Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Nazi with the Auschwitz Tramp Stamp

I have been repeatedly asked to provide warnings prior to posting unpleasant images that I find funny. To honor those requests, I submit the following:

ACHTUNG!!! Muffin topping ahead. Prepare yourself accordingly.


A far-right German politician who has a concentration camp and a Nazi slogan tattooed on his back could be imprisoned after he showed it off at a swimming pool.

Marcel Zech, 27, has been charged with incitement after appearing in public with a detailed drawing of the entrance to Auschwitz just above his swimming shorts.

He also has the saying Jedem das Seine ('to each his own') written under the drawing, which was captured by a shocked photographer at pool in Oranienburg, a town 15 miles outside Berlin.

Top 5 Jokes for The Nazi with the Auschwitz Tramp Stamp:
1) Obviously no starvation rations at that death camp.
2) Pass the strudel - he wants to add another couple of barracks.
3) If you are asking where the "tracks" are to the gate ... I will leave the rest of that joke to your imagination.
4) This is not a scale model - it is depicted life size.
5) The poison gas facility is just a bit further down in this picture.


  1. The Germans are competing with the swedes to be the most cucked libtard euro country.
    Muh holocaust has gone full circle,now the Germans are being lampshaded by goat fucking Syrians

    1. I am inclined to agree. But where could the Muzzies possibly find a lamp large enough upon which to place a lampshade made from this fellow?

  2. It's not surprising, but it's creepy that NOTHING escapes the panopticon eye of the Jew World Order: you can't EVEN have a nice day out at the swim park without some nosey Big Brother wannabee reporting your comical little tat. ALL of this will end with sniveling submission to the Jooz... or a raging "Day of the Rope" rebellion.

    1. The sniveling submission to the Jews part is actually called the status quo.

  3. Crap. You beat me to the tracks joke.