Sunday, November 22, 2015

Muscled Mongoloid Makes Many Merry

Not me of course, I simply remain smug. Why? As if I needed a reason to be smug. But in this case, I am smug because today's story proves my point that body building is for retards.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WFIE) - An Evansville man with Down syndrome fulfilled his dream of competing in a bodybuilding competition Saturday. [...]
Collin's coach, Glenn Ubelhor, says Collin has made an awe-inspiring transformation.
“The improvements in his cognitive abilities, his social skills, his diction has improved. And a lot of people have the misconception that bodybuilding is done out of vanity, or it’s self-serving, Collin has proved that is not the case,” said Glenn.
Collin Clarke showcased his skills and placed fifth in his class at the Kentucky Muscle Competition in Louisville, Kentucky.

Out of a class of how many? This is an important question not because a last place showing confirms the Mongoloid still could not compete with normals (which is a foregone conclusion should pity votes go uncounted), but because if there is a normal body builder who placed 6th in this case, that fellow needs to be put on suicide watch immediately.

Please enjoy the video below. Collin's trainer sounds like Richard Simmons with stage fright - it's pretty darn amusing. Then head over to this post, in which another Mongoloid was objectified and sexualized supposedly for its own benefit. You know, there is probably some Kike pervert out there right this moment rubbing his rat paws together at the thought of putting these two in a porno.

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  1. i disagree that bodybuilding is for retards,we need more tough white men and not white sissies who spend all day at starbucks,

    it looks like the down syndrome retards are the new niggers, the left keep pushing these freaks on TV, movies etc, the ultimate would be a Jewish nigger trannie with down syndrome

    1. I agree that we need more White men and not white sissies, but I disagree that body building is how White men are made. Case in point - Jack Donovan. All the sissies of our Movement slobber over his physique and ignore he is a butt burglar looking for submissive white men he can fuck like women - his words. And that's what they deserve for putting appearance over substance. Most of these White men he is just mind fucking, but there are a few he is no doubt ass fucking for conference fees.

      If you confuse a masculine physique for being a man, then you will end up thinking a retard with a strong upper body is someone to be admired.

  2. "Richard Simmons with stage fright", that might be just about the funniest thing I've yet read today!