Monday, December 07, 2015

US Soliders to Get Another Man's Penis

Sheesh, another blow for don't ask don't tell, quoting ...

We know about missing arms and legs. But US troops have also suffered a "hidden injury" in Iraq and Afghanistan—genitalia destroyed by bomb blasts. Now, doctors at Johns Hopkins University say they want to try repairing these wounds with experimental penis transplants [...]

I've a hard time believing such a thing won't get cocked up by some surgeon making a boner during the procedure. But perhaps it is premature to come to the conclusion that this won't give wounded soldiers another chance to stand erect, with their heads held high.

That is apparently what the doctors hope...

Sexual function should return, doctors say, along with feelings of identity and manhood—as long as recipients can live with another man's penis.

That's the compromise Barrack made when he married Michelle. Continuing to quote:

But it has succeeded in only one of two past attempts; in the failed case, in China in 2006, the 44-year-old recipient had the transplant removed when patches of its skin died and he and his wife suffered psychological problems,

Oh my God! Those Chinese monsters have no decency! How many babies did they slaughter to obtain a penis small enough to fit properly on a Chinese man?!? This is an outrage!

The wife of a paralyzed veteran learned that when she asked her husband whether he would want his arms or his penis functioning again, the Military Times reported last year. "He's like, 'I don't care about my arms!'" she says. "I was shocked because all I wanted was a hug. But hey, he's a guy."
Technically speaking he's not, otherwise you wouldn't have had to have that conversation, now would you?


  1. Technically he is a guy who got fucked fighting for a government that wants to genocide his race. Fuck this country and Fuck you fat faggot

    1. You parrot the propaganda and the go-to slurs of the White Whateverists, but your heart is still cuckservative. Support the troops no matter what. They can't be held responsible for what their Zionist masters command them to do. And if those good ol' White army boys (dicks still attached) are told to round you up to make the world safe from hate speech, perhaps it will be your genitals they crush during interrogation, like they did for them evil Nazzies. Perhaps it will be you left to starve in prison camps by America's White soldiers, just as they left Germans and Confederates to starve - because JOOOOZZZZZ made them do it.

      Do you know what is so sad about you? That red-pilled as you think you are, you can still be manipulated by the Mass Media Morons so damned easily. This "guy" you are defending isn't a person in this article - he is a prop. He is being used to manipulate your feelings by triggering your own fears of emasculation. To do that, they describe him being emasculated twice - once by a bomb, and secondly by his wife discussing his missing dick with the Mass Media. She doesn't realize it, but she unwittingly advanced the narrative that a man is not complete without his dick, by saying her man would prefer his dick over functioning arms. That's the message the author wanted you to take away, and it was an attack on masculinity in general.

      "Hey, he's a guy." No, he is not - you have emasculated him by having that conversation. That was what I was mocking. Let him talk to the media himself, if he is so inclined. In a sane society, a wife would NEVER want to talk about that topic with the press. And in our insane society, should the discussion have been reversed, and a husband had said of his wounded wife "I just want a hug, but she wants her tits back. But hey, she's a girl." What do you think the reaction would have been? He would have been crucified as anti-woman. His anti-woman message would have been discussed on The View the next morning for millions to bellyfeel with two minutes of outrage. Anti-male propaganda gets no such response. Instead, it gets defended by idiot cuckservative crackers like you.

      If your caliber of thinking is the best White Whateverism has to offer, no wonder it is in such a piss poor condition. Go back to spamming White genocide cliches until you develop some critical thinking skills - or at least until you stop mixing alcohol with internet commentary.

      Better yet, why don't you go try to tell the wounded soldier and his blabbermouth wife that they serve an evil system that wants to genocide White people - I'm sure they would have as kind words for you, as you had for me.

  2. I suspect fags will now injure themselves on purpose to have an extra muh dik

    In other fag related news ohio brother and sister have exchanged genders,search google for rai mcgarrity ohio

    The parents are so happy "look at me look how progressive and liberal I am,give me a medal"

    1. An excellent find.

      Nature itself has declared an end to that line, and good on it for doing so. If parents fail 2/2 times to produce sexually normal children, their genetics should not be reproduced.

      An ironic detail about this article is how it describes the boy doing/liking girly things and the girl doing/liking boyish things - that's how they knew the genders were mixed-up. But this is actually counter-Leftist-revolutionary thinking, because all activities, colors, and objects are supposed to be gender neutral and cannot be used to define masculinity, femininity, or sexual preference. Yet, the article goes to great lengths to convince readers that the genders are wrong because the kids preferences are the inverse of society's expectations! It must be so confusing being a Leftist.

    2. The link: