Saturday, December 26, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner's Son Mistaken for His Boyfriend

Ha! Outstanding.

Bruce and his son Burt were mistaken for a couple on a date earlier this week in Los Angeles by a photographer who used a series of gay slurs during a confrontation with the eldest Jenner son.

Bruce exited Burt’s car and drove away in a white SUV, while Burt blocked a photographer’s car from pursuing his father.

 “I’m straight, I’m straight, I’m not a faggot like you.” said the unidentified photographer, who was reportedly unaware he was speaking to Jenner’s son.

“You’re the first boyfriend of the f—king transexual, dude,” he said. “You like it in the f—king ass, don’t you?”

“I hate faggots like you,” said the man as he drove away.

And yet, your job is to follow these faggots around all day taking pictures of them for the propaganda mills of Hollyweird. I think you need to consider career counselling.

The article linked at the top of the page was ostensibly about Bradley Womanning, who had tweeterered a criticism of Caitlyn, describing him as "the grinch who stole (& sold out) the trans movement." Catty faggots? Who has heard of such a thing? At any rate, Bradley's article got hijacked half way thru, and ended up turning into a gossip piece about Caitlyn. I don't know if that was the author's subtle, ironic bitch slap at Bradley, but it was damn funny either way.


  1. Most sane people would be ashamed to have a fag like bruce as a father/ mother
    And why did fag jenner wait till he was 66?
    does he still have muh dik?

  2. I figured that Brucie-boy made a deal with the devil in order to win Olympic gold, and becoming the geriatric face of the transgender movement was his part of the deal.

    Burt's behavior seems like over-compensation, leading him to White knight for his own tranny-dad in an attempt to resolve his Oedipal confusion - ewww.

  3. If bruce had a boyfriend it would be a nigger like the rest of the fambly

    When bruce became caitlyn the zog media made a big deal about how caitlyn was spelled with a C not a K

    I agree kikes C for CUNT is much more appropriate

    1. HA! Good point - where is Caitlyn's nigger? You know ... Yusaf Mack says he lurvs himself some trannies.

  4. Oh those granny trannies. So endlessly fascinating... people who don't live near Interstates 80 or 5, nor own a police scanner....