Monday, November 02, 2015

Racist Place Names in Mer'kwa: More Rectifying Needed


In the wake of a nationwide backlash against Confederate symbols and President Barack Obama’s decision to restore the Native American name of the nation’s highest mountain, Vocativ used our technology to cross-reference every derogatory term listed in The Racial Slur Database with the 2.2 million official names of locations listed in the U.S. Geological Survey’s Geographic Names Information System (GNIS). Vocativ tallied and mapped hundreds of places with names that evoke racial oppression and a legacy of hatred.

[...] The majority contain the word “negro” and many of those were originally known by an even more offensive name until former Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall wiped the word “n-----” off the map in 1962.

Hmm... Why does this seem familiar?

53 years after wiping nigger off the map, we are in post-racial utopia, right?


  1. 53 years after wiping niggers off the map? If only that would be an almost perfect world,also wipe out the kikes muzzies and homos

  2. Squaw Tits! That's funny.
    You misspelled "off" in the last sentence or left it out, not sure which.

  3. This reminds me. Tetons is what the French named some American mountains. Back in 1999 I was telling a guy at work that it meant tit and he got nervous and told me I better shut up or a woman might hear and get us fired.

  4. I'm in favor of getting rid of all names of everything, since it all represents the power of language to discriminate between one thing and many others.

    Better we just point and grunt.

    Well, not point. Somebody could consider that microaggression.