Thursday, December 24, 2015

Narrative Complete: Trump is Hero to White Supremacists

This from the Washington Post online:

How America’s dying white supremacist movement is seizing on Donald Trump’s appeal

For large numbers of Americans, Trump’s blunt rhetoric surrounding immigration, minority groups and crime may sound like finely tuned retrograde vitriol. But for [...] a growing number of white nationalists flocking to the campaign’s circus-like tent, the billionaire sounds familiar, like a man fluent in the native tongue of disaffected whites.

Good work White Whateverists "leaders". Wagons firmly hitched. Get this guy to drag you along a bit so you can squeeze a few more shekels from your gullible followers and get another 30 pieces of silver from the media to slime the next public figure they want to write a hit piece on.

Trump is not pro-White and he is not going to restore the US of 'Kwa to its former glory. I write this now so that it can be ignored or contradicted over the next few days and then ignored or rationalized away in a year from now. Now let's hear from the White Whateverist media puppets, and please, please, please, (for the love of Jebus!) please, remember what these "leaders" were saying now when all this comes to naught in future. Look at just how badly these figures bungled their media exposure and realize why White Whateverism is the endless cavalcade of failures it is.

Oh, and Merry Christmas.

***Trump gives the Klan talking points.***

Rachel Pendergraft — the national organizer for the Knights Party, a standard-bearer for the Ku Klux Klan — told The Washington Post that the KKK, for one, has a new conversation starter at its disposal. In addition to opening “a door to conversation,” she said, Trump’s surging candidacy has done something else: It has electrified some members of the movement.

***Trump's message resonates with David Duke.***

[...] former Louisiana politician and KKK Grand Wizard David Duke [...] told The Post that while he has not officially endorsed Trump, he considers the candidate to be the “best of the lot” at the moment. “I think a lot of what he says resonates with me,” Duke said.

***Trump's supporters are more racist than he would like to admit.***

Jared Taylor, the editor of American Renaissance, a white-nationalist magazine and website based in Northern Virginia, told the New Yorker that Trump may be in denial about the makeup of his base. “I’m sure he would repudiate any association with people like me,” Taylor told the magazine, “but his support comes from people who are more like me than he might like to admit.”

***Trump is the "great white hope" of White Supremacy***

Site founder Don Black told The Post that Trump has “inspired an insurgency” for users of the site and listeners of a Stormfront radio show. “It’s all very surprising to me,” Black said. “I would have never expected he be the great white hope, of all people. But it’s happening. So that’s what we talk about. That’s what so many of our people are inspired by.”

***Trump supporters are furious White people.***

 Kevin MacDonald — described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “the neo-Nazi movement’s favorite academic” — wrote that Trump’s candidacy is helping America realize that a “very large number of White people are furious” about the where the country is headed.
 ***Trump plays on fears of Whites scared of losing majority status.***

[Richard] Spencer, called “one of the country’s most successful young white nationalist leaders” by the SPLC, told the New Yorker that Trump reflects “an unconscious vision that white people have — that their grandchildren might be a hated minority in their own country. I think that scares us. They probably aren’t able to articulate it. I think it’s there.”

***Trump brings racists back into the Republican Party.***

 “It’s exciting to see, and I didn’t expect it,” [Matthew] Heimbach told The Post. The onetime member of the neo-Confederate League of the South never thought he’d be back under the Republican umbrella. But then Trump began talking about “building a great, great wall on our southern border.”


  1. To me trump is exactly the same as farage,they both talk tough but dindu nuffins
    As long as the joooz are in control amerikwa is a shithole

    1. If either of them could successfully stop the collective-suicide of the White race, I would be happy to contribute my life savings to the monuments built in their honor. I have seen no tangible accomplishments in this regard from either of them - and they have both had plenty of time and money to try to move the needle.

  2. Trump is shifting the Overton window rightward for the first time in my life. That alone is worth supporting, unless it interferes with some development, movement or vision of yours that you have yet (as far as I can see) to articulate on this site. Otherwise, I don't know why it would frustrate you so much. What were you hoping for instead?

