Wednesday, December 02, 2015

2 Minutes of Outrage

After yesterday's story about Jews being accused of mistreating each other, I thought it would be fair to offer some time to how Semites in general mistreat one another. This story is over a year old, but perhaps this is the first you will have seen of it. Quoting:

Lebanon has ordered an investigation into video footage posted on the internet showing adults urging a small child to beat what is believed to be a young Syrian refugee with a club.
In the footage the child, named Abbas, slaps, kicks, punches and swings a club at an older boy. [...]

The boy tries to shield himself with his arms but a male adult voice orders him to bring his arms down and then tells Abbas to hit him again. "Abbas, hit him, don't be afraid," the male voice says. The victim whimpers, gets on his knees, implores God and tries again to shield himself. Yasour said the voices in the background belong to the "Lebanese parents" of Abbas. Lebanon hosts more than a million refugee from Syria's civil war. Their presence in the country has exacerbated resources, prompting many Lebanese to blame Syrians for Lebanon's economic problems and chronic water shortages.

Here is the video:

Imagine if this video had been a German family mistreating a refugee. The world would have fucking ended. By popular demand, Christ himself would have been forced to make an appearance to get Armageddon started early. But because it was just brown people being brown people, the Mass Media doesn't have time to worry about it. In fact, they would be more likely to carry the story only if some public figure decided to reference it as an example that the Middle East isn't taking care of the refugees at its doorstep, and they should be made to do so. And then the story would be not about the child abuse, but a piece of manufactured outrage to bind a heretic to be fed to the Mass Media beast. Always, the mistake is to assume that MultiKultist outrage has any genuine emotional basis, or is in some way grounded in reality. It is not. It is Chalky live-theater.

I am willing to admit I feel nothing when I watch this video. I don't care what brown people do to one another. I am not possessed with an unlimited fount of neurotic, hand-wringing outrage, coupled with a boundless desire to demonstrate to my fellow Chalkies how morally correct I am. Why should I care what brown people do to each other? They are animals. Should I weep when the cat gives a mouse to its kittens to mutilate?

Leftist, finally finding a reason to be enraged about this video: A-drey-drey! You're just as bad as those parents telling their son to hit the other boy.

No, I am not as bad. That's what the sickness of endless public outrage gets you. You become unable to distinguish degrees of badness. I am not a Lebanese parent telling a child to beat a refugee. I am a racist who doesn't care when he hears that this happened. Furthermore, I know that you Leftists don't care either. But in the rotting corpse of Western civilization, saying you don't care about brown people is a greater outrage than actually being a brown person who hurts other brown people. We live in an enormous mental asylum. Every slight deviation from the MultiKult religion becomes a reason to launch a crusade, no matter how trivial. The moralizers flit from one cause to the next, constantly gasping and clutching their bosoms in dismay, constantly demanding their agenda be advanced with each newly manufactured outrage.

Someone drew a poop swastika!!! Shut down the campus!
Someone had a confederate bumper sticker!!! Call the cops!
Someone posted a picture of a drowned refugee boy!!! Open the EU's borders!

Someone went on a shooting spree in America!!! Confiscate all guns!
Someone went on a shooting spree in Paris!!! Bring in more Syrian refugees to Texas!

But with this story ... relative silence. I offer this as proof of my assertion that, to Westerners, BrownLivesDon'tMatter any more than black ones. They don't care about Middle Easterners hurting one another any more than they care about the black-on-black homicide rate in Chicago. What matters is 1) that Chalkies are publicly participating in the manufactured two minutes of outrage, and 2) hunting down any Chalky who does not keep screaming and crying for the full two minutes of outrage. MultiKultists actually feeling genuine emotion for the suffering of the brown refuse of the planet is unnecessary, and in most cases, counter-revolutionary.

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  1. I didn't watch the vid. But when I see things like that, or read about them, the only thing I feel is relief that they're showing the world of what they're made. Like Wo Staw Hih Hoh.