Friday, November 20, 2015

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as Syrian Refugees

In this histrionic propaganda over at, the co-founder of that website, David Darg, says that he can't help thinking of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph when he considers the plight of Syrian refugees. He even claims to have spotted a Syrian version of the trio. Quoting:

[...] at least 27 U.S. Governors have announced their states will close doors to Syrian refugees. Aren’t these guys all Christians? Trump, Cruz and many of these Governors are self proclaimed Christians but as Christians they seem to have forgotten a key moment in the life of Christ.

[...] Mary, Joseph and Jesus escape to Egypt where they live until Herod’s death; as refugees. To be clear Christ himself was a refugee.The Holy family were refugees in the truest sense, they were forced to flee from their homeland because of the threat of imminent death.

Deputy Darg then connects the story of the Flight into Egypt with a picture he found of a Syrian refugee family:

When I look at this image I see is Mary, Joseph and Jesus on their flight into Egypt.  I don’t see ISIS, I don’t see terror, I see a young family in search of protection from those horrors.  This is the family that over half the U.S. States are refusing to welcome.  So Senator Cruz, Mr. Trump and every Christian Governor looking to turn this family away, for the sake of the religion you profess to embrace, would you have turned Jesus away too?

I would really like an answer to that question as well. Perhaps one of our Christian visitors can help provide such an answer, as I doubt it will be forthcoming from the politicians cited in Darg's propaganda. Why do I want that answer? Because I actually believe Darg has a good point ... for Christians. As a racist, I see in that picture mud people who don't deserve to share the same planet as myself. And if these three were in fact a spitting image of the actual Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, it would make no difference to me because I am not a Christian. And had Jesus, Mary, and Joseph been prime Aryan specimens out of Himmler's wildest fantasies - I would still turn them away because I happen to find the values and teachings of Christianity to be repellent nonsense that undermines the White race and leaves us vulnerable.

Oh, but it's all in the way you spin your Christian beliefs, isn't it? I am not reading the scriptures the right way - in Latin, standing on my head, squinting through a shot glass filled with communion wine, while consulting some Papal Bull from 1199 about the forced baptism of Jews. Then I would see that Christianity is perfectly in keeping with a world view rejecting Third World immigration on the basis of race. Papal Bull...shit.

Can we please just call opposition to Third World Immigration what it truly is? It is an attempt to either: 1) Prevent the loss of the Christian character of the West, 2) Prevent the loss of the White racial majority of the West, 3) Prevent the loss of both. This is the only reason why cuckservatives and White Whateverists (Christian and non-Christian) are on the same side of this issue. But when we start talking about rejecting brown people who are Christians, the cuckservatives jump ship and entertain pro-amnesty rhetoric or simply open the gates right back up. EXAMPLE (Jeb Bush wants to accept only Christian Syrians). Worse for our struggle, as soon as White Whateverist Christians are challenged in their religious beliefs, focus is robbed from the issue of the racial suicide of the West, in favor of spending all available physical and mental energy trying to rectify Christianity with a racist world view - a position a non-Christian racist will never have to spend a second trying to defend.

Similar amounts of energy are wasted by Cuckservatives trying to argue that this is all about terrorism (as was mentioned in yesterday's post). That just doesn't make sense. Syrian Jesus, Joseph, and Mary above do not belong to the key demographic of jihad - young Muslim men. Cuckservatives would be the first to decry the TSA fingering their disabled grandma's snatch looking for explosives by pointing out how ridiculous it is not to profile in that situation, rather than to treat everyone as the same level of security threat. But somehow, classifying all Syrian refugees as a security risk makes perfect sense to them in their little doublethink world. That's why they are losing their nations, and the demographics of the West are becoming progressively browner and more religiously retrograde. Cuckservative beliefs are contradictory, and they spend all their time and energy trying to keep the unstable mass from going critical, while the Leftists just have to lob a spitball or two at them to cause enough of a distraction for the whole thing to blow to pieces. What's ironic about all this is that the leftist's spitballs are made out of verses torn from the cuckservative's own bible.


  1. Simply put,these fake refugees are savages who belong in the dark ages,
    The cucks and liberals are full of shit,their number one goal is to to be good goyim ,they know the camel fuckers will cause a rape epidemic and do terrorism, just like in France

    1. Abrahamic religions bring about Dark Ages, they are civilization-cides.

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