Sunday, December 13, 2015

Melungeon 1/2 Woman Dead - Hollyweird Mourns

When I first read this story, I vaguely remembered seeing images of this 1/2 woman...

Rose Siggins, who appeared on American Horror Story: Freak Show, died on Saturday morning at the age of 43, PEOPLE can confirm.

"I can confirm that the sad news is indeed true," Siggins' manager James Mullen told PEOPLE, adding that a GoFundMe page has been set up to defray Siggins' medical expenses and to help support the actress' two children, Luke and Shelby. 

From those vague memories, a question immediately arose - she had two kids? How? Let me show you why that question should be asked ...

"Ah!", you are saying to yourself. "How could she have two kids when the lower half of her body was embedded in concrete?" No - the lower half of her body was missing, not embedded in concrete. She had no pelvis or legs. Her abdominal and pelvic organs were just kind of ... there ... in a sack of toughened skin that served as her stomach-ass.

Well, maybe her kids were adopted. No - unfortunately for the sake of my sanity, she produced her children naturally - er... that is in no way the right word. Apparently, she was fucked in the aforementioned sack of toughened skin that serves as her stomach-ass-cooch, and impregnated by her husband, Dave. Here's what he had to say about that process:

Rose and Dave lead a normal sex life, the only comment Dave has made are that the legs don’t get in the way.

Just now, I momentarily collapsed from the psychological strain of living in this global insane asylum. So that you can understand what I mean by that ... First, I want you to consider how terrible it is that we live in a world where such deformity exists in the first place. Second, I want you to consider how terrible it is that we live in a world where the genetics that produced such deformity have been multiplied and passed to the next generation. Third, I want you to consider how terrible it is that we live in a world where a man can maintain an erection while fucking a woman who has no pelvis or legs. Fourth, I want you to consider how terrible it is that we live in a world where having legs could be reported by the BBC as an impedance to sexual congress.

Please consult the preceding picture for my closing sentiments.


  1. That's the thing with disabled people,they are happy to be mocked and ridiculed but only if getting paid, rose you are a freak

    The other day I was shopping and some disgusting fat fuck in a wheelchair refused to move so I called him a fat cunt,


      Did you at least give him a nickel for the freak show?

  2. Ha ha disabled freaks
    Shaun king is being kicked out of #apelivesmatter,the apes have given wigger king a deadline to prove he's a nigger,he should ask obongo to help him get a fake certificate

    1. It will be interesting to find out if Shaun King broke any laws in relation to the financial irregularities of which he is accused.

      As stated in this article, victimhood is profitable.

      The leftists accept any "raised by wolves" claim as long as it feeds the narrative of perpetual victimhood. The problem for them is that those phony victims can rob the left just as easily as they have robbed everyone else.

  3. People bash on about abortion. But in my view deliberately passing along deformities--like liking to prong halfwomen in their Fertilization Pouches--is far worse.

    1. "prong halfwomen in their Fertilization Pouches"