-powerful Juden have been using their hypnotic sheeny-powers to make the Japanese a nation of chronically-masturbating recluses?

2. The most retarded wedding ever - Special ed teacher touches the hearts of thousands after giving each of her students a role in her wedding
Are you with the bride or the groom? POTATO! And speaking of retards...

1. Gary Johnson: Special Needs Candidate - I can't start wars with places if I can't find them on a map
That wouldn't get in Trump's way, so why should it get in yours, Gary? Would you please just go back to biting your tongue?

Gary makes Admiral Stockdale almost seem coherent by comparison. Isn't it incredible that Gary is a presidential candidate? Not as incredible as the fact Trump is a candidate, but if you wanted to understand the depths to which the Kwa has sunk, this election year is the proverbial lead weight at the end of the national rope.

Monday, October 03, 2016

CDN Endorses RMOD for Presbidemf of the Kwa

5. Mayor's House Egged Following Fatal Police Shooting of 18-Year-Old
#BrownEggsSplatter. Egging? Who coordinated this particular expression of rage against the machine? A 10-year-old trick-or-treater?

4. Battle for Islamic State stronghold could trigger a new crisis: a million displaced Iraqis
Angela Merkel is moist just thinking about it.

3. Dozens Rail Against California Gandhi Statue: They say the peace proponent was racist, sexist, a pedophile
And "they" are correct. This is another example of the MultiKult eating their own, and it's a beautiful thing.  The article tries to put up a halfhearted defense of the pervert Gandhi, but ends up admitting the protestors have a point: The protesters said Gandhi was a racist and a child molester, which KCRA notes "is a narrative that is not supported by mainstream historical scholars." [...] the pedophile comments come from Gandhi's practice of testing his chastity vow by sleeping naked with his teen grandnieces. It's similar to how mainstream scholars don't support the narrative MLK was a plagiarist, even though they admit he was.

2. School district fires educator over racist posts about First Lady
She referred to Moochelle as a "poor gorilla". Funny, but inaccurate. Moochelle is a very rich gorilla. Yet another (near) daily reminder from Adrean Arlott that political correctness has not been defeated, despite the Alt-Fag insistence that their daddy has destroyed it.

1. CDN Endorses RMOD for Presbidemf of the Kwa

Trump? Hillary? Why not vote for a destructive meteor capable of killing us all?
Indeed. But the Sweet Meteor of Death cited in the article linked above is not the right meteor for the job. Instead, CDN is endorsing the Racist Meteor of Death. The "impact" will be the same, but the meteor itself will wear black face while entering the atmosphere.

This marks the first election cycle in which Compulsory Diversity News has endorsed a presbidemfal canduhday for duh US of Kwa, but the Racist Meteor of Death is just the sort of change this country needs.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Is Teddy Ruxpin Responsible for Furry Fetishism?

5. Clinton: 'My worries are not the same as black grandmothers'
Your worries aren't the same as White grandmothers either, so shut the fuck up, cunt.

4. Man repeatedly yells ‘Bill Clinton is a rapist’ during live Fox News segment
Apparently, this stunt was prompted by Alex Jones offering $5,000 for the trolling. I'm sure his supporters will think those were donations well spent. On the topic of communist rapists...

3. Forgotten story of Polish nuns gang-raped and made pregnant by advancing Soviet troops
Forgotten? The allies deliberately concealed the crimes of the Soviet troops against the people they were "liberating" in order to keep the meat grinder of the Eastern Front cranking. Every Christian in Western Europe is morally responsible for the atrocities their satanic ally committed during the "Good War" (i.e. the Death of Western Civilization). Perhaps that can help explain why the "victors" of that war are afflicted with their geno-suicidal impulses.

2. Philippines President Apologizes to Jewish Community After Holocaust Analogy
Remember that line about determining who rules over you? Duterte crossed a line der Trumpenfuhrer has yet to cross. Then again, Duterte doesn't have mischling grandchildren.

1. Is Teddy Ruxpin Responsible for Furry Fetishism?
Teddy Ruxpin Is Back to Delight/Terrify New Generation

Teddy Ruxpin is back, and the first thing I thought was I bet there are some internet freaks who can't wait to hook up with their old childhood friend for some grown up fun. I am referring to the furry fetishist community, who like to dress as talking, anthropomorphic animals and (typically) get aroused by doing so.

But could toys like Teddy Ruxpin explain why a generation of furry deviants arose? Sure, why not? There has to be some explanation for human attraction to fantasy anthropomorphic characters. Perhaps introducing children to the concept of loving sentient animal/humanoid hybrid creatures, along with the concomitant rise in beliefs that no type of love is deviant, are together jointly to blame. Seems plausible to me. Something has got to explain this: