Monday, December 21, 2015

Mattel Depicts Boys Who Play with Barbies as Total Flaming Faggots

This actually plays like an SNL parody video. The commercial ends up reinforcing the very stereotypes it was ostensibly trying to combat in order to score points with the MultiKult crowd.

Stereotype: Boys who play with dolls will grow up to be swishing, lisping, faggots.
Mattel's Counter: Boys who play will dolls ARE swishing, lisping faggots.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He's like a cartoon version of a faggot!

Surprisingly, this passes for progress, but just barely (see exchange below). And if that is the truly the case, then progress all you want, as long as you keep the laughs rolling in.


  1. Yes the liberals are full of shit

    I'm surprised barbie is still a slim blonde woman, she should be a fat sheboon holding a kfc drumstick
    or a tranny with a humongous dildo
    Bad goy mattell

    1. Ha! The Kikes and their Leftist enablers dumbed down the cattle a bit too far. They herd can't distinguish stereotypes from the real deal. All they know is they are supposed to moo their approval whenever something poisonous to the West is touted.


  2. The "fierce" comment is old and trite, even by today's standards. I believe it originated in the homo world to somehow take the shine of "Pansy" off of homos a little. Of course, sheboons like Rhianna and Beyonce appropriated it, and now Mattel, thinking it is really "with it" has their prototype boy-future-fag saying it for "real" effect. We are under-upwards-sideways down through the faggot hole and I think there is only one chance for the white race: that we will find it in our racial memory to not intentionally commit suicide ourselves and be subsumed by world Jewry and their baboon army.

    1. Today's story will give a glimpse into future-fag's ... well ... future ... should he continue the dark path his wicked "parents" have set him on.

      These are the types of stories that convince me none of this can be real. The greatest race / civilization in history takes a dive and cucks / homofies itself into levels of absurdity that "The Camp of the Saints" seems subdued by comparison?

      No - this is hell. We are in hell together. And Satan's having a good laugh at our expense. He is turning to his devils and saying - when do you think they will figure out this can't possibly be real?

  3. This is conservative billionaire Jews having a laugh at their defeated "WASP" enemies' expense.