Saturday, November 21, 2015

Save Us from the White Christians

Yesterday, I posted about white/White Christian beliefs giving aid and comfort (directly or indirectly) to the mud-people invading White homelands. Let me summarize the opinion I offered yesterday about mixing Christian-think with Racial-think: it's doubleplusbad.

I then performed my daily jaunt across the White interwebs (littering a bit along the way), only to find an article on The Occidental Observer written by James Edwards, defending the commingling of Christian and pro-White beliefs. I have had my say in the comments section of the TOO post, and I don't intend to trash his obviously devoutly held beliefs or use another website as a forum to debate something they do not want to debate. I shall simply reiterate here that I disagree with the aforementioned commingling, and expound upon why, for those who may be interested.

In truth, I am adaptable and pragmatic on the subject of religion simply because I do not have any faith. Therefore, if White Christians wish to take the fight directly to the invaders I shall gladly sing "Onward Christian Soldiers" and retract my objections to their beliefs. However, I have seen only one White Christian this century with the guts to actually fight, and not one of his fellow White Christians took up the cross and carried on the Crusade in his stead. Years later, there are more Muslims than ever in Europe, so I must assume that White Christians are waiting for all the Muslims to move to Europe, so that said White Christians can move to the Middle East in the greatest switcheroo in history. Pretty sneaky, White Christians.

Of course, there is no White Christian plan at all beyond sitting on the internet mentally masturbating alongside other White Whateverists, while churning out encyclicals to the White Church of Nowhere, Podunk, USA. And while they may accuse non-Christian Whites of ignoring that we are but 1% of the White Whateverist movement,  they continue to willingly ignore they are but 1% of Christians of European descent. They continue to ignore that the vast majority of Christians of European descent use the scriptures to justify the universal brotherhood of man, rejection of racial-awareness, and self-sacrifice unto death. Instead, the White Christians believe they can convince the 99% that the 1%'s selective interpretation of the scriptures justifies separation of the races and imposes limits on cross-racial self-sacrifice, when the 1% have lost every previous battle in which they used Christian scriptures to command the tide of Leftism not to rise. White Christians have failed using scripture: to battle homosexuality, to justify keeping miscegenation illegal, to maintain segregation, to defend slavery, to defend aristocracy, and even to keep Christianity itself from fracturing into squabbling denominations. What good are Christian conservatives at conserving anything? The only thing White Christians seem to be good at doing is being duped into fighting wars for the benefit of Jews and their non-White cattle. All you have to do is throw them a little bait.

Whether they truly believe what they are saying, or they are lying, or they have been ensnared in their own doublethink, White Christians are telling those they are trying to convince of a racial world view: "If you like your Christianity, you can keep your Christianity", when there is ample evidence that Christianity has been effectively used to undermine White racial interests for centuries. It has been the Trojan Horse from which Zionism, Radical Islam, and Social Marxism have poured into The West. White Christians are just the last defenders of Troy, standing around the hollow shell of their idol, trying to keep the invaders from hurting it while their city burns.

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