Saturday, December 05, 2015

Chingy Chong Stabbing at Art Fair Mistaken for Performance Art


A woman was violently stabbed at Art Basel Miami – the biggest art fair in the US – and visitors watched because they thought it was performance art. Siyuan Zhao, a 24-year-old woman from New York, was arrested and charged with attempted murder after stabbing the victim’s arms and neck with an X-Acto craft knife. Onlookers failed to react, thinking the brutal attack was one of the artworks.

Yes ... this is where we are as a society. One Chingy-Chong stalked and stabbed another Chingy-Chong at an Art Fair, and the desensitized, degenerate patrons waited patiently for her to bleed out before they applauded. And look at the phone in her hand - God how I hate this century. She is probably Tweetering her followers in Mandarin: Red salt blood water on my shirt. Me got stabby-stabbed! Dishonored my Famiree. Rice and fish are still good tho.

Sum Dum Ho Liked this.

And of course, it was a stereotypical Asian attack - using a blade. She is lucky she didn't get decapitated. See Typical Ching-Chong Behavior. Yeah, keep telling me about the Model Minority.


  1. The chinks are into yoga,art,feng shui and alot of other weird bullshit

    In other ching chong potato news, the zuckerberg scum has decided to give 45 billion to charity after his wife gave birth to a mongoloid
    Daily cuckold reported the news and A.A was attacking zuckerberg which is hilarious as A.A has admitted to having yellow fever

    1. To clarify - The AA being referred to in this case is the Quadroon Streicher (QS) at Der Daily Interracial Cuckold Porn Stormer, not yours truly who is also known as ADD A-drey-drey. DDICPS can't wait to show images of smiling happy race mixers that they point to and gasp at in horror. QS chose to spin the story as a warning to the Chinese that the kikes are-a-coming. However, Zuckerberg doesn't live in Beijing now does he? The warning needs to go out to Amerikwans that they are once again being shown an example of a White guy choosing an Asian woman to breed with - "White guy" because most White kwanians don't label Jews as non-Whites.

      I was in the supermarket the other day and had trouble getting through the dairy aisle, which was being blocked by a White dude with yellow fever who was busy rubbing his Asian girlfriend's lower back while they exchanged romantic banter in a mix of baby-talk and Engrish. I immediately thought of Zuckerberg's mongoloid and the public spectacle of it in the Mass Media. All he had to do was announce he was going to give his money away at some point in his lifetime (big news, that's what all the mega-wealthy do), and he got his wife's birth announcement on the front page.

      The other reason to run the story so prominently is that it fits with the MSM dual message at work:

      1) White females are whores and want to be treated as such by brown and black men. They are shown alone, carrying around their mixed-race children like fashion accessories, and praised for the appearance of their offspring.
      2) Asian females are the wives and mothers White men want to raise their children. They are shown with their husbands, and praised for the quality of their offspring. (Tiger Moms)

      The Mass Media narrative plays on the fears of the White genders in order to push them apart. White women fear their loss of desirability to their men and overcompensate by mudsharking. White men fear their loss of masculinity in front of their women and overcompensate with yellow fever. Both positions are reinforced by a society that promotes anti-racism and a post-racial Amerikwa. Thankfully, the truth is very different, and the vast majority of White people still greatly desire each other as sexual/marital partners in spite of the programming. That is something the DDICPS won't admit, which is an intellectual position they have in common with the MSM. However, with birth rates among Whites in the toilet, the demographic of White people marches on nonetheless.

  2. That is a quite good summation of the insidious, psyops racial warfare playing out in Amerika today. Amerikwans need a hard slap up side o' da haid; so, fermenting in my brain is a punk rock band with the name,
    "The Aryan Nigger Killers." Some skinny blond kids, slashing guitars,
    smart marketing, and... It's about time rock music has a new renaissance.

    1. And White groupies for the White musicians - no Chingy Chong hangers-on.

      A healthy White response looking at a black person is to see an ape and be disgusted. A healthy White response to looking at a Chingy Chong is to see a mongloid with an extra chromosome and be disgusted. And turnabout is fair play. The negroids and chingoids should look at White people and see plucked chickens and be disgusted.

      Racism is here to help you, not to help you feel sorry for yourself. Knew your father he did. Those last two jokes are beyond obscure ...

    2. Jesus Christ, I remember being interested in saxophones and jazz in my early years. I DID NOT know the Conn sax company had such a bizarre marketing scheme. That info is one of the most twisted bits of freakish cultural subversion I've ever seen. Thanks for that link.

    3. By the way, your "chingy-chong" appellation is a surefire clue to your English origins. THAT slang is definitely Brit slang for dinks, chonks, ginks, etc. You have revealed yourself! The NSA is onto you!

    4. Mr. B Natural had to be the brainchild of some closet-case who was tweaking the noses of the suits he worked for.

      I don't know why some visitors keep insisting I am English, but it works for me. If you can arrange it, I would like to be deported to pre-20th century England, please.