Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Inconvenience of Living in the US of 'Kwa

Today, I stopped at a convenience store in order to obtain a product that I was willing to pay 30 extra cents for in order to avoid the holiday crowds at a less convenient retailer. Unfortunately, the typical nonsense of living in the US of 'Kwa got in the way, and turned what should have taken 5 minutes into a 30 minute tour of the degeneration of Western Civilization.

My first 'Kwanian encounter on this occasion involved finding two enormous black water buffalo blocking the aisle I needed to get to. They were both talking on cell phones while looking at each other and repeating what was being said by the different people they were talking to. The sub-ape version of a conference call, I supposed. But I chose not to exercise my White privilege and ask for passage "Out of Africa", and instead simply walked down the next aisle and circled back down the water buffalo aisle from the opposite direction. I overheard a bit of the conference, which I will relay below:

She say she don't have that.
She don't have that.
She ax do she want that?
What she say?
She say do she want that?
She say do you want that?
She say she don't know - do she want that?
She say she don't know - she ax do you want that?

I never did find out if she want that. But I got my product and hustled to the check out counter. There were two registers running. At one was another negress, and at the other was a lesbian couple and their turkey baster daughter. I could tell they were going to be trouble when the butchier one sent her woman back for something they had forgotten and the cashier said - "Oh, OK." and stopped the checkout mid-process. My only hope now was that the Negress would complete her purchase speedily. What hope was there of that?

Please excuse this brief digression. I have mentioned several times before that flies and black people have an intimate relationship. Here it is, December in the Washington DC area, and there is a big black fly buzzing around this woman. It lands on one shoulder, scuttles around, lifts off, and lands on her rump, lifts off and lands on her head and scuttles around some more. I dubbed the fly's inner monologue in my mind - "This is the largest piece of shit I have ever seen! It all smells so bad, I don't know where to begin!".

Then the cashier says to the sub-ape-ess ... would you like to sign up for our special deals club, you'll get a discount on this purchase and ... blah ... blah ... blah. The longer the pitch went on without a response, the more dread I felt that the answer was going to be yes, and sure enough it was. So now the cashier is reviewing the brochure and helping the sub-ape-ess fill it out so she can get 10% off watermelon flavored tampons or whatever the hell that monkey was buying. I looked behind me in line, and there are three more customers. A Muslim woman in a headscarf buying pharmaceuticals, a Mexican woman with a two-pack of Barbie dolls and three beanerettes in tow (Feliz Navidad girls, hope you like sharing), and a old black man with a box of donuts. And at that instant I had this strange disassociative moment, where I could imagine the camera panning back and a voice-over saying, "That was when Adrean realized, he was the last White man left in Amerikwa."

I lost track of time waiting for the lesbian mama #2 to return and the sub-ape-ess to complete her application. It took less than 30 seconds for me to complete my turn at the register - oh, for the whole world to be run by efficient White men - and I was out to the parking lot. When I saw the clock in the car say I had been in the store thirty minutes, I groaned. And it was at that moment that the final 'Kwanian encounter on this occasion occurred. Trying to back up, I saw a porcine piece of White trash standing in the street stamping her hoof and making punching gestures at the ground. Even with the car running, I could hear her shrieking, "Come awwwhhhnn, come awwwhhhnn. Come here now! Come awwwhhhnn." And I am waiting again ... my car in reverse ... sitting and watching this pig woman block traffic while throwing a fit at something as yet unseen. So what do you think hopped out of the backseat of her car and ran up to her? Two mudlings, approximately 5 and 7 years old. She grasped the smaller one by its wrist and yanked it out of the street while the other one trailed after her.

And what did I do? I laughed ... I can't help it. There is nothing left to do. It all just strikes me as funny.


  1. I will share my story from the jewnited Kingdom

    It started at the bank,there were two customers being served,one was an old nigger mammy and the other was a young curry muncher(imagine the stench)
    ,after 35 mins of waiting I lost my temper and screamed "fucking hurry up"
    Predictably the mammy turned around and called me "racis" I told her "bananas on sale"

    Next I did some shopping,there were 3 homos and a sheboon loudly laughing as these morons always do
    I told the dumb ape security guard they were stealing stuff,he told me he doesn't speak English

    As I was walking towards my car I saw a white guy with a charity bucket collecting donations for syria,he asked me for money,i told him to get a real job,the pussy threatened to call the police

    1. I'm sorry you had such an irritating day. I try to minimized contact with the public as much as possible. When I do have such contact, the degeneration of the West is on full display.

  2. Oh my God, look at that picture. Did you take that? Do you live in New York or something? That is fucking awful. Look at all those hideous orcs. And the little girl glaring into the camera--what a damn abomination. Any "parent" that pets and tucks that thing into bed at night is deranged or likewise hideous. Whoever dotes on monsters cannot be trusted and should be shunned. Whenever I see white women with mudlings I look them in the eye. They always instantly look ashamed when our eyes meet--they know what they did was wrong. Sadly, I live in the geometric center of the country and it looks almost as bad here. Rapidly worsening. They make us live among animals and stifle all complaint so as to degrade and humiliate us. Merry Christmas!

    1. No, the picture is not mine, but I had the same horror you did when I first saw it. That malevolent mulatto maniac almost seems to be bursting forth from the nigger's chest like an new hybrid alien life form. That "child" is an embodiment of the Kwa, a demonic spirit at the heart of the non-White invasion. Ugly, dour, brooding, and diseased, carried about like the deformed child in The Camp of the Saints.

  3. I was laughing so hard and ocularly wetly over the Sub Ape Polycom that I misread this:

    "a lesbian couple and their turkey baster daughter"

    As "a lesbian couple and their turnkey bastard ugh'ter."

    True, reading CDN while drinking single malt artisan rye makes corpus collosum play wildly with all manner of associative thinking/perception.

    Still, I am going to start using "turnkey bastard ugh'ter" for all lesbisprogs. Nobody will understand it but me, but I will return to this entry again and again in my mind, laughing in that way I do when...well, when I think about those CDN pieces on Mongoloid Hamlet and Devolution is Real.

  4. ugh'ter is the best medicine. However, alcohol and racism don't always have the best relationship - so it is best not to be in public if the two will be mixed! The greatest proof I have that there is no such thing as a psychic is that people haven't denounced me for my racist thoughts.