Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Met Sued Over Aryan Jesus Paintings

This lawsuit doesn't have a chance, but it is fun to read about nonetheless, quoting:

A Manhattan man is suing New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art over the inclusion of four paintings depicting Jesus Christ as blond-haired and white.

Justin Renel Joseph filed the lawsuit at Manhattan Supreme Court on November 30, calling the paintings depicting an “Aryan" Jesus “racist" in the court documents. He labelled the public display of the masterpieces an “offensive aesthetic whitewashing," and called for them to be removed because they represented an “extreme case of discrimination," the New York Post reported.

 Let's take a look at this offensive blonde-Jesus artwork:

Just kidding. That's pretty funny though. Let's try again:

Not a nigger in sight. RACIST!!! What possible justification could there be for such bigotry? Continuing to quote:

Metropolitan Museum spokesperson Elyse Topalian said, “When they were painted, it was typical for artists to depict subjects with the same identity as the local audience. This phenomenon occurs in many other cultures, as well."

In response to this assertion, Joseph told artnet News: "They're basically saying these artists painted everyone to look like them, which is not true. Obviously when black people have a lesser role, it's acceptable to have them in painting."

No you dumb nigger, they said artists depicted subjects with the same identity as the local audience. You turned that into "look like them". On the other hand, the Metropolitan is overstating their case a bit, as the artworks being complained about span two centuries, and during that time, European artists were as capable of depicting niggers, as they were convinced Jesus was not one.


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