    1. The great Overton window - now where do I keep hearing about this? Ah yes - every defense of Der Daily Interracial Cuckold Porn Stormer and the Quadroon Streicher begins and ends with an appeal to the Overton window. The Overton window is a fantasy. As long as the Marxist school system and Kike Media complex are raising White kids, the next generation will be smaller and further left than this generation. That is a vision that I have articulated for you over and over again. Change occurs generation to generation, not within generation. The brains of the adult masses are done baking, you can press them into a mold after the fact, but it will not be the same as baking them into the mold in the first place.

      Please refer to the post "Putrump" where I shared another vision - our pro-White "leaders" are latching on to Trump like lampreys, and once full, they shit into the gaping mouths of their followers, feeding the delusion that a Trump victory will return Kwanian Whites to the top of the human refuse heap the way it was circa 1950. All talk of White separatism and White genocide have been put on hold while Trumpism becomes the new White Hope. All three ideas will prove equally ineffective - that is my vision of the future.

      Nothing frustrates me about Trump. If you read this post as a condemnation of Trump or as frustration with him, you are way out in left field. Saying that Trump is not going to help the pro-White cause is not a criticism of Trump because I don't believe he is pro-White! I take him at face value and don't look for coded messages that fit tinfoil fantasies. This is about criticizing the worthlessness of White Whateverist leadership and the gullibility of their followers. I don't care about Trump anymore than I care about any other one of the elites. He is drawing on his previous experiences to turn the presidential race into "reality" television. I find it rather amusing. However, I stand by this vision and will continue to repeat it so that it may be disbelieved in the present and dismissed when it comes to pass in the future - "Trump is not pro-White and he is not going to restore the US of 'Kwa to its former glory."

      The most important lesson for White people to take from Trump is ***never apologize*** to the Leftists. Everything else he is peddling is theater that appeals to a neglected demographic he wants market access to. This is what made talk radio and FoxNews so successful - becoming the one and only voice speaking to conservative Whites. But what have they conserved? Here is another vision I have shared with you - The Slow March Left. Conservatives conserve nothing - they are simply slow Leftists. The conservative positions of today are indistinguishable from the liberal positions of 30 years ago, and the conservative principles of 30 years ago are now called fascism. Trump holds a mix-bag of MultiKultist and John Birch positions that he grabs from as needed. Trump is today's FoxNews, which was yesterday's talk radio, which was the day before that's National Review. This is not Trump's problem, it is White America's problem - they lost control of the media and education systems and have been permitted only one outlet at a time. But eventually, all those outlets proved to be slow Leftists.

      The problem with my visions is that they are Cassandra warning of the Trojan horse. You want visions that tell you the horse symbolizes victory or else you don't consider what I am posting vision-worthy. I think it can be as useful to be told negative things that are going to happen if they give you a chance to adjust your behavior accordingly. Instead, since they are negative, they are denied because hoping-for-the-best is all this so-called Movement has going for it.

    2. As for forming a movement - I am not qualified to do so and I admit it. This is a racist joke site and has never claimed to be anything but. Read these "leader"'s quotes - they are laughable, freaking laughable. My approach relies on seeing the Decline of the West as the largest tragicomedy in human history.

      I role my eyes with each new "Movement" that comes along. "Become who we are." Gag. How many more fancy repackagings of the same crap gift do you people want? I don't see anyone qualified to lead a pro-White movement at this time, but I do see a lot of media attention whores playing their part in this farce. Wouldn't it be nice if some of these White Whateverist hacks that have been granting media interviews realized they too are not qualified to lead a movement and then declined to be interviewed by the enemy media about anything other than whatever book or conference they are shilling? Wouldn't it be nice if they stopped hitching a ride on a much bigger fish, parasitically feeding as they go? By DATGOY, some of them have failed to secure a future for their own White children, how in the world can they secure one for all White children? Here's another vision I have repeatedly shared - stop looking for a der fuhrer to rescue you with new drapes on the same Overton window. Create something and contribute your vision to other White-minded people. I have linked on the main page sites I think contribute something unique and useful to other badthink outcasts like myself. I am under no illusions that they agree with even 25% of my opinions, but I appreciate their content nonetheless.

  3. Funny how the cuck stormer failed to mention glorious leader trump recently had a meeting with sheldon adelson.

    "He is our saviour" what a bunch of fags

    Anglin vigorously masturbates to pictures of trump and ching chongs

    1. It saved Trump the hassle of putting on a yarmulke and end up getting screwed by kikes anyhow. He leaves that to his daughter.

      It is incredible. Trump has mischling grandchildren, and he is the Great White Hope of White Whateverists. This can't be real. It's why I keep saying that a reasonable explanation for the fever-dream conditions of this world is that we are actually in Hell, being exposed to nonsensical renderings of the decline of the White race.

      I wondered why the QS wasn't quoted in the Washington Post's anti-Trump propaganda piece. If he turned down an interview request about Trump, than good on him. Praise where praise is due.

      Still, I don't think there is a White Whateverist website more devoted to Trump than der Daily. The message is just sit around posting Trump-as-Hitler memes until Nov 2016 when der Amerikwan fuhrer gets elected, then those kikes have had it. I suppose Trump will then send his own grandchildren off to the concentration camps once he is done partitioning the United States by race.

  4. You roll your eyes. Role is a part in a play.

    The murder by media website has been suspended.

    1. Dear spellchecker,

      I'm sorry eye mistyped won word out of thousands, but I appreciate that ewe took the thyme to reed my comment thoroughly. If eye could correct it four ewe, I wood.

      If anyone happens to know where MBM may have resettled, do please let us know.

    2. Wele iff u wood dgust spele they wurds rite ect.

      Really, I am thankful that your spelling is correct most of the time, and I agree with you about Trump. I don't think I will leave any more comments.

    3. Technically, the word was spelled correctly, but used incorrectly. My joke was based on homophones that don't trigger the electronic spellchecker that most of us (who actually still give a crap) rely on these days.

      The only way to never make a mistake is to never leave a comment.

  5. I'm gonna vote for the guy only in hopes that he might put a few of my old grad school classmates out of work in their Dem and Rep political marketing firms.

    Hail Eris!

    1. A reasonable strategy, of which she would no doubt approve.

  6. I'll admit to getting a schoolgirlish tingle after hearing Trump's first few pronouncements. But you're right: even if elected he'll probably resort to some "hands tied" excuse as to why he can't enact his campaign promises. But this country has been compromised by the Juice from 1913 on, so it's all pretty hopeless. When a certain "segment" of society controls the entertainment/"news" media, the educational system (K-22), the legal/political system, AND the Fed Reserve/banking system, it would take a 3rd Reichish overthrow to change things one jot, and we all know 'Muricans aren't up to the task. Allow me to posit a couple minor benefits to voting for a winning Trump ticket: for 2-3 months we could watch liberals' heads explode as a "racist" ascends to the presidency, and it won't matter who wins anyway because the U.S. WILL experience a insolvency reckoning coming down the pike. Okay, laugh, but THAT'S what I'm hanging my white whateverist hat on. Increasingly, you can see evidence throughout the world for it: what with calls for negative interest rates on bank deposits, England proposing limits on pension savings, etc. When Johnny Jock and Kathy Kardashian can't max out their credit cards anymore while the gov't STILL insists on taking care of beaners, Bantus and jihadis, maybe that's when
    all the lovingly cached firearms finally see some use.
    That's my wet dream and I'm sticky-ing to it.

    1. I won't laugh at that, as it is not coming from a figurehead of White Whateverism speaking for "us"/"we", or someone disparaging me for disagreeing with those who have the audacity to think they speak for White Whateverism in general.

      We are approaching the 20th anniversary of the publishing of the book Civil War II by Thomas Chittum. Have you ever read it? It predicted the political dissolution of the US into ethnic enclaves. Today, it seems as prescient as Red Dawn.

      What if the economic collapse doesn't come in another 20 years? Or 40? Or 60? Or within the lifetime of children born today? What opportunities will have been wasted by those who waited? What resources will have been squandered? If it doesn't happen, will there be any regret for having waited?

      Skilled, talented, and supporter-funded White Whateverists have wasted the past several months compromising their principles in order to support Trumpism. When it becomes evident that this too was a failed endeavor, will anyone look back with regret at what was wasted?