Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mudshark Murders 2 Children, Tries to Starve a 3rd to Death

Again, and again, the pattern repeats, race mixers and mixed-race people are dangerous, defective trash. Quoting ...

On Facebook, Tami Joy Huntsman was all about the children. [...] In real life, though, Huntsman, 39, appears to have been anything but a great mother. On Friday evening, authorities in the rural Northern California town of Quincy received a tip about child abuse at an apartment where Huntsman and her 17-year-old boyfriend, Gonzalo Curiel, were staying. When agents from Plumas County child protective services arrived at the address, they were sickened by what they discovered.

In a locked car outside the apartment, agents found a 9-year-old girl barely clinging to life. The girl, reported to be Huntsman’s niece, had been starved down to 40 pounds and had broken bones in her shoulder and fingers. Her jaw was dislocated, and her teeth were missing or loose. She had open sores and was infested with lice.

This was not the only relative Huntsman was responsible for ...

... [detectives] learned that two other children were unaccounted for: 3-year-old Delylah Tara and 6-year-old Shaun Tara. According to Action News Now, Huntsman is also Shaun and Delylah’s aunt. She became their guardian after her sister was killed in a traffic accident two years ago.

 When investigators interrogated Curiel, though, he told them about a storage locker in Redding, 130 miles northwest of Quincy. [...] When Redding police cut the lock off the Enterprise Store-All unit’s door Sunday, they discovered the bodies of two children.The tiny bodies had been stuffed inside plastic tote containers, according to the Plumas News.

Race mixing is merely a symptom of mental deviance. That is why it is never a surprise to learn about the other depraved acts race mixers commit. If a person is mentally sound, said person would not be committing bestiality with nig-nogs in the first place. When a person willingly engages in something so sick, you will more likely than not also encounter at the same time other depravity ... drug addiction, child abuse, criminality, violence, alcoholism, self-mutilation, suicide, torture, venereal disease, familial dysfunction, and endless dependence on the welfare system just to meet basic life needs.

It is all too common to simply blame the nig-nogs for bringing their inherent dysfunctionality into such relationships and dragging the Chalky down with them. But that is neither fair nor reasonable. Had the Chalky not been a deviant in the first place, the episode of race mixing would not have occurred. And too often it is overlooked that the vast majority of American nig-nogs are in fact mixed-race themselves - spawn of White male chimpo-philiacs who could somehow become aroused enough to have their way with a negro-babooness.

Even the casual, college-fling style interracial romance, glossed over as the Chalky returns to his/her own people to find marriage material, would still not have been possible without some inherent mental weakness, some failure of character or upbringing, some niggling perversion that was indulged and therefore remains like a slow-growing brain tumor, taking the place of healthy tissue. Such people must be watched carefully for signs of malignancy. Of course, if I was legally empowered to be their physician, I would have some very special treatments in mind to cure them.


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    1. I can understand blaming the JOOOOZZZ for their endless promotion of miscegenation for others, but I won't let White race mixers off the hook that easily because of it. The Amerikwan Negro got most of its White blood via White male bestiality that occurred a century before Hollyweird and Cultural Marxism. The perversion is innate, the Jews help mainstream it, and cowardly Whites let it flourish.

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