Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hipster Doofus Plummets Off Cliff While Looking at Phone

Wait, you mean actions have consequences? An entire generation has been raised to believe just the opposite. Quoting:

A man who fell 60 feet to his death off a cliff while using an electronic device on Christmas Day has been identified. Joshua M Burwell, 33, from Sheridan, Indiana, was strolling along Sunset Cliffs in San Diego when he tumbled over the edge, NBC San Diego reported. Sharyle Burwell, his mother, said: 'Hug your kids and always tell them you love them. Glad my last words to Josh were "love you"!

Awww .... guess mommy wasn't around to catch her special snowflake this time. And from the looks of his picture, she wasn't there to comb his hair, shave his chin, or wash his clothes either. So, a distracted man-toddler walked off a cliff while gazing at his electronic navel. How marvelous. It was DATGOY's Christmas gift to His fans. Want further proof?

Teenager Thor Wilink was another witness at the scene who rushed from his home located across the street to help bringing ropes and lapel gear. He told NBC San Diego he heard screams and someone yelling: 'Help, please God, save me.'

HA! He called for God and Thor showed up to try to save his retarded Chalky ass. Perhaps he should have been more specific ...


  1. He was a good boy who dindu nuffin and was turning his life around

    Starbucks will be sad

    1. HAHAHA - good one! Maybe they can write on their cups #WatchYourStepSnowflake

  2. Just about everything that's wrong with beta male, white hipster losers in the U.S. with one picture and one story. Simply amazing

    1. He was the living embodiment of a generation of White males - the White lemmings.

  3. Will you be doing a review of 2015?
    Highlights include:
    Trannie jenner
    Sheenie getting AIDS
    Ahmed clock boy
    beach boy aylan kurdi

  4. He reminds me of that whiny faggot Kurt cobain,I'm a metalhead and can't stand this feminine hipster crap

    Of course the Jews hate metal as it's tough straight white guys,my prediction for 2016 is bieber or Cyrus will become gay or take an overdose

    1. Are you suggesting Bieber and Cyrus aren't gay already? Preposterous! Heh ... Now if they would be so kind as to overdose it would make for an excellent start to 2016. Alternatively, they could do away with themselves like Cobain did - that would be even better.

  5. Funny, yes. But JOSHUA is not necessarily White. Could easily be a jew joshua. He looks enough like Nicolas Cage, a hollywood jew. He's from Indiana but was in San Diego when he fell. Well, it's not worth discussing further, except to say that not all jews are smart, you know.

    Meanwhile, to the Anonymous who said "the Jews hate metal" (~music) because "it's tough straight white guys":

    If your metal heroes are featured in jew Rolling Stone or any other jew media, they are not Whites. They are jews.

    Furthermore, if you respect our White race, I suggest capitalizing the word WHITE.

    1. Hello James, thank you for stopping by!

      You make a valid point, Yeshua bar Burwell could be a kike or mischling. There is something a little off-White about him, but most people in the 'Kwa have a rather broad definition of White. On the other hand, I have been accused of too quickly dismissing people as non-White, so I didn't mention it. For example, I still think Shaun King is a mudblood, regardless of the prevailing opinion that he was just a crazy White guy. 1 drop is still 1 drop.

      Not all Jews are smart? Here's some recent proof...

    2. Some of these comments prove why the white movement is in such a mess

      who gives a shit if joshua is a kike?
      Why does trump get a pass? He's been kissing jew ass for a long time
      As for capitalising the word white, I could make a million grammar nazi jokes

      It's amazing how 90% of white nationalism is based on the jew problem and yet no white nationalist site(not including CDN)
      Questions trump,unbelievable

    3. I chose to take Burwell at face value as a Chalky doofus. Could he be a kike doofus, or have a brownie in the woodpile, sure - this is the 'Kwa. Was he symbolic of a generation of toddler-men? Without a freaking doubt. That is the story I'd like documented for the record - and there are plenty of pure-blooded Aryan males right now who are walking off their own proverbial cliffs as we speak.

      Personally, I choose to capitalize the word White because when I was first exposed to der Movement, that was what I saw other racially aware people doing. I have to admit I do it today more from force of habit then as a sign of respect. I even capitalize White Trash.

      If you will permit an unsolicited prediction for the New Year, there is going to be more questioning of der Savior Trump on this site, and a whole lot of denial of reality on other White sites until this Great White Hope nonsense inevitably sputters out. Question is, will they learn from it?

  6. I could criticize all the other commenters' statements that I disagree with, but it is too tedious, so I will let it go.

    In German they capitalize all nouns and the word 'Sie' (polite you). In Arabic they don't have capital letters, and they only have cursive writing. Take that niggers! I read recently that niggers were protesting against cursive writing, but that could have been a joke story. It is getting very hard to tell reality from a joke nowadays, isn't it? Bye.

  7. Joshua fit the battle of angrybirds (space)...and came tumbling down the walls.

    "Hug your kids"--good god. Any woman who talks about her 33-year-old male offspring like that should be offed for the good of the double helix.

    1. HA! Her response does kind of explain how her son ended up meeting such a ridiculous end.