Wednesday, November 18, 2015

#WhiteOut in Response to Paris Attacks

Hollande Announces France Will Take Another 30000 Syrian Invaders

Remember, gentle readers, we are in Hell together, you and I. There is no other reasonable explanation for the fever-dream conditions in which we find ourselves.

Following the Paris Attacks last week, I came across comments among the White interwebs that this event would have to change White people's minds about the Muslim migrant invasion. Some even linked to this sort of widely distributed propaganda message among the Mass Media:

Europe’s response to the Paris attacks is different this time

Paris Attacks: Anti-Migrant Mood Deepens in Europe

Anti-migrant mood deepens in Central Europe after Paris attacks

How exactly does one gauge the mood of a continent? The concept is laughable, but the content of the Mass Media propaganda is deadly serious. These were all blatant lies, shoddy opinion pieces dressed up as actual news, but why would the Mass Media report such a narrative at all? As any writer could tell you, in order for the hero to have something to fight against, you must have a villain. And in this case, the villain is not the Muslim invaders, but the bad "mood" of the evil fascist Nazi racist Europeans, who will allegedly seize upon this terror attack as a way to promote persecution of innocent Muslim migrants. Whether this boogeyman scenario exists or not, the media must set up their strawman villain so that it may be knocked down by their leftist heroes. Create the phony crisis, then present the solution to the phony crisis you created.

Hollande proved he is a hero of the Left. He proved that nothing has changed after the attacks, in spite of rightwing delusions that this time would be different and Europe would awaken, and in spite of the Mass Media hype the rightwing swallowed so quickly and completely. And don't think it is just France, the UK as well announced their would be no decrease in the number of invaders it would take.

Furthermore, it is not just in politics the Left will find their heroes who will slay the monster of White racial awareness, but in entertainment as well (and as usual). For example, this article:

U2 calls for a 'Europe of mercy' at first concert since Paris attacks

Bono asked Belfast concertgoers whether they wanted "a Europe with its heart open or its borders closed to mercy". [...]

Meanwhile, hundreds of fans participated in the ‘White Out Belfast’ campaign which was launched on social media sites over the weekend. [...] the purpose of the ‘White Out’ campaign is to demonstrate peace and solidarity in light of the French attacks [...] basically you go to the concert tonight and you wear or bring something white, so when the band walks on stage you basically wave it.

Do you get it? You go to the concert, and to show that you want a Europe with its "heart open", you wave a little white flag of surrender. You publicly surrender to the plan of the MultiKult. You publicly accept the replacement of White people in their own homelands. You WhiteOut your own people.

Today, we know the color of Europe's mood ring - not White for awakening, but white, for surrender.


  1. Of course faggot liberals don't want ISIS to be bombed,France will burn to the ground and they will blame nazis or kkk, this is how fucked the liberals are,having said that America is also a target,hussein onbongo promises to let in thousands of Syrians with zero background checks,background checks be rayciss an sheeit to da muslim bruddas

    1. "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."
      Bathhouse Barry Obongo - 2012.

      If the Prophet were alive today, he would be a Subway-sandwich-munching internet pedophile like Jared Fogle.

  2. What about Obunghole's, "I will stand with the Muslims if the political winds shift in a ugly direction"?

    1. From his greatest hits album. His other hits include ...

      - John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith, praise Allah.
      - You didn't build that, Allah did.
      - If I had a son, Allah willing, he would look like Trayvon.

  3. I have not had the time to see what the other whateverist are saying, but let me guess:

    All hail trump our new leader
    The jooz created isis

    1. Your guess is remarkably sound. From Der Daily Interracial Cuckold Porn Stormer:

      Trump Says Moslems Should be Registered in a Database
      November 20, 2015
      God bless you, Donald Trump.