Sunday, December 06, 2015

Lunch Lady Sacked for Barking Mad FaceKike Like


A SCHOOL dinner lady has been fired after 21 years of dedicated service for sharing a burka dog joke picture on Facebook.

Nita O'Dell was branded a racist after "liking" a picture of a dog dressed in a makeshift veil.

Nita, 54, was summoned before the head teacher at Billesley Primary in Birmingham – after someone screen-grabbed her page and anonymously tipped off the school. 

Ahhhhhh, the Orwellian police state ... so comforting to know Big Brother's badthink hall monitors are ever vigilant in the Marxist indoctrination camps (public schools).

Now, before being too quick to defend this lunch lady from the MultiKult heretic-hunters, be aware that she is a proud adherent to their faith, and this is actually a matter of in-group persecution of a deviant:

Hitting out at the ruling, Nita insisted "there was not a racist bone in my body".

 "My sister-in-law is Muslim; my very best friend, who I've known since we were two, is of mixed race; our family consists of different cultures."

"Losing your job is bad enough, but being called a racist is just your worst nightmare."

And there it is ... ahhhhhh again. So comforting to hear the sheep begging to be slaughtered. "Your worst nightmare"... Not being accused of being a child molester, not being accused of being a murderer, not being accused of blasphemy, being accused of racism. That's "your worst nightmare". And once again, my point is proven. "Racist/racism" has replaced evil, heretic, and blasphemer as the go-to label Westerners use for anything that is doubleplusungood. The White masses so intensely fear being labelled racist that even when it is being used to enslave and destroy them, they retain it as the core of their morality. She can see that it has ruined her, and rather than questioning the validity of a system of values that makes racism the ultimate crime ... a crime only White people can commit ... she simply pulls out that old chestnut, "I can't be racist because I have non-White friends."

She got what she deserved. They all deserve it - all Whites who embrace the MultiKult either as a standard for living or as a form of penance for their badthink. Even when she sees how her system of MultiKult values has made her a second-class citizen, how it has been used to rob her of her meager livelihood, how it  has made her a pariah among those with whom she worked, she STILL has the gall to tell us how much she loves it, how much she loves Big Brother as it smashes its boot into her face. I say gall because she does all this even without a stint in Room 101. What a worthless piece of White trash Nita O'Dell is. You belong to Big Brother, Nita. Go join Winston and wait for the MultiKult to finish you.


  1. What about bahar mustafa and the blacklivesmatter apes who threaten to kill whitey?

    Adrey dre you deny being British but you link to the daily star,a newspaper which Is unheard of outside UK,tell da troofs are you a
    Buck toothed oscar wilde loving limey?

    1. HA!

      I'll have you know I had those buck teeth corrected in year six!

      Mustafa and the ApeLivesMatter people will get their wrists slapped by their MultiKult masters for getting ahead of the White genocide curve. In this phase of the plan, Whites must be convinced that resistance to their destruction is immoral - then the extermination phase can begin unimpeded.

      Too much heat too quickly will spoil the pudding